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  1. want to join a clan?
  2. Anybody want me
  3. I want to start a new clan...
  4. Clan is recruiting...
  5. Recruit Me
  6. Are you looking for a team where you can improve your skills and compete?!
  7. Join BIO today
  8. Clan [ez69] is recruiting.
  9. !!!READ!!!NwO lookin for new mappers/modders!!!READ!!!!
  10. yea...im lookn for a squad...
  11. Mappers/Skinners wanted for SDE
  12. If you would like to join JG..
  13. Looking for recruits!
  14. IRON Brigade sponsor
  15. EF Is Recruiting CTF FF 1.03
  16. |OUF| Private Tryout Thursday 5/23 at 10PM EST
  17. Storm Troopers of Death
  18. Calling all Sith,Jedi and Soldiers...
  19. Clone Trooper Army Team for Multiplayer
  20. Skilled UK player looking for a Clan
  21. New [mW] Forum Up! Go Sign up!
  22. Swordsman for hire
  23. New aussie/kiwi clan exiled jedi
  24. new clan
  25. German Clan: BdD
  26. Seeking 1.02 clan
  27. Recruit here..n e offers for a clan?
  28. Trandoshan clan
  29. Clone Troopers CTF/FFA Team
  30. Looking for dark clan, details inside...
  31. -=QOL=- Recruiting Canadian Players
  32. duel clans?
  33. im startin a new clan-recruits wanted
  34. The *BBC| Gaming Network, recruiting
  35. Free traing/practice to anyone
  36. my server is now on-line...looking for players
  37. New player looking for a clan...
  38. I have an Idea........
  39. i need a clan to join
  40. Clan [JEDI]
  41. Merc For Hire
  42. Brothers looking to join a clan
  43. TSL: Twi'ilek Sith Lords
  44. Looking for a clan
  45. Sith Reborn looking for recruits...
  46. Jedi's Recruiting
  47. Like NF or low force sabers (no saber throw)?
  48. Jedi Knights of the Outer Rim-UK clan recruiting
  49. EJO Is Recruiting
  50. Off Hours Players !Look!
  51. (New)duel clan, saber and light forces only recruiting
  52. Any clans recruiting, who have own server and Sabers only ? :)
  53. Skilled Jedi looking for a TEAM!
  54. clan
  55. Professional Clan Looking for a server
  56. Looking for a clan
  57. desent jedi looking for a clan i play pretty much 24/7
  58. looking for clan come on in here!
  59. I need a clan to join
  60. Pacific-Rim Clan looking for players
  61. (new)Shadow Knights Clan
  62. aussie looking for clan
  63. Jedi In Search
  64. Young, Attractive, And A Decent JK2 Player searching beautiful UK clan ;)
  65. ayone want to start a clan n the United States
  66. Jedi Revolution is Recruiting (www.jedirevolution.com)
  67. Silver Moons clan recruiting
  68. Roman Jedi Recruiting Station
  69. QOL is looking for more
  70. The Outcast Knights {OK}
  71. The Jedis are searching the Republic for more Jedi
  72. New ELite Clan arrising.....[JeDi MaStAhS]
  73. Clan Name
  74. Sith Clan?
  75. Me and a good freind are looking to join a clan or start one?
  76. Im makin a Mixed Sith and Light Clan....
  77. Avid Gamer looking for Clan
  78. Light Side Brotherhood of 3, need 1 more
  79. Looking for Anubis
  80. =M<P= Clan Is Recruiting!!!!!!
  81. Brotherhood is recruting
  82. .:pB:. looking for members
  83. Evil Alliance In need of Dedicated Server
  84. Angels of Death
  85. The Unholy Crimson Order is lookin for members
  86. [J-K] Looking for padawan and jedi's
  87. {PB}- New Clan looking for members
  88. Rabid Dogs of Hell Is RECRUITING
  89. Lookn for a clan
  90. -101AD- Recruitment
  91. Trying to get organized? Need free clan forums? No ad banners.
  92. Rabbits of CaerBannog looking for members
  93. EST Time Zone Player looking for a clan
  94. Clan Reborn
  95. Sith Lords Arise
  96. euro player looking for a clan
  97. Any body want to join the Iron Jedi?
  98. Dark Jedi seeks clan
  99. [II] Clan is Recruiting
  100. Looking for an ACTIVE 1.02 Clan
  101. Join The Dark Side of the Force
  102. [SMS] Clan Steel Maelstrom is taking applications
  103. Team sifa-deious RECRUITING 4 ctf
  104. Looking for an ELITE clan
  105. Any Jk2 Welcome.............
  106. [HUNTER] Clan wants you!
  107. The Reborn Academy
  108. Bounty Hunters Guild
  109. Want to join a clan of skill and respect
  110. Which clan is the best?
  111. Searching for a clan in Europe
  112. Elite Clan <|WoV|>
  113. Jabba Jedi Mercenaries
  114. I want to join a clan help me......
  115. I'm looking for a Clan.
  116. Friends and Fun
  117. If your GOOD at JKII and willing to Train READ THIS
  118. Looking for a good JEDI clan
  119. JOIN THE IRON JEDI's! Now taking apps
  120. join this clan
  121. AOD a new beggining!!!!!!!!!!
  122. 9 yr old?
