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  1. Did the patch nerf the Morgan Ghost model??
  2. Give it a week or so - If you don't like the patch . . .
  3. My summary of the patch, and the whiners
  4. OT: Christopher Lee in Attack of the Clones
  5. how does backflip work?
  6. If it wasn't for this I would love the patch
  7. I Cant Download Anything?
  8. Details About Some Patch Changes
  9. Thoughts on 1.3, from a gungan!
  10. Patch Levels!?
  11. uh.. i cant join half the mp games after patched error " user interface 6 , expected
  12. I hate the patch!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. House Rules
  14. strong stance is for "experienced" duelers rofl... i think not.
  15. What do you think of the patch?
  16. The thing about "spammers"
  17. can anyone with a radeon 8500 128mb graphics card and jedi knight 2 help me?
  18. To the whiners...
  19. Please, Keep the patch stuff IN THE PATCH THREAD!
  20. SP - patch messes up controls?
  21. New heavy style combos(read if interested in learning)
  22. Does anyone have a date for the Linux binary patch release?
  23. Is there any way possible for me to incorporate skins i download into single player?
  24. Is that a good patch? I don't think so....
  25. The down low
  26. Patch Thoughts
  27. Told Ya.
  28. The "laying down" glitch has been altered by the 1.03 patch
  29. Have a problem?
  30. 1.03 Dedicated Server is out!
  31. Patch Question... sorry
  32. Dear Moderators/Admins of the Lucasforums . . .
  33. How do yuo change the camera so it be in front of you ??
  34. The Patch Sucks Like Hell!!!!!
  35. Has NE1 made a MP duel bot that doesn't run about like a chicken w/its head cut off?
  36. error.need help!
  37. I have created an easy way to switch between v1.02 and v1.03 on the fly
  38. get rid of the gay patch please
  39. switching camera angles during fights
  40. Ewok Skin Pack
  41. Maul Sabre...Again...
  42. Patch discution
  43. Auto Aim/Dynamic Crosshair=HELP!!!!
  44. what hipocrits!!!
  45. Patch: Few Problems, But mostly GREAT JOB
  46. A quick question..
  47. Complainers , they will be ...
  48. You know what I LOVE about Grip now?
  49. Even if you don't like the patch, don't insult Raven
  50. Light saber broken???
  51. Funny Stuff
  52. I found a bug!
  53. suggestion to the mods
  54. JK1 sabers similarities :)
  55. Can Slo-Mo MP Death be Enabled?
  56. Error Messages after patch
  57. Spaces in Console Names
  58. SP slow motion death added to MP duels?
  59. Need Patch Help!
  60. MP Custom Names (I know, stupid question)
  61. how do i take screenshots?
  62. i did somethin that i thought wasnt possible....
  63. Stop Blaming ME for the patch!
  64. The new patch and TWL
  65. Console Commands
  66. THE NEW DFA's (multiple)
  67. The Patch didn't Fix the Players
  68. Some skin changes after patch...
  69. Problem with new patch
  70. 3DFX video support?!?
  71. Kicking in 1.03
  72. Any counter to grip....
  73. lightning in new patch
  74. The magical "I can block from behind move" (patch rant)
  75. Umm... demo?
  76. Here's a dumb question...
  77. ATTN RAVEN DEVS (inside)
  78. youre all idiots
  79. ERROR MESSAGE with JK please help!!!
  80. cg_dismember?
  81. Miss Medium Stance? Good News
  82. NF servers are the only viable option now
  83. A$$ fighters.
  84. Patch and Stuff
  85. This patch is very frustrating
  86. EAX in SP? OR MP only???
  87. Looking for Bespin Void?
  88. A couple thoughts on the patch (you might or might not agree with)
  89. AT-ST mod... update?
  90. What in sam hill????
  91. Request to Raven over demo's new level for full version
  92. All who hate the patch, post here
  93. JK2 multiplayer
  94. Sorry, boys: MP still sucks.
  95. **Suggestions for the next patch**
  96. Is it possible to use saber mods for your player only?
  97. backstab for the lazy
  98. Bug report? Problem in MP Duel mode
  99. Bug report? Problem in MP Duel mode
  100. Bug report? Problem in MP Duel mode
  101. Bug report? Problem in MP Duel mode
  102. Bug report? Problem in MP Duel mode
  103. new saber switching
  104. Drain/Heal comparrison post patch
  105. one thing best about the patch.
  106. where the heck is the command console
  107. Conflict between SOF2 MP Test Demo and JK][....Very Strange!....
  108. Saber Color changing??
  109. Stop It
  110. What should've happened
  111. Patch Issues
  112. Post Patch the most powerful side of the force?
  113. Patch posting => new thread => NO.
  115. nothing is wrong with the patch!!
  116. the patch should remove the saber one and for all.
