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  1. model requests
  2. Big Request Thread
  3. Skin Requests
  4. jedi council members OPPO RANCISIS, and YARAEL POOF
  5. AOTC:TC, Coders requested.
  6. **Official Map Request Thread**
  7. need additional skins for Hutt model
  8. Need skinner for clan skin type thing
  9. Request for Coders...
  10. Rules
  11. Discussion about emporer palpatine model
  12. model idea: grunt
  13. Team Assault needs l33t menu art dude
  14. skin request
  15. Star Destroyer Bridge ---> ****pit OPT
  16. Clan Raptor HQ Map
  17. Modeler Challenge : NJO
  18. A tacky request...
  19. *Imiganary Request....*
  20. Sith Witch, Model
  21. Galactic Warfare TC Mod in need of SKinners!!!
  22. CR HQ map request
  23. Map Idea need maker
  24. i cant find any dam map editor tools
  25. Map idea neep maker
  26. Have a Request
  27. Request: Vader
  28. Request regarding Lightsaber stances.
  29. Anybody want to create a Grey fox skin or strider hiryu??
  30. I think an ep1 era SP map series would be awesome
  31. Nevar! how is the link model going that i requested?can anyone else make 1?
  32. Need SSJ2 Goku Skinned
  33. Majinn Vegeta model
  34. REQ: Kyo >> Dir en grey skin!
  35. Slice 'n' dice
  36. Attention all modellers! Read this, please.
  37. Attention all mappers! Read this, please.
  38. Cid Highwind (FF VII) Request!
  39. Request for a skin
  40. Challenging All Skinners
  41. Final Fantasy Skin!!!!
  42. Gmax-import
  43. An ewok model plz!!!!
  44. Looking for voice actors
  45. Help!!
  46. Cool Ideas
  47. looking for a new luke model
  48. model request - Arca Jeth
  49. Jedi Starfighter MD3/Prefab
  50. hi all you great modelers out there! i have a list of models that need to be made....
  51. Need help creating a model in Milkshape.
  52. looking for links to skins
  53. Podracer Model Request
  54. Another Model
  55. Allright... who wants in on the Blade mod?
  56. Any Talented Mappers who wants a challenge?
  57. Vash The stampede
  58. Request for a skin
  59. Model Request
  60. Model and two Skin requests
  61. Tavion_to_Maul needed
  62. Do we need a LUKE??
  63. Skin my chainsaw?
  64. Model Ideas
  65. Idea for the dark knight
  66. Gimme a B, gimme an I, gimme a T, gimme an H
  67. Zero from Megaman X
  68. Aqua Teen Hunger Force Models Please!!!
  69. Horror movie Jedis???
  70. Could someone make me Mortal Kombat skins/mods
  71. Imperial Models Needed.
  72. What's with all the imperial type SP maps?? And lack of SP maps in general??
  73. Robed, cloaked/uncloaked Jedi
  74. Need Skinner Modeler or Mapper for clan
  75. I dea for TC
  76. Requesting a Kingdom hearts Sora model
  77. I need some 1 to help me out! Please
  78. I need some1 can a man get some help.........
  79. I need some1 to make a model for clan
  80. I gotta a clan and i need a skin and a map
  81. if u cant make a skin please just a map!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  82. Map need person to do it
  83. i need a map for me clan
  84. Hilt Request
  85. Looking for help on a a model
  86. Ewok!!!
  87. Level Request
  88. force speed mod.
  89. can some1 make this
  90. Master Cheif (Halo)
  91. Master Cheif (Halo)
  92. Idea.......SG1 models
  93. Bruce Campbell Model
  94. Model Request: Vergere, Jedi Knight
  95. ProMod: Maps Wanted!
  96. An golden opportunity to join a TC team already in development and pass groundwork
  97. Tenchi request
  98. Has anyone else thought of this
  99. Halo Skin or Model???
  100. A Special Request
  101. Need Skinner to make Master Chief Skin or model
  102. Mappers needed for ProjectFY
  103. Fei Fong Wong
  104. Mortal Kombat needs a skilled skinner or modler
  105. Hi! I am a skinner in training, and I could use some help.........
  106. I need some1 to make a clan skin
  107. WIP: Team Assault
  108. Need someone to edit this model for clan
  109. Hoojib modeler needed! Please READ!!!
  110. Halo Maps and Models
  111. need taunts and souds for a jango fett skin!