  123. My Server
  124. Looking For A Clan With A Server!!!
  125. Angry...looking to become a Sith/Dark Jedi
  126. Clan oNe
  127. EURO players only Plz!
  128. The Informal Organization Of Freelancing Bootykickers
  129. Thank You
  130. looking for euro or uk members to build a sith clan
  131. Son of the Saber recruiting
  132. Looking for experienced and Mature Players to Start a Clan
  133. Sith recruitin UK or Euro Players
  134. New Members
  135. Looking for experienced jedi knight 2 players to join clan
  136. Looking for Euro/UK players of all abilities
  137. Seeking Christian JK2 players
  138. Any FFA clans need a member?
  139. Jedi Masters of Honour
  140. Jedi Headquarters
  141. Is your clan looking for a new Game Server?
  142. got a new clan!!!!
  143. Our clan
  144. UK Jedi Maverick Looking For Clan
  145. Skilled Swedish player looking for serious clan.
  146. Anyone want to form an anti-assfighting and anti-exploit clan?
  147. The force is strong with this one....
  148. Recruiting For Players With Experience And a Good Attitude
  149. I Want To Join A Clan Tonight!!!!!
  150. Looking to join a sith clan.......
  151. {AFR} Assault Force Ronin
  152. Starting A Professional Clan
  153. Willing to learn .........
  154. looking for people to have a good time
  155. Disciples Of The Force:Recruiting
  156. Looking for a clan with good host at bandwith and skills
  157. KIR is Recruiting!
  158. Wanting to join Clan
  159. You have no honor foolish Padawans!!
  160. Clan: Diminishing Light
  161. Join the OE experienced players!!!!!!
  162. deleted
  163. Hydroball clan?
  164. looking for a duel/ffa/team ffa clan
  165. Kir Kanos wants you to join The Crimson Guard!
  166. Order of the Sith [OoS]
  167. The Elite Forces (3F) Clan!
  168. Clan NinJa RucKaS
  169. -DARK-ness is recruiting
  170. The Mandolorian Warriors
  171. Reinactment Guild?
  172. Hydroball clan
  173. Is there a clone trooper clan?
  174. Jedi Syndicate
  175. Join The Mandolorian Warriors
  176. medium status padawan looking for master trainer
  177. Warrior Nation is Recruiting (WNx)
  178. Anyone want to start a new clan?
  179. Need Info On Knights Of The Old Republic Clan
  180. The ILUM Order
  181. New Clan
  182. Are you looking for a deticated clan, with skilled and friendly members?
  183. |S/S| seeking an alliance
  184. Claws of Naar
  185. Clans?
  186. Looking for people to play with
  187. NwO is recruiting for thier New Sith Order division
  188. Is your clan interested in renting a server?
  189. fate
  190. Recruiting for New JK2 Clan!!
  191. looking for a Duel (west coast preferly) clan.
  192. Jedi Masters of Honor
  193. Want to start the JK2 Network?
  194. Anyone remember clan DRP????
  195. Join JiP Today!
  196. New Clan ( Jedi Outcast Battel To The Top )
  197. JK 2 ++ Clan Division
  198. Christian Clan
  199. Clan Site Now Open.
  200. [Security] Homepage
  201. Altoc's Sith Snipers
  202. NEw clan
  203. Bounty Hunter's Guild is recruiting new members
  204. Lookin For A Scrim!
  205. The New Sith
  206. 4 years and still going like a juggernaut
  207. Need members!
  208. CLAN: Factor VIII Contingency
  209. HAck chAT 2oo3 recruitment
  210. Reborn Acedemy.
  211. Clan Websites
  212. RPG Clan
  213. **The Killers** needs you !
  214. Gunner Clan
  215. Any Cland sabers only? any side, jedi , sith,dark,light, i dont care
  216. Claws of Naar seeking an alliance with Sith Clan
  217. UK or Europeon Clans
  218. [TJO] The Jedi Order Recruting!
  219. Was thinknig of a name for a clan if someone.......
  220. [UW] Ultimate Warriors Clan
  221. Looking for a Saber master(no force)
  222. 1on1, sabers only... no force power!!
  223. all CANADIAN clan
  224. Tryout
  225. need a clan
  226. IRON Brigade Iron Jedis
  227. Neco Wants j00!
  228. Would like to join a clan
  229. Looking For Mature Players
  230. TSL: Twi'ilek Sith Lords
  231. Want to join a Sith clan
  232. Knights of the Lost Moon
  233. LSA recruitings
  234. |VJ|Clan
  235. Jedi Society recruiting now
  236. Council of the Jedi (for the ELITE or to be trained ELITE)
  237. Trouble at Alienated Scarabs of the Sith
  238. Brothers Bound In Combat (*BBC)
  239. Jedi Society GONE
  240. Professional Clan looking For Professional players
  241. |VJ|Clan
  242. NwO is recruiting for thier New Sith Order division
  243. CSR Clan
  244. Ladders n Leagues All Clans must read
  245. Mad Onion Clan
  246. Member-search
  247. Mjk_kings
  248. 7 SINS looking for 4 more.
  249. The New Sith - Established 1999 (4 years ago)
  250. RJW: JKII clan