  117. Last Night's Patch Experiences
  118. Disemberment mod down
  119. Overlooking the Obvious...
  120. Annoying players
  121. No lightsaber???
  122. Is it just me or does..(patch related)
  123. If 1.03 seems like a random swingfest to you...
  124. After patch Medium has less reach then light???
  125. To all you patch-whining, idiot, cry babies!!!
  126. Is There a Comprehensive List/Analaysis of ALL Saber Moves?
  127. Invisible beams: Patch or Difficulty?
  128. Stupid Question
  129. I love the patch!
  130. Put any console comands, cheats, and tricks you know.
  131. Chang or Raven (Re: Jedi vs Mercs mode)
  132. Raven Please Include the Ghost Morgan model in MP again!!!
  133. Patch Solution
  134. 1.03 Test Notes
  135. Bug found Assistance needed please
  136. CL_ParsePacketEntities, my problem with the new patch
  137. Can you kick or punch in JO???
  138. Give us fists!
  139. The Characters
  140. i want more CTF maps
  141. Keyboard/mouse layout?
  142. Only 1/3 of servers converted to 1.03
  143. Where can i find more SP maps???
  144. [RAVEN] Peeps for the love of god
  145. The patch is great. Patience is your ally.
  146. The patch is great but I don't want to use the CD anymore!!
  147. a link to a list of console commands
  148. never mind
  149. v1.02 Standard
  150. The Patch meaning----Padawan become Jedi Master
  151. Saber Throw in NF duels? WTF!!
  152. Binding a stance to a button
  153. Comments about new patch
  154. ? The Multiplayer Saber Lock
  155. SideWinder Strategic Commander...
  156. Weird multiplayer problem
  157. Source Code?
  158. It's spelle D-U-E-L, not D-U-A-L!!!
  159. Statistics on Grip
  160. My thoughts on the patch....
  161. The SP system was clumbsily grafted onto MP
  162. *Subliminal Message To Raven*
  163. MP 1st player saber
  164. A civil and rational thread (discussion) about the patch ...
  165. patch 1.03 (not a flame thread, so dont treat it as one)
  166. PLEASE READ: To everyone concerned about saber throw in NF duels
  167. Understanding Ravens master plan....101
  168. sabers off doesnt always mean not ready to fight
  169. Kyle and the Jedi Academy
  170. Kyle and the Jedi Academy
  171. Push/pull and speed problem...
  172. Call me crazy but..
  173. Out of curiosity
  174. Dark Vs. Light TFFA or CTF Game Mode Idea
  175. Why doesn't Raven get with the times?
  176. Jedi Kings Game Mode Idea
  177. Please Please Please do these 3 things!!
  178. if you worked for Raven...
  179. awe man............this sucks for me Patch stuff
  180. how do i take a ss?!?
  181. KILZ-Nation Pickup Game
  182. Dont blame the patch for the backsweep move
  183. Combo skins
  184. Help!!!!!!!!!!
  185. Darth Vader Model?
  186. Reverse sweep while facing forward!?!?!?!
  187. Help through Base1
  188. How can I write my name with color in MP
  189. You're all ignoring Yoda's Swamp
  190. New Patch
  191. Help! Ewok Skin Pack!
  192. none of the downloads on jkii.net work for me...
  193. New SaberStyle
  194. Awsome new SP force cheat!(must read!)
  195. For the last time, Heal and Drain are NOT useless!
  196. For the love of god stop bitching!
  197. search function disabled?
  198. Force speed JK to JkII which is better
  199. Jedi vs Merc server UP NOW!!(Dismemberment too!)
  200. Map Pack
  201. Help!! I had to reinstall Win-Lost my saved games!!!!
  202. Those of you wanting Darth Vader model.........
  203. color in names
  204. Zek's Guide to the Light Powers(Preliminary)
  205. Stop giving whores a bad name!
  206. Will my machine handle JKII??
  207. Blah!
  208. Raven/Lucasarts says everyone must use patch?
  209. new bug not mentioned...
  210. Sabre Guide to help ease 1.02 --> 1.03 transition
  211. Some people jus't are NEVER happy!
  212. For the sake of brevity
  213. duel of fates
  214. Future Versions
  215. New patch won't allow me to unbind force next from mouse 4
  216. Post Patch Grip
  217. This game Flat out rules
  218. Define: SKILL
  219. The Anti-patch Movement (apm)
  220. Can't get online. Telling me I have version 6 and it needs version 7....
  221. Screenshot taking...
  222. Problems with your Logitech mouse and games? SOLUTION here!
  223. Us...... Whiners?
  224. Patch whiners: Can you tell us WHY the game is more n00b now?
  225. I wanna see double bladed lightsaber!!
  226. listening servers...
  227. I got OWNED by 1.03
  228. if you don't like the game, quit
  229. While people are complaining about 1.03 sabers...
  230. People who hate 1.03: What mode do you most often play?
  231. Is it just me? or is it getting like Counterstrike in here?
  232. OOS = Occupational Overuse Syndrome
  233. The debate.
  234. Anti Patch instigator has seen the light
  235. This forum should be renamed to...
  236. Non balance related patch requests
  237. Darth Vader Bot!
  238. Cool Magic Eye Thingy
  239. Moderators- We Have Porn Spam Again
  240. Avoid Messages by Rape
  241. I've Done It...
  242. Just an easy question....
  243. This forum is hilarious
  244. To Everyone - This Game Is Not A Movie & Vice Versa!
  245. wow... this patch stinks....
  246. Finding JKII Statistics?
  247. This Patch Really Does Suck ( Must Read )
  248. All The Positive Posts About The Patch In This Forum Are From The Developers Themselv
  249. This is a sad sad day.
  250. How to fight "Like a man"