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  1. Finally
  2. Whoot!
  3. Special Edition VCDs
  4. Excluding Boba Fett...
  5. Favorite Leia Outfit
  6. Your most emotional SW moment
  7. thank you george lucas...
  8. Favorite Han Solo Scene
  9. Rescoring the OT - How would you do it?
  10. Which Star Wars guy has the hottest ass?
  11. Who's that pilot?
  12. Favorite part of the OT?
  13. Humor Star Wars pictures
  14. How Come...
  15. star wars trilogy dvd's
  16. Yoda's lack of vision.
  17. Anger, Fear, Aggression
  18. Dark Side cons
  19. The irony is sickening...
  20. Tarkin above Vader?
  21. Star Wars SE trilogy DVD's
  22. Lightsaber Cover-up
  23. Hebrew on Vader's Chestplate
  24. Of the First 3 movies, Which was your Fav?
  25. originaltrilogy petition...did it find it's way here?
  26. Thing Vader would NEVER say....
  27. Obi-Wan Kenobi--Jedi Master or not?
  28. Star Destroyers?
  29. Favorite R2-C-3P0 Scene
  30. Why does everybody go on about Boba Fett?
  31. Classic Trilogy DVD's
  32. Original Trilogy DVDs Petition (the originals, not just the Special Editions!)
  33. RotJ turns 20
  34. special editions
  35. Lando's choice - do you agree?
  36. E.T. Technique Used In ESB & ROTJ?
  37. At-at
  38. lightsaber question
  39. Ep. VI - 16yrs- Ep. I.... why?
  40. Why wasn't the Death Star a rebel weapon?
  41. R2D2 Flying?
  42. Battle of Yavin - Tractor Beam not used?
  43. Why is tatooine the center of the starwars universe?
  44. recasting
  45. Empire like the United States?
  46. A misake in ANH
  47. B-Wing squadron?
  48. Some things I never got about SW but are fun to wonder about...
  49. Star Wars Music by Echo Base
  50. another mistake in New Hope
  51. Question
  52. Hooolly !!!! (must Read!!)
  53. im making a Replica Lightsaber But i have a question
  54. What does Chewie say?
  55. Treat Williams was in Empire
  56. Another Quiz question
  57. more OT DVD release date rumors
  58. Please Help Me!!!
  59. Death Star Question
  60. One Problem: EMPIRE STRIKES BACK
  61. Why did obi-wan konobi let himself die when he was battling with Darth Vader?
  62. The Origins of the word...
  63. What do the colours mean?
  64. Lightsabers of the CT and the Prequels
  65. The Jedi trials???
  66. Luke's shock (EpV)
  67. Yoda?
  68. Coming this September...
  69. Yoda and Obi's death
  70. Trilogy DVD. Does anyone have any pictures?
  71. Hamill nose A, Hammil nose B!!
  72. poodoo
  73. If you could have one jedi power, what would it be?
  74. Boba Fett Dead Or Not?
  75. What does "Bantha Fodder" mean?
  76. How do you feel about the OT being changed?
  77. star wars weekends at mgm ruled
  78. Origianal Posters - ROTJ
  79. Luke finding out
  80. hyperspace members!
  81. Nikto Species
  82. trilogy
  83. Pictures of TRILOGY DVD
  84. Jan dondana says May the force be with you
  85. Was This Period Not the Best???
  86. Ouestions
  87. Hayden Replacing Shaw as Anakin DVD Rip
  88. OT DVD Screencaps
  89. When was Boba Fett in ep 4? *lots of spoilers*
  90. Which scenes are changed on the DVDs, and how?
  91. Where to find VHS Trilogy! ("the original, Originals")
  92. Trilogy wish
  93. (ESB) Lukes top lip
  94. Your 'Top 10' Original Trilogy Moments
  95. Assuming Stormtroopers are clones, why aren't the officers?
  96. restoring the OT for DVD
  97. I've got my DVD box set!!!
  98. No Medal for Chewie?
  99. official DVD pictures thread
  100. Error on Trilogy DVD boxset
  101. Star Wars theme for my wedding and funeral
  102. Star Wars On Hdtv
  103. Star Wars Dvd's In Single Dvd's
  104. Your Star Wars DVD Reviews!
  105. Carrie Fisher and that slave outfit
  106. top ten
  107. Updated List of Star Wars DVD Changes (2004/2005 Editions)
  108. The Beloved Bowcaster?
  109. Empire strikes back SDTRK
  110. What films do you like more? The new or the old?
  111. Rebel Alliance racist?
  112. Missing Greedo Subtitles
  113. Italian fans ask for help
  114. 1 thing that has always bothered me...
  115. Who's your favourite OT character?
  116. Gruesome Theory - Stormtrooper Preservation
  117. Star Wars DVD Replacement Plan (read here if having problems)
  118. Did Anakin bring balance to the Force?
  119. Luke and Dagobah
  120. [DVD] Luke Skywalker with a mustache?
