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  1. Server Setup
  2. g_weapondisable 524279 = SABER ONLY
  3. Server Admins, Read here
  4. I have looked but cannot find... (kicking player with spaces in name, mod questions)
  5. New (old) Forum!
  6. What is the command for a passworded server?
  7. JA is broken for FreeBSD 4.x
  8. Trouble making a server in JA...
  9. Kurgan's Meatgrinder (UP @
  10. the WORST customer support ever (servers not listed)
  11. We're Fed Up
  12. Become an Admin at GameServers.net [public servers, jk:ja]
  13. Rent your own JK:JA server, today!!!
  14. I Cant Join My Clans Server!!!
  15. How to improve JKA MP gameplay
  16. Any tips for a stable server?
  17. How to join as Recon
  18. Where can i find a server command list?
  19. How do know my server is working?
  20. How do i know my server is running?
  21. How can I allow map downloads from but from a different ip/server?
  22. Setting up force powers on a server
  23. Where is the Server.cfg file?
  24. Cant create a server please help
  25. minimum computer reqs for dedicated linux server?
  26. No Saber Alt Fire For Punch
  27. Possible Bug from people trying to download mods....
  28. recon codes
  29. little help.... (IP address)
  30. Starting Weapons
  31. i run a server bit no one joins
  32. Faster force regen time
  33. Full RCON commmand list....
  34. DJC Server is up!!!!
  35. Duel Server. I WANT PISTOL GONE!
  36. Get ASE (All Seeing Eye) it really does rock for finding servers!
  37. Couldn't exec server.cfg
  38. How to join as Rcon from my shortcut?
  39. Kurgan's Server
  40. Command for Force Regeneration rate
  41. Hit Points Left?
  42. JK3 query with QStat
  43. help (disabling force powers)
  44. Web admin?
  45. Running multiple servers
  46. Where can i buy a good but cheap server???
  47. Sever Help
  48. Some help please... (setting up my server)
  49. One map only?
  50. Starting a new Server...
  51. I need help putting a created game online for Jedi Acadamy
  52. having trouble getting listed as a server...
  53. Qtracker vs. ASE (JA support)
  54. Creation Of Ded... Server
  55. Banning not an option?
  56. Disable of certain weapons
  57. Hosting
  58. Will these settings work for a win32 Server?
  59. Help me set up a server !!!
  60. My server is %&#@!
  61. Disabling Certain Cheats
  62. Using downloaded maps in server.cfg
  63. Custom Map Rotation
  64. is it possible to create a new gametype?
  65. Andy867's Server (Status)
  66. problems, problems, problems
  67. All Seeing Eye help
  68. Getting Your Server listed
  69. When????? For Crying Out Loud!
  70. how do i host a server?
  71. Dedicated server using a router
  72. The use of privateclients how?
  73. We need a Grip/Pull/Push server!
  74. JO and JA map names
  75. creating ded behind a netgear 814 routeur
  76. Adding Bots from the Menu
  77. Server stats logger....
  78. JAMPDed.exe crashes
  79. hosting an internet game.
  80. master list issue for jka linux
  81. list of disabling items
  82. New patch disables backwards roll:
  83. New Dedicated Server Files Available
  84. New Dedicated Server Files Up
  85. Here is some server admin help...
  86. Server Status From the Internet
  87. Server Config Help
  88. map rotation
  89. Where are the CTF servers?
  90. Still not on master list...
  91. duel mode is broke
  92. Server Trouble! For JKII
  93. Dedicated server problem
  94. Clients crash at Awaiting Gamestate (1.01 patch)
  95. Multiple JK3-Servers on Linux
  96. Saber Commands for Multiplayer-need feedback
  97. JK2 Master Server Issue
  98. Adding Bots??
  99. g_weapondisable 524279 = SABER ONLY is incorrect!
  100. Attention Linux Admins - Very Important!!!
  101. sv_fps, snaps, max_Rates & unknown fates
  102. (A) Hostname problems in 1.02c linux
  103. More than 1 Server ?
  104. Linux 1.011 Server. Best setting for speed?
  105. Baning IP Jedi Acadamey
  106. Will somebody please help me with this server code.
  107. Good maps
  108. NOOb Question (hosting a JK2 on MSN?)
  109. Linux dedicated server issues......
  110. server (Offer for Hosting)
  111. How to create statistics?
  112. Some help with g_motd
  113. JK3-How do i run my own ded server so that it shows on the list and i can play on it
  114. Help with rcon and server setup
  115. xMod 2 setup
  116. Ports...
  117. rcon password set help
  118. Saber Settings For Dedicated JA server
  119. g_debugmelee 0
  120. help with new server
  121. please help with new server
  122. A couple of questions
  123. plz help server will not work anymore
  124. Force Certain Models IN TFFA
  125. help with dedacated server
  126. is there a way to slow down the game?
