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  1. Clan [e] - www.clan-elements.org
  2. Any old JO's?
  3. Universal Alliance
  4. Clan |F|
  5. Joining!!!
  6. EF - Recruiting
  7. Natural Born Jedi -UK-
  8. Clan Leagues?
  9. Anyone interested in making an Aussie clan ?
  10. Here is some help with Clan Management
  11. [OE] Obsidian Empire
  12. Dutch clans?
  13. Looking for a german Clan
  14. Knights of Alderaan
  15. player seeking clan
  16. Jedi Masters of Honor Recruiting
  17. Fs2
  18. Great Clan I Joined
  19. i win
  20. Looking for a Europe based clan ( preferebly Dutch )
  21. ][ - Imperial wants YOU.
  22. Tired of the Endless Kiddie-Clans?
  23. No Bull, we're a clan
  24. im looking for a clan
  25. -[FaRT]- Recruiting
  26. *DaRq* Clan Recruiting
  27. fs2 recruiting
  28. anybody for some friendlies
  29. Knights of Justice looking for members
  30. Jedi Elite [JE] Clan
  31. Nova Knights recruiting founding members
  32. Looking for decent Group on West Coast
  33. The Sith's Anger -=[S-A]=- is reruiting !!! [BENELUX]
  34. Do you have what it takes to be in....
  35. Part time clan wanted...
  36. Lost Recruiting
  37. Clan Sith Recruting for JK2 CTF
  38. New site for JK2 clans is up!
  39. =NjO= Recruiting...
  40. Is there a eurpean clan out there who play jk2?
  41. Wanna make a new clan?
  42. Imperial Royal Guards open enrollment.
  43. Clans: Need forum space?
  44. Anyone Wanna Join a Clan!!!
  45. We Are The True Power Of The Dark Side!!!
  46. AnyOne Want to Join A Clan!?
  47. tribes and tribes 2 vets
  48. anybody
  49. www.cbaa.2yk.com if u need a clan
  50. Only a few open spots left
  51. *bbc| Gaming Network
  52. Any Clans with more than just a web page?
  53. Knights of Alderaan
  54. The Rebel Squadrons needs YOU
  55. Good Clan looking for Sponsership
  56. Tired of playing JK2 with people that aren't old enough to drive yet?
  57. 4vs4
  58. ]RS[ A new division
  59. The Abysmal Force
  60. Jedi Revolution will be recruiting
  61. Lookin' For GOOD Clan
  62. Clan [SITH]
  63. How many of these clans actively play on the Zone?
  64. I'm a loner
  65. Majin Fury
  66. Majin Fury
  67. Any European clans intressted/new recruit
  68. IRON BRIGADE: IRON Jedi's are looking for recruits
  69. For the true Star Wars fans
  70. A Loner Searchin For a Clan
  71. Elements of the Sith (ES).....
  72. looking for dueling clan
  73. Join Caf
  74. The Fold
  75. sounds great
  76. Any Canadian Clans out there?
  77. Elite Player looks for clan..
  78. Skilled swedish player looking for clan.
  79. Tired of winning easily
  80. Request...
  81. Are you tired of all the kiddie clans?
  82. Imperial Royal Guards open enrollment.
  83. lookin for a clan!!!!!!!
  84. Clan Recruiting
  85. Join this Jedi Knight Clan....Every 1 welcome
  86. Corporate sponsor seeking Clan leader and Organizer
  87. Applications from duelists still accepted
  88. team Disturbance looking to expand roster.
  89. Looking For ELITE Clan
  90. Duelist looking for clan
  91. Last StarFighter League (Welcome to all)
  92. AG Recruiting
  93. Skilled player looking for serious european clan.
  94. IRON Jedi's: Looking for skilled Warriors!
  95. Duelist looking for clan
  96. Looking for an active FUN clan?
  97. The -=CBAA=- are back and looking 4 members
  98. Looking for a cool clan to join...
  99. I am looking for a great clan
  100. Decent JO player looking for a laid back saber clan.
  101. Need a clan??
  102. Blood Angel Corps - JK2
  103. Get Me While You Can!
  104. Anasazi Tribe
  105. Skillful clan recruiting
  106. ACGe0rge or or any small time MPers
  107. Ok peeps...this is dead serious!
  108. We are looking for skilled warriors
  109. Looking for european clan
  110. Hey there, i have a great new feature to sink your teeth into
  111. APT 11 Clan
  112. Looking for an Australian Clan
  113. Saber Clans sound off...
  114. Septic Cortosis Clan
  115. United Pilots Alliance
  116. Looking for US based Sabering crew...
  117. Padawan looking for Jedi Master!
  118. Olson's Renegade Jedi!
  119. Solid TEAM Player looking for ACTIVE Clan
  120. Looking for a clan where the members has experiance in gaming clans? Try JMH
  121. Seeking a Clan for JK2
  122. Clan Hellsing
  123. New Jedi Knight 2 Squad is recuiting
  124. Looking for a group to host [-X-] Jedi
  125. Join The Rgf (rebel Ground Forces!) Today!
  126. a sabers only clan
  127. who needs recruits for their clan.