  112. A gun request......
  113. boba fetts pistol thingy/a map good for using the jetpack demo
  114. Scripts
  115. Gray Fox (metal gear solid) model?
  116. Buster Sword (cant download)
  117. Mappers CTF NEEDS You!
  118. Please Help, i wish to learn to model.
  119. i Need some skin ideas
  120. Yoda SP
  121. Blade Mod needs Kung Fu coders
  122. Model Requests
  123. Model needed
  124. problems artus mine
  125. Looking for helpers.
  126. LOTR mod
  127. white saber
  128. Level Creation Request
  129. COWS possibly with guns
  130. request
  131. Hogwarts Textures/Skins Needed
  132. Lightsaber Idea! Plz Read!!
  133. HQ map for clan Needed!
  134. Star Wars vs. Star Trek
  135. Need a skin for clan
  136. Need a skin for clan
  137. Star Wars sign textures
  138. Need a taunt
  139. Fremen Model...
  140. Pleading For a model
  141. Again Buster Sword *****mod compatible*****
  142. Final Fantasy Maps
  143. FF7 models
  144. Matrix Mod Needs 2 Mappers
  145. Model Request
  146. I have a map idea
  147. Model Idea/G Gundam Schwarz Bruder
  148. Dark Forces MOD for JKII: In need of help!
  149. pure melee!
  150. What should be a relatively simple request...
  151. SP Sword select Mod
  152. Realistic Jango fett model
  153. Please, please, please help me out here.
  154. Kyle to Shadowtrooper?
  155. Who's got the Space-balls to do this?
  156. Model Idea: Luke Skywalker
  157. Model Idea: Cloners
  158. Model Idea: Ewok
  159. Model Idea: Droideka
  160. Model Idea: Genosian
  161. Model Idea: R2-D2
  162. Model Idea: Piell Evens
  163. Model Idea: Robed Darth Maul
  164. Map Idea(s)
  165. Model Idea: StreetFighter characters
  166. MOD idea: Oni MOD with hand-to-hand combat
  167. CTF Map Request
  168. Is it just me...
  169. Needs advice
  170. Awesome skin/map pack/mod/tc idea!
  171. Most Wanted Models
  172. Boba Fett needs fixing up
  173. A model idea.
  174. jk2 samurai (moddeled needing implementation )
  175. anyone know where i can find some transformer model???
  176. unofficial jk2 expanion mod
  177. Please!!!!!!!!!!
  178. Final Fantasy Mod Team
  179. SP Code: Important
  180. A plee from 'Jedi Apprentice'....
  181. Stargate SG-1 mod
  182. Nightmare before Christmas Map Request
  183. Kenshin
  184. Male Twi'lek
  185. Need some Ideas
  186. Need voice/sound artist for Yarael Poof
  187. Crimson Master Request
  188. slave anakin
  189. Map idea: tuskin raider camp!
  190. My Requests, My Mistake
  191. I Need Assistance, Pronto!
  192. Tenebrae type mod for JKII
  193. A Skin Wish
  194. A Mod Idea.
  195. Movies
  196. LotR MOD
  197. jedi jay and silent bob
  198. Generic Jedi
  199. Mod Question
  200. Model Request: Ships
  201. Custom Texture Request: Exterior Building textures
  202. What about stun?
  203. Padme Models
  204. Making a map
  205. Jedi-Outcast Movies
  206. jedi jay and silent bob
  207. Final Fantasy: Revelations
  208. ok i have a requset
  209. Kurt 'the nightcrawler' Wagner skin
  210. Legolas Model needed!
  211. Player model needs skinner(s)
  212. Mafia Model
  213. Here's a Suggestion and Challenge
  214. For anyone with free time on their hands...
  215. Eldar Dire Avenger
  216. This might be a fun map.....
  217. If anyone would ??????????
  218. Winnie The Pooh Skin
  219. REQUEST - Model from KotoR
  220. New Kyle Katarn Skin
  221. Weapon Request Thread
  222. Someone Make A Maw!
  223. Final Fantasy
  224. Majin Buu??
  225. Can someone mod a pause feature that doesn't send you to menu?
  226. Mdoel Request:Rogue(Nude Pic Link Inside thought)
  227. Robed Maul
  228. All Please Read!
  229. Female Twi'lek for SP
  230. the nightcrawler
  231. Model Ideas 4 others.
  232. Mod Job Offer: Webmaster/PR
  233. new demands for skinners
  234. Team Duel mod
  235. Mod that allows for more skins and maps to be displayed by in-game browsers?
  236. not sure if it can be done
  237. Force-Fighting Mod idea
  238. Shadows of the Empire MOD
  239. SPAWN & Wedge Antilles... :)
  240. DF2E Recruting
  241. Yoda Emote
  242. Clonetroopers Model
  243. Big Brother Map Request
  244. we need a person who can make new animations!
  245. Don't know if this goes here but I request a skin
  246. A New Anakin skin and also a padawan obi wan
  247. too many threads on just 1 model
  248. Star Craft model request
  249. Sound MOD Request
  250. Need custom skybox!