  127. server--? (JA)
  128. Server problem - people cannot connect to my server!
  129. Banning aint working help!!
  130. Dedicated Server Help
  131. Jedi Outcast 1.04a patch?
  132. Spawning NPCs on Servers
  133. Enable Idle Saber Damage in JA (Thanks razorace!)
  134. Help Stop Admin Abuse! Cast your vote against AMlaming in Xmod2!
  135. JK3 Duel Ded Server Help Please
  136. Packet Loss
  137. Serverside Autodownload problem
  138. logaddress
  139. Any UK JA player with money look at this: (buying a server)
  140. Cvar's
  141. Fraggle Rock Admins (*complaint*)
  142. i cant get jk2 to load
  143. Assets file download
  144. A Perfect Server
  145. Disabling server trying to send out dummy pk3s?
  146. Server Probs
  147. I'm being driven insane... (admining advice)
  148. Where the #@$% is it?! (server hosting problems)
  149. Jedi Academy dedicated server not relaying to ravensoft master server list
  150. probs - yes more probs!
  151. The Best Siege Server: New Republic
  152. LAN Prob! please help
  153. How do I turn off my Firewall?????
  154. Help with setting up a special server
  155. Neutral_Grounds Server what a JOKE !
  156. WTF is up with this?!
  157. Want to play JKA? Without admin abuse!
  158. Need help TO run Dedicated Server
  159. Two quick questions
  160. Major problem with LAN
  161. Automessages from the server
  162. Reasons why I support Server Mods
  163. JK3: server.cfg missing
  164. What is this?
  165. Help with server admin!!!
  166. My JK2 Server isn't showed in the servers lists...
  167. server in sweden for rent ?!
  168. Please help! (lag and packet loss)
  169. Router I.P
  170. My Dedicated Server Shows Up In The Local!!!!
  171. hosting multiplayer JA
  172. How do you disable damage to health from falling
  173. I Need Help!!!!
  174. Help
  175. Quick Un' (on hosting a game)
  176. How do I open my Router's Ports?
  177. LinkSys, guide to letting it run servers?
  178. Chop Shop JO server settings
  179. Settings for best performance???
  180. Admin Mods: Which is the best?
  181. Problems with the map cycle. Help!
  182. SOMEbody help !!! me!! please!!! (setting up clan dedicated server)
  183. Faulty IP number
  184. Push/Pull Weapons
  185. Behind a Router
  186. ja+mod 1.7 help
  187. g_weapondisable # = what weapon?
  188. NOTE: to Siege Destroyer Server Admins
  189. Very stupid question about hosting
  190. Server help pls pls pls
  191. Looking for help with contacting the owner of this server:
  192. Server Commands
  193. melee
  194. Starting a game in MP
  195. Starting asteroids_ded with cheats?
  196. Suitable Maxrate for Cable?
  197. hosting a vehicle ctf game
  198. stupid botz!!!!!!!
  199. Win32 Dedicated Server version 1.011 requirements
  200. Help out with the Trigger port
  201. How Do You Do It (hosting a game)
  202. Server not showing in ASE
  203. Hey Amidala, could you check this out? Chop Shop problem
  204. Okay people. I need some Help. First what is a dedicated server,2 how you create one?
  205. bet you can't answer this one......
  206. this'll sound stupid
  207. sv_pure problem
  208. Single Player co-op mode in Multiplayer
  209. Rcon Commands (ie: How to be an Admin!)
  210. Hacker in Chop Shop server!
  211. Server Problems
  212. JO Admin Mod
  213. Damage problems with linux servers
  214. I Dont Know What To Do
  215. Premade Config " server.cfg " ?
  216. Saber Damage Problem (windows) server
  217. 524279 = SABER ONLY .. not realy .. plz help
  218. Why can't I join my own server?
  219. Can you help me?
  220. Arghhh I can't stand this!
  221. Now another problem w/ server
  222. sv_allowdownload Information ???
  223. server questions
  224. how do I type commands in a dedicated server?
  225. LAN doesn't work?
  226. Two Joining From One
  227. LAN problem!
  228. Problem, server hack ??
  229. Lagout
  230. Trying to get a Linux server up, READ please
  231. Bugged Places..
  232. Auto Broadcasting Messages
  233. Dedicated server problem
  234. Problem with DedServer + XMOD 2.7
  235. What Do I Need To Host?
  236. How to get maps to rotate on a list
  237. Quick REAL Easy Question
  238. Really Hard... Challenging Question!
  239. What's happening?
  240. What's This Mean? What's Happening?
  241. I give up!
  242. Jk2 server
  243. MAking a Dedicated Server
  244. Configuring Server (min specs?)
  245. cheap server?
  246. How do I make my server go to the next map
  247. How to detect an aimbot user
  248. Rcon programs... that can see chat?
  249. force powers
  250. Win2000 - jampDed.exe Generated Errors and closes