  121. Who is your favorite bounty hunter?
  122. Which version of Max Rebo Band is better?
  123. Bounty hunters that make Han run
  124. 'Limited' Release? Remastered or Remade? SW DVD's
  125. Which movies do you like better?
  126. DVD troubles.... :(
  127. Original Death Star
  128. What did Vader plan for Luke?
  129. Fixing the "Bad Sabers" in ROTJ (tips)
  130. Found the old (non-CG) Sy Snootles!
  131. Was Captain Needa Incompetent?
  132. Chewie, lock in the auxiliary power!
  133. Luke as a sith...
  134. What WAS That?
  135. Musical Performance at Jabba's Palace
  136. OT DVD ghost scene
  137. how old
  138. DVD... diffrences...
  139. Favorite Imperial Officer
  140. Starwars music
  141. Return of the Jedi in HDTV
  142. atats
  143. More Star Wars Dvd's Out This Week
  144. My Star Wars:Droids/Ewok Adventures DVD Review
  145. The Darkside Clouds Everything
  146. What IF`s
  147. Endor with "Jedi Heroes"? (moved from SWBF forum)
  148. Episode III Spoiler Policy (in-depth)
  149. A question puzzled me for a long time : Why Obi-Wan let Vader kill him in "A NEW Hope
  150. Who Was My Mother?
  151. whats it about those imperial guards following the emperor?
  152. This is just here to fill my delight
  153. Boba Fett's jetpack
  154. Who would win? Yoda vs. Palpatine! *use spoiler tags where appropriate*
  155. I`ve always wondered: why did Luke go to Jabba's unarmed?
  156. The Biq Quiz
  157. is Vader a different person?
  158. buying the star wars DVD set with a gift card
  159. The best Star Wars Movie Of All Time Is The Empire Strikes Back
  160. SW DVD question
  161. Finally (OT boxed set)
  162. What are the chances...
  163. A Tribute To The Dark Side
  164. Are Stormtroopers... (clones or enlisted?)
  165. Blooper
  166. Your favorite music from the OT?
  167. Faking It: Star Wars
  168. Scaled Down Verisons Of Sw Dvd's
  169. Luke smiled in ROTJ
  170. Rotj Special Edtion On Local Fox
  171. Special Edtion DVD not being sold (?)
  172. Lack of colouring/Markings.
  173. Single DVD format on Amazon
  174. Special Edtions VHS only $19.99
  175. Added Dialouge in SW specail edtions
  176. A new Jabba for ROTJ Special Edition?
  177. New Shots of Vader in ESB SE edtion
  178. New User! Say hi!
  179. Old or not, this is pretty cool.
  180. Darth Vader's Force skills, gosh!
  181. The Weapon That Killed Aunt & Uncle
  182. William Hootkins Has Passed Away!
  183. Is Luke The Chosen One
  184. Rancor Battle
  185. What's your favorite version of the Trilogy?
  186. Price Drop on OT 2004 Special Edition DVD's
  187. Star Wars Trilogy (LE) (Widescreen, Limited Edition) whats the difference
  188. Original ANH Scenes
  189. 2 Questions
  190. REDONE
  191. Did the Empire continue cloning after the Clone Wars?
  192. Yoda made Luke's X-Wing come down
  193. Owen and Beru knew about Anakin I think
  194. What does a Wookie won't for Christmas on XM
  195. Finally got the star wars trilogy on DVD (Limited Editions)
  196. Lightsaber effect on OT specail edtion DVD
  197. LFN Newsletter
  198. Good Star Wars Wallpaper for High Res?
  199. stormtrooper armor useless??
  200. New Original Trilogy
  201. A quick question about the Luke\Vader duel in ROTJ
  202. "They arrived right before you did"
  203. Leia claims she (somewhat) knew her true mother
  204. White Armor
  205. The Darth Vader Picture thread!
  206. An Anticipated Star Wars Celebration IV?
  207. Female Crimson Guards??
  208. "Unaltered" Original Trilogy Limited 2006 Edition DVD thread (still in stores!)
  209. Conundrum: Lucas OT Edits vs. Prequels
  210. fave chars?
  211. What's Wrong With The Special?
  212. peace?
  213. Would we be better off?
  214. any picture thread
  215. Who is this man?
  216. who were those guys?
  217. Where are these scenes?
  218. Lego Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy Demo to ge released 8/7/06
  219. Your Version Of The OT
  220. Really a shame Sir Alec Guiness hated Star Wars
  221. TIE fighters
  222. To those who own the new DVDs - How is the Sound?
  223. Forum Rules/Code of Conduct (Read before posting)
  224. A Force choking Jedi
  225. ET and Star Wars - the missing link?
  226. Would the Rebels have used clones in the Galactic Civil War?
  227. Battle of Endor
  228. Where does this fit in? Am I missing something?
  229. I'm sure C3PO knows Obi Wan!
  230. death Star II...useless
  231. Please explain the plot to rescue Han in Return of the Jedi...
  232. Are jedi actually that amazing?
  233. wait a minute....?
  234. The Way Episode IV should end
  235. i just love Star Wars: Return of the Jedi
  236. Star Wars Original Trilogy Trivia
  237. Mistake in ep 5
  238. Destruction of the Death Star was an inside job!
  239. Star Irish Folk Song!
  240. Happy 30th Anniversary, Star Wars!
  241. Episode 4: Why I'm disappointed.
  242. Return of the Jedi re-made?
  243. Vader went glowy
  244. WTF Lucasfilm?
  245. Darth Vader - Getting Old?
  246. Another mistake on ep 5!!
  247. Ewoks VS. Elite Stormtrooper Batallion
  248. Is this the best star wars message board forum?
  249. Choking as Darkside
  250. Warlords mod for HW2