  128. Rogue Knights looking for a Duel match with other clan
  129. pds seeking 1 offensive player
  130. New Clan looking for Support
  131. New Clan looking for Support
  132. Wielders of the Darkside clan server
  133. Shadow Knights recruiting
  134. The Hidden Blade - A Dark Jedi Clan
  135. The Jedi Revolution is underway
  136. Something Different
  137. Are you tired of the endless kiddie-clans?
  138. Clan [OoS] Order of the Sith
  139. join the Supreme MercAnarys -SM-
  140. Homepage for UGD Clan??
  141. Tired of the Endless Kiddie-Clans?
  142. Looking for JKII CTF Clan
  143. Rogue Knights Looking for CTF players
  144. Roman Jedi Recruiting
  145. Recruiting for JKII CTF league play.
  146. New clan Lots of positions available
  147. the Defenders of the Republic!
  148. Light Side Jedi Clan
  149. Man needs clan.
  150. need teamates!
  151. Silent Death Recruiting now open.
  152. [SMS] Clan Steel Maelstrom is now recruiting for JK2
  153. SKilled Player Looking for skiled clan
  154. Dueling Dad
  155. Suche deutschen JK2 clan!
  156. Get YOUR OWN DEDICATED JK2 clan or Public server!
  157. New *different* clan starting up: Mexican Wookies
  158. Skilled And Mature Players Interested In Forming A Professional Team
  159. new clan
  160. Announcement from the DJC
  161. The Baboon Tribe
  162. the Jedi Revolution is recruiting...
  163. New Clan Recruiting
  164. Looking for a clan
  165. Join the IRG today!
  166. Clan General Needed!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  167. Come join mexican wookies (aussie clan)
  168. ELITE Clan
  169. Interested In Joining a Clan
  170. Looking for an Expierenced Clan...
  171. Rogue Knights Looking For CTF Players
  172. Cmon guys, great clan coming up :P get into it
  173. Searching for a JK2-Clan
  174. LooKing for SKILLED people (read post)
  175. Clan Rebel Jedi Legion recruiting
  176. Christian Clan
  177. We Want You!!
  178. Waiting For Someone To Step Up
  179. Rogue Knights is Looking for Duelers/ TFFAers, and CTFers
  180. come to www.clanstd.com
  181. Cucumber Uber Night 7
  182. Need Dark side Clan
  183. whoops didn't mine to post
  184. Gotta Read This... Urgent
  185. We Want You!!
  186. Are you tired of the endless kiddie-clans?
  187. New Jedi Knight Division
  188. sorry, again.
  189. Bring it on!
  190. Looking for Host?
  191. Australasian Gamers
  192. =DS= no longer recruiting...
  193. Are You 17 or older and act like your 30 yrs .. read on
  194. [RK] CTF Recruiting
  195. Clan EV-9D9 recruiting.
  196. Stormtrooper looking for other ST's to play with
  197. JEDI OF TORONTO! Torontonians only!
  198. Xtreme Jedi -{XJ}- (aussie clan)
  199. Any Clans Want A Player
  200. Join us!! IRON Jedi's are looking for more players!
  201. skilled uk player seeking clan
  202. *FK* Now Recruiting
  203. New Canadian Clan Recruiting
  204. IG looking for Members
  205. Do you need a server?
  206. I'm starting a Jawa clan...
  207. [$iK] Recruiting
  208. [$iK] Looking for Some badmofos
  209. new UK JK2 Squad Recruiting (Jedi Horizons)
  210. JK2 Clans.. Sound off!
  211. Searching for skilled players
  212. Singularity - Dark Lords (JK2 Clan/team) Recruiting 18yo + (exceptions apply)
  213. Looking for expert guild to join
  214. searching for Germans: Krauts come in :)
  215. Looking for a clan...
  216. New guy looking for clan
  217. AGD recruiting
  218. c3=) Clan: Jedi Masters of Honor
  219. New Clan Requiting
  220. Sith Destroyers (Were looking for more, great people!)
  221. Rogue jedi still waiting for a Challange
  222. The most un-cool, un-l33t 'clan' around
  223. CW recruiting jedi's
  224. Rabidd Saints looking for a few good sabers
  225. This is what we're looking for....
  226. The New Republic
  227. Clans!!!!
  228. Evil Alliance Recruiting
  229. couple questions
  230. www.jkii.com = Order of the Sith
  231. Christian Clan
  232. 1 Position Remaining
  233. Need to know some good clans???
  234. Join us!! IRON Jedi's are looking for more players!
  235. The Templar Knights
  236. simple clan (uk)
  237. Dark Vigilantes ~=DV=~ looking for members...
  238. Sith Lords
  239. Clans Hosting
  240. Knights of the Old Republic...
  241. US EAST PLAYER looking to join a real clan
  242. Roman Jedi
  243. Clan Wars
  244. Entering the clan
  245. the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence...
  246. new clan comeing
  247. I can bring balance to the force, but I need guidence. Looking to Join a clan
  248. The Phantom Jedi Elite (PJE)
  249. *RJL* Recruitment
  250. Jedi Order