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  32. ...
  33. Help
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  36. is there a "setting up a jedi academy server for dummies" hand guide?
  37. Change/Disable starting shields?
  38. Server sv_download 1
  39. how to add admins with kick permission
  40. Steps for optomizing my Windows XP JO Dedicated Server
  41. Maxrate Question
  42. What is the different between these
  43. Can you assign a port in Win XP for JO
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  47. 2 quick easy questions
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  49. Says " server not running?" How, I am in the server now!
  50. Launch dedicated says localhost:28070
  51. how to protect against jamsgbof.cfg
  52. Com_hunkmegs explain plz
  53. how do i change the port of my jk2 dedicated server
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  61. g_dismember
  62. Auto Kicking out Spectators
  63. HELP
  64. How can i allow more Text
  65. net_killdroppedfragments
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  67. Random Map Cycle?
  68. Dedicated Server not online, just local?
  69. not use to mod setup on ftp...
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  88. server
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  90. Hitch Warning: 2258 msec frame time.
  91. "server is not responding to info. querry"(JA+)
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  93. Ded Server Issues
  94. Assest download?
  95. Playing on same comp the Ded Server is on
  96. Disable Sabers, sniper ctf
  97. Server Checker and fs_game?
  98. ammindtrick ja +
  99. Administrators Complain here
  100. Auto Map Cycle doesnt work allways
  101. Double Saber Spin like Alora does help
  102. Question MB2
  103. Preventing Connection Interrupted?
  104. New way to crash a server
  105. Server new
  106. Admin Help
  107. admin and cheats
  108. Linux server errors
  109. BASE JKA server
  110. System Specs
  111. Server config
  112. Admin helps about giving admin rights
  113. Ded. Console Gone
  114. d_perPlayerGhoul2
  115. jedi outcast killing the first jedi
  116. New way to crash a server
  117. Map rotation, help!
  118. Password on serv
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  130. disable cmd
  132. Enable cheats
  133. Server uses protocol 15?
  134. Cant find my server
  135. Team Colors =(
  136. how to enable/disable the force powerups?
  137. WHY ees this menu script not working?
  138. The best JA+ Server config.Also have damages near to base ones.
  139. Server Help
  140. RCON Program v2.03 Beta
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  144. A couple of questions
  145. Server only install
  146. Problem with server loading
  147. maxclients 32
  148. Friend Can't connect??
  149. Ports i need to forward?
  150. Jedi Knight Jedi Ac, Make a Dedicated Server...?
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  154. How do you enable melee in your server?
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  156. How do I setup a server?
  157. linuxjampded : 100% of CPU
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  163. Jedi Academy Mod 1.6 by Orion. Rcon problem.
  164. Changing Map Types
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  167. Disable Suicide
  168. Awaiting Gamestate
  169. Kill credit for someone who suicides