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  1. Homosexuality: a tool of war
  2. The role of religion
  3. President Schwartzenegger???
  4. Death To The Tabloids!
  5. Death Penalty
  6. I'm sorry-No! I'm not sorry!
  7. NEWS: Girls feed classmates poisoned cake
  8. Court Ruled That Media Can Legally Lie
  9. The death of Philosophy and the Rise of Christianity
  10. the "get a life" brigade
  11. Objectivism
  12. I love violent video games...
  13. Increasing stupidity...
  14. Weighing the soul
  15. Studying Evolution in Georgia, Part II: Sicker stickers
  16. NEWS:Micheal Jackson search warrant.
  17. The Zero Factor
  18. A tiny panzerfaust filled with racism
  19. 45 Million....
  20. Just a friendly reminder...
  21. trust
  22. Evil EA
  23. News: Girl 10 cuffed for bringing scissors to school
  24. News: Student reported God told him to kill parents:
  25. The Killed and Wounded in Iraq
  26. Pat Robertson is full of it
  27. Intelligence Bill
  28. TV Alert: Who Wrote the Bible?
  29. Mobile/Cell phone radiation.
  30. Global Dimming
  31. Catholic Archbishop Kidnapped
  32. Do you think there will be a war in Iran?
  33. Spanish bishops defy Pope by advocating condoms in Aids fight
  34. Focus on the Family wants Intolerance rather than "tolerance."
  35. Mr Howard a racist?
  36. Ban Smoking?
  37. Freedom worth the price?
  38. Lamb of God
  39. Pull Your Pants Up
  40. 2005 Hottest Year
  41. Poll proves people are stupid?
  42. Credit to Bush!!!
  43. Whitehouse Has Ties to Gay Prostitution
  44. Wacko conspiracy on US Currency
  45. Social Security
  46. GTA cop shooting.
  47. Aliens required to use bracelets?
  48. Archaeologists reveal evidence of the Wife of God
  49. Saddam Capture FAKED?
  50. Criminal Violence Against Judicial Figures
  51. China-T'ai-Wan relations
  52. Iraqi Election: 2005
  53. Beat Bullying
  54. Racism: Inevitable?
  55. Terri Schiavo's feeding tube removed.
  56. Marijuana: Legalize or Demonize?
  57. Concept of "ownership" beyond Earth
  58. 2012 may be when the world ends, but 2014 is when Google takes over
  59. Free Thoughts on Serious Topics
  60. The Da Vinci Code & Dan Brown
  61. Spreading Democracy: Georgia or Iraq?
  62. Twisted Media Intrest of the public
  63. A more convenient measurement system - when?
  64. Should organ donation and blood donation be compulsory?
  65. The New Pope
  66. Texas may ban gay foster parents
  67. Texas may ban gay foster parents
  68. Human finger found in Wendy's Chili
  69. Free Trade : are old theories obselete?
  70. A controversial subject: Abortion
  71. CostOfWar.com - putting things in perspective
  72. Bush's energy agenda
  73. Rap and Hip-Hop: A Serious Discussion
  74. GPS tracking for sex offenders okayed in FL.
  75. The system sucks...
  76. Do video games corrupt our youth?
  77. FDA to ban gays from sperm donation.
  78. Should George W. Bush be Impeached?
  79. "Tell people the truth, Mr. President"
  80. Could the President's econ policy actually be working?
  81. Child killed in police shootout.
  82. 25,000 civilians killed
  83. The Digital Millenium Copyright act: is it necessary?
  84. Magical thinkers opposed to Magical thinkers
  85. Tom Tancredo
  86. the President's support of "intelligent design."
