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  1. What is considered Art & Artistic?
  2. Sexual Segregation
  3. Anyone here a scientologist
  4. Iraqi Oil
  5. Ghosts, goblins, and UFO's: How they Stack up to Science
  6. Anachronistic Thinking (Multi-Thread ST-1)
  7. Seeking Mysteries (Multi-Thread ST-2)
  8. Appeals to Myths (Multi-Thread ST-3)
  9. Reliability of Fingerprint Evidence
  10. Science and the Bush Administration
  11. What should schools be allowed to teach?
  12. Adaptation .vs. Evolution
  13. An opportunity for correcting common typos.
  14. Discuss the "Debates strategies and tactics" thread
  15. Anthropic Principle
  16. Casual Approach to Evidence (Multi-Thread ST-4)
  17. Space Colonization
  18. Immigration
  19. Urban Legends...
  20. From Christianity to Buring the Government!
  21. Should students pay for their University Education?
  22. You can't Prove it Wrong (ST-5)
  23. The Government is the Sex Nazi for Teens - "No Sex For You!"
  24. Time Travel
  25. Professional Dreams
  26. Gays and Church
  27. Should little kids be able to write sentices with Star Wars in them?
  28. Homosexuality: does one choose it, or is it pre-determined?
  29. €uro?
  30. Speed limits?
  31. Seperation of Church and State
  32. Radicalism vs. Moderation?
  33. WTO Sets Deal for Africa to Get Cheap Drugs
  34. Terrorism is the Symptom, not the Disease
  35. Actual Pre-WW1 Color Photos of Russia
  36. Is anti-Americanism racism?
  37. An army of one?
  38. [b]Creation vs. Evolution[/b]
  39. Gun Control
  40. Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide
  41. Spurious Similarities and the Pyramids
  42. Explanation by Scenario / Chariots of the Gods
  43. Should Arnold be governor in California
  44. Windows on the Past and Forgotten Glory (with apologies to C'Jais)
  45. If you could add a class to the curriculum of every xth year...
  46. Profanity
  47. Is god real?
  48. Christianity
  49. Philosophical/Moral games
  50. John Titor- Cryptic Time Traveler
  51. Agnostic thinking
  52. Do you think we should be able to burn cds
  53. Corporal Punishment
  54. Serious Discussion Time, put yer thinkin caps on
  55. Bruce Willis is my hero!
  56. Friends are like clouds
  57. Superstring theory
  58. Inherently good vs. Inherently evil
  59. President Bush war against terror
  60. Please read all non-beleivers
  61. What if.....
  62. George W. Bush: Pros & Cons
  63. Land on the moon going fast!
  64. Ethics of Pheromones?
  65. Rational vs. Irrational thought
  66. Should "Under God" be removed from the pledge of allegiance?
  67. A lack of reason...
  68. The cost of disguised safety.
  69. Oh..my...god...
  70. Origins and Possibilities for the Universe (not a creation/big bang debate)
  71. Where is the line between science and theology?
  72. Is there such a thing as fate?
  73. Cloning and Genetic Research
  74. should college athletes be compensated?
  75. Voting Age
  76. Creation "Science" Fair
  77. Christian Converting Site
  78. Does terrorism cheapen martyrdom?
  79. Music (Not a piracy discussion)
  80. driving age....
  81. Is "creation science" actually science?
  82. Confession Time :/
  83. The Big Bang Error?
  84. does people who kill themself think?
  85. Can a machine think?
  86. Should Same Sex Marriage Be Allowed?
  87. Evil: An inborn trait of all people?
  88. Unveiling Venus
  89. Society Lost Sense of Humor?
  90. Reality
  91. 21C Hell House (Young Christian Theater)
  92. What's your religion and why?
  93. Why are spelling skills deteriorating?
  94. The European Economic Union
  95. Why do we strive to live?
  96. Deep Sea Archaeology
  97. Debate to debate?
  98. The Aurora fighter at 'Area Fifty-One'
  99. Deck the halls with Absurdity!
  100. A Circular Mystery
  101. Presidential Election 2004: Info & News
  102. Saddam Hussein captured!
  103. Are girls really worth the trouble?
  104. Should The War Keep Going?
  105. TV in 2003
  106. Rush Transcript
  107. Is the universe flat?
  108. War on Natural Disasters
  109. George W. Bush: Pros & Cons pt. II
  110. Bush In 30 Seconds
  111. Is democracy dying?
  112. Bush's space plan for the future - vision or real possibility?
  113. Patents for Human/Animal Hybrids
  114. Staples rats on 10-year old for Flight Simulator Purchase
  115. Dennis J. Kucinich!
  116. Live Debate in #senatechambers Chat room
  117. Can we travel in time?
  118. Chaos Theory
  119. Students for a better America: Gone too far.
  120. Iraq in Retrospect
  121. Animal rights
  122. Reverse discrimination
  123. Morning After Pill: Eckerd's Refuses Rape Victim
  124. Georgia wants to remove "evolution" from the curricula
  125. Our Sound-Bite Society
  126. The Evo-ID challenge - a new twist
  127. the bible = the tree of the knowledge of good and evil () Jesus = the tree of life
  128. Origin of Universe?
  129. Fighting - Right or Wrong?
  130. Religious stuff...
  131. Afterlife
  132. Piercings and tattoos?
  133. The Bible: Myth or Truth?
  134. Cloning, is it right or wrong?
  135. John Kerry
  136. I need a killer virus
  137. White males...
  138. New legislation supporting a military draft brought before congress
  139. Bush Campaign invoking images of 9/11: right or wrong?
  140. War on Terror - Chasing Ghosts?
  141. 2000$ Hamburgers
  142. Police discrimination
  143. George W. Bush (conservative? I think not)
  144. (not) Killing in the name of....