  87. Property
  88. Why is marijuana criminalized?
  89. When Should U.S. Troops Be Pulled Out Of Iraq?
  90. Tolerance means people you don't agree with, too.
  91. Banning gay marrages should it be allowed
  92. Religion in the Courts
  93. Another Vietnam?
  94. Hurricane Katrina Napster
  95. Liberal bigotry at the highest levels...
  96. What is reality? (Philosophy)
  97. The Pledge "Unconstitutional"
  98. Freedom of Religion?
  99. Should Britain apologise and hand over it's soldiers to Iraqi jurisdiction?
  100. DeLay Indicted
  101. Haag Accuses the Papacy
  102. Police Brutality in New Orleans
  103. Corruption and the Fall of the Republican Party
  104. Halloween
  105. Stem Cell Research
  106. TV News Film Ignites New Muslim Outrage
  107. Use nukes to prove you will use them?
  108. Japan changing to Pro-Military Constitution
  109. The Plastic Generation.
  110. 403-3
  111. Immigrants
  112. New wrinkles in the ESCR controversy
  113. Americanization - whose fault is it, and what should be done, if anything?
  114. Evolution - and how we know it's right
  115. NSA uses ECHELON against US citizens... and other patriot act fun
  116. Happy New Year
  117. The Adventures of Jack Abramoff
  118. Homosexuality & Same-Sex Marriage
  119. Christian fundamentalists hijack penguin movie
  120. How many do you count?
  121. Judge Alito
  122. Hitler is coming.... I mean Bush.
  123. Buy a T-Shirt, support the suicide bombers!
  124. More Iraqi detainee abuse.
  125. HAMAS dominates Palestinian parliament
  126. Survey sez: Hillary is out
  127. The Separation of Church and State
  128. Kids in the uk are getting dumber. Official.
  129. Muslim anger at Mohammed Cartoon & Freedom of speech
  130. Iran
  131. A funeral or a political rally?
  132. Listening in on Al-Qaida
  133. 2006 Midterm Elections
  134. Lucky for us all Cheney was a draft dodger
  135. Rev. Gene Robinson admitted to rehab
  136. Lack of respect from show producers
  137. Abortion (newer thread)
  138. Anti-gay church protests at soldiers’ funerals
  139. Hillary running for President - opinions?
  140. Teacher suspended over Bush-bashing
  141. US envoy to Iraq: 'We have opened the Pandora's box'
  142. More Crap from the Culturally Corrupt
  143. Feingold Censure Resolution
  144. I guess that whole "liberating Afghanistan" thing didn't turn out too well.
  145. Rallies against immigration reform
  146. Online Petitions
  147. Cynthia McKinney
  148. Why are my contrymen more important?
  149. Kinky!
  150. Let's start a Nuclear War
  151. For Christians, why is incest taboo...
  152. Patriotism- Does the U.S. still have It?
  153. The SW Kid Case
  154. FEMA Fails Again
  155. Bush criticises Spanish US anthem
  156. Nation wide Hispanic rallies today
  157. The Road to Guantanamo
  158. "...To create a database of every call ever made..."
  159. Amendment #2 - its importance
  160. Human-Animal Hybrids
  161. [RANT] Galloway: Blair's death would be justified
  162. DHS Gives Finger to NYC & D.C.
  163. The Da Vinci Code
  164. Texas Taliban?
  165. Bi-Curious George? Brokeback Bush?
  166. Boycott the World Cup Prostitution
  167. Prostitution
  168. "Three strikes, you're out"
  169. FOX News
  170. The Pseudoscience of UFOs
  171. Philosophy of Science
  172. Time to start electing Judges?
  173. Afganistan, should we have learned from the russians?
  174. Israel on the offensive
  175. North Korea just launched four long range test missles...
  176. Ken Lay is dead
  177. Conspiracy Theories
  178. Thanks for keeping us safe, Rumsfeld
  179. Israel/Lebanon situation
  180. Is religion evil?
  181. So what's going on in Iraq? 100 civilians killed each day?
  182. Taiwan bares its teeth
  183. Baghdad Burning - the Iraq blog discussion thread
  184. Should the Jews be wiped out?
  185. Censorship in the Senate
  186. Reply to charges of racism
  187. Breast-feeding
  188. Bush neglects 9/11 heroes
  189. 16 year old girl kills mother, posts about it on blogs and forums
  190. Should Rumsfeld be fired?
  191. Does Progress Justify Suffering?
  192. Is God Evil Like the Devil is portrayed as
  193. God answers prayers
  194. How long will the United States last heading toward the future of human society
  195. Why is the left wing supportive of partial birth abortion?
  196. Court ruled what we already know - warrantless wiretapping is unconstitutional.
  197. "United 93"
  198. Study of twins suggests vulnerability to drug abuse may be genetic
  199. Joseph Lieberman appreciation thread
  200. Why are GITMO detainees given a presumption of guilt?
  201. History Channel Production Team + Crack = ...
  202. "Bloodcurdling Creatures of the World", Episodes 60: Psychiatrists
  203. Islamic Fascism
  204. Atomic Bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki
  205. America is Nosy
  206. The Mentally Deficient
  207. Anyone got an English-Newspeak dictionary?
  208. September 11th becomes the JFK mystery of the new era?
  209. Physical punishment of children
  210. Danish Animal Bordellos... apparently it's okay
  211. Cell Phone Jamming: Illegal and Unethical?
  212. The future of the U.S. military
  213. Fairness of the American Judicial System?
  214. Mathematics and Science! Why is citizens in the U.S. are doing so poorly at them?
  215. Immortality! Would we ever achieve it?
  216. Debate! Mahmoud Ahmadinejad vs. George Bush
  217. Abstinence
  218. String Theory or Quantum Gravity?
  219. Dubya in fifty years
  220. Governmnent regulation of fireworks
  221. Global Warming
  222. You should've seen this coming with all the recent shootings
  223. Nuclear attack on Iran
  224. Language, Culture, and What's Considered Common Courtesy
  225. North Korea says nuclear test successful.
  226. 650,000 died in iraq?
  227. The Government of Iraq
  228. moral relativism
  229. Accountability
  230. If Earth was threaten with a major danger, will money determine the fate our planet?
  231. Waterboarding
  232. "Why I care about Religion"
  233. Should We Respect Religion?
  234. Jesus Camp - Religion or Brainwashing?
  235. political campaign stuff (where can i go for answers)
  236. Saddaam Hussein given death sentence
  237. Quantum logic, is any use of logical reasoning inherently flawed?
  238. Rumsfeld resigns as Secretary of Defence
  239. "Relentless: The Struggle For Peace In The Middle East"
  240. thread deletion
  241. Ok, what are y'all opinions on the FCC
  242. The Kepler Mission: Looking for Earth-sized Worlds
  243. Affirmative Action
  244. U.S. --2007 Military Draft--
  245. On the origin of morals - and the preservation of favoured logic
  246. Iraq is the new Godwin's Law
  247. Teenagers just keep getting younger...
  248. Ethics of faith schools
  249. The necessity of thievery
  250. Poverty thread