  145. Black holes
  146. Black holes
  147. Cheating and illegal alterations on Online games
  148. BUSH trying to kill your OVERTIME Protection!
  149. Majin Revan's Effort to Get Rid of Super Shadow
  150. The killing and dismembering of four American civilian security contractors in Iraq
  151. adult happy meals???
  152. Impending Elections.
  153. Iraq's Oil-For-Food Program a Scam
  154. Is voter turn-out dropping? If so, why?
  155. Is God's power really finite?
  156. Film Censorship
  157. Evolution thread (not a Creation/God thread)
  158. Star wars porn! :mad:
  159. Should the President Pull Out the Troops?
  160. Patriot Act gone Wild
  161. Rumsfeld's Apology
  162. Would YOU kill Hitler?
  163. Boucher's DMCRA hearing on May 12
  164. Awareness of American Space Program's costs
  165. Abortion: The Most Debated Issue Since Slavery!
  166. Steps towards human.
  167. The UK opens first embryotic stem cell bank
  168. Fundies Say The Darndest Things
  169. Five Geek Social Fallacies
  170. Iran tricked the US into war in iraq?
  171. Occupation has boosted al-Qaida, says thinktank
  172. Human rights climate 'worst in 50 years'
  173. Ethnic Cleansing: A decent reason to send in the troops?
  174. The White House is blowin it...
  175. Kerry Calls for Minimum Wage Increase
  176. Republicans Come here
  177. Suicide by Pseudoscience
  178. Saddam's Abu Grahib
  179. Bill Cosby's stance on Blacks and Discrimination.
  180. Online Privacy Loses a Battle
  181. Islamic Dilemma
  182. The War in Iraq
  183. Bigots
  184. Bush is an idiot
  185. Fahrenheit 9/11: is it based on FACT?
  186. What do terrorists want?
  187. Abortion debate (older thread)
  188. Is John Howard leading Australia or following George W. Bush?
  189. The Devil ?
  190. Gee, I suspect a hidden agenda...
  191. The U.S. Military is Impotent
  192. The Republican Convention in NYC
  193. The Evil behind Pornography
  194. Please ignore dogmatic "debaters".
  195. Political Machine
  196. Catholic Church denies 1st Holy Communion to a little girl...
  197. What is your goal in life?
  198. What makes you happy?
  199. The Political Brain - Why do Republicans and Democrats differ so emphatically?
  200. Kerry on Iraq
  201. What? I get no sauerkraut?
  202. Thou Shalt Not Kill?
  203. Pipe Smoking Dangerous or Not?
  204. Serious WTF? of the week 8/28/04.
  205. The Ideal Mate
  206. An interesting read.
  207. The truth about Flight 77
  208. Russia and Chechnya
  209. The Palestinian / Israeli Conflict
  210. Personailty tests
  211. Senate Chambers Rules & Guidelines
  212. Cheneys says "Heil Bush, Nicht Kerry"
  213. The real Threat to American safety?
  214. Theory of a Hollow Earth...
  215. Violence
  216. Why hasnt this been mentioned?
  217. Wind farms to produce power
  218. Near death experiences and visions of the after life
  219. The Ban on Assault Weapons - Lifted?
  220. Pc
  221. Centripidal and centrifugal forces
  222. Tolerance
  223. Cat Stevens barred from US
  224. Guns. Please vote.
  225. Bush got OWNED!!! (Presidential Debate)
  226. Presidential Debate #1
  227. Raise your hand if you hate spy-ware and popups!
  228. Simple solution to Federal Government Problems?
  229. SkinWalker- I need your help!!
  230. Body Count
  231. Ethics of Fox Hunting and Pest Control
  232. Kids and Media Voilence
  233. FDA OK'S implanted medical info chip
  234. George Wired Bush
  235. Register to vote NOW (do it today, time's running out!)
  236. Heads up: BBC2 series - The Power of Nightmares
  237. Important amendments
  238. The Validity of Science
  239. Corruption
  240. World's population ravages resources?
  241. Passive euthanasia: English court rules on sick baby care
  242. redeployment of British troops
  243. Genetically modified cats for sale
  244. Hobbits are real!!!
  245. YAIIIRTT: Yet Another Iraq Invasion Is Response to Terrorism Thread
  246. The agnostic's cry for understanding.
  247. Americans Immigrating to Europe – how to?
  248. Kerry's concession
  249. Christians!!! *snarls*
  250. What if Yasser Arafat dies?