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  1. Why Atheism?
  2. Universal Health Coverage for the USA - "The Healthy Americans Act"
  3. Digg
  4. Ayman al-Zawahri addresses the American people
  5. Saddam executed - what now for Iraq?
  6. The "Eternal Forces" game - and the Left Behind franchise in general
  7. ET Warrior
  8. The ethics of a real life Rainbow Six
  9. Yeah so I know no one cares about Africa...
  10. Gore's 'Truth' particularly inconvenient for those lovable creationists...
  11. Civil Rights Discussion
  12. Abu Gharib torture
  13. Genetically modified cats re-visited
  14. Hyperspace travel could become a reality, but of course there are some obstacles.
  15. And we wonder why the Iraqis don't like us...
  16. Why are some people gay?
  17. Homeopathic "medicine" and other alternative methods of healing
  18. Christian myth vs. other mythologies
  19. Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason And Science
  20. Bill Gates pushes for better schools
  21. Georgia moves closer on school Bible classes
  22. War in Afghanistan justified?
  23. Video game violence, and it's effect on society
  24. Chocolate Jesus offends Catholic spokesman
  25. Revisiting Moral Objectivism with Mathematical Notation
  26. Vacating Hell: Iraq
  27. The right to upset others
  28. An actual "creation" museum
  29. Lucas Forums Push for Hydrogen Power
  30. Wikipedia
  31. Was stopping the Nazis necessary?
  32. What's up with traditionalists and comprehensive sex ed?
  33. Atheism or antitheism?
  34. Christianity is a religion of tolerance and other assorted myths
  35. Chip implants linked to cancer
  36. Nebraska state senator sues God
  37. Buddhist monks demonstrate in Burma
  38. Suicide epidemic striking Kurdish women
  39. How to believe in god: A discussion on faith
  40. Report on Hindu god Ram withdrawn
  41. The radicalization of liberals in politics
  42. Republicans vs. Democrats...who's the bigger scumbag?
  43. 10 questions that every intelligent Christian must answer
  44. Squirrely numbers and questionable methadology
  45. What do we do?
  46. ForceMod III Advance v2
  47. Is Clinton's campaign doing a disservice to the DNC?
  48. Right to protest
  49. An essay on the world - Part I
  50. Evolution
  51. Prove that jesus is imaginary in less than 5 minutes
  52. Scientists Create Stem Cells for 10 Disorders
  53. Old Testament Question
  54. The concept of God being alive forever.
  55. The future of the Republican Party
  56. This is frightening
  57. This is frightening (liberal remixxxxxxxxx)
  58. Gay Marriage
  59. The Polygamy Thread
  60. Consider confession if you voted for Obama
  61. Chambliss defeats Martin
  62. Atheist group sues to get God out of Ky. homeland security law
  63. Atheist Signs in Washington State Capital
  64. Does Jesus = the Egyptian Sun God? Fact or Fiction?
  65. Musical instrument strikes Nicole Kidman barren
  66. George Carlin on war
  67. The Evil Thread
  68. Pucker up, North America
  69. Chris Hitchens gets waterboarded
  70. Annual Edge Question 2009
  71. Zombies!!!
  72. Inaguration "state of emergency"
  73. Embryonic Stem Cells Get a Boost
  74. Al Franken vs. Norm Coleman
  75. Texas wins victory over Creationists
  76. Senator Stabnow (D) Mich is Pushing for "Fairness Doctrine"
  77. The Danger of Secularism
  78. Darwin's 200th birthday: Vatican celebrates evolution
  79. Fox Business wins FOIA Lawsuit Against Treasury
  80. 25+ U.S. States Declaring Sovereignty
  81. Should Smoking Be Banned in Public?
  82. Journalist Missing in Iran
  83. Simple overreacting or Liberal Targetting of Free Speech
  84. Media Conflicts of Interest as well as outright dishonesty
  85. More Americans say they have no religion
  86. Wikipedia trying to rewrite History concerning Obama
  87. Atheists are subjected to discrimation?
  88. University of California Double standards galore
  89. Nancy Pelosi wasting taxpayer money
  90. Democrats trying to ram through treaty that will overturn country's sovereignty
  91. America Held Hostage?
  92. Boston Tea Parties springing up all over country Mainstream Media ignores
  93. Atheist bus ads, atheist signs, and atheist views
  94. And they say Obama and the Dems Care about our Veterans...
  95. Protectionism?
  96. Colleges knowingly admit Illegal Aliens
  97. U.S. Signs U.N. Gay Human Rights Document
  98. Democrats complain about the very Bonuses they were involved in allowing
  99. How to spot hidden religious agendas in Science textbooks
  100. Bush Administration Responsible for Widespread Torture in CIA Jails
  101. Cold response
  102. $2,000 cars in India may hit US
  103. Democrat's Highway to nowhere
  104. GarfieldJL's Newsbusters Headlines Thread
  105. Science and Pseudo-science!
  106. The Existence of God
  107. The OTHER existence of God
  108. What good reason is there to believe the Christian God exists? [The Debate Thread]
  109. The Origin Of The Universe
  110. Hitler, The Nazi Party, and Christianity
  111. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. , William Wilberforce, and Christianity
  112. New York Times covered up a corrupt Donor for Obama
  113. Gun-Control
  114. Do Liberals think they are above the Law?
  115. Love is irrational
  116. Does anybody really believe in Creationism (sorry, Intelligent Design) anymore?
  117. Why should I care about a fetus?
  118. The Supernatural/Paranormal?
  119. Whether or not a Man Named Jesus Existed
  120. Formal Debates
  121. Sheriff Joe
  122. Pig flu
  123. Fillibuster-proof majority
  124. Hentai
  125. Being Isaac Newton: Computer Derives Natural Law from Raw Data
  126. David Souter announces retirement
  127. Joe the Plumber still circles the drain
  128. Teacher sued for remarks "hostile" to religion
  129. The Reason Project
  130. Climate Change: Are Humans to Blame?
  131. Rep. Paul Broun wants "Year of the Bible".
  132. R.I.P. Linda Fleming
  133. Was the World Created in 6 Days...?
  134. Ironic end
  135. Note found in James von Brunn's car
  136. Election Day in Iran
  137. US Senate race
  138. Another tiny mistake by Fox
  139. Google Library
  140. Sarah Palin resigns
  141. Robert Macnamara
  142. Calendars and Time: What year is it, really?
  143. Do violent video games corrupt our youth?
  144. Atheists sue to keep 'In God We Trust' off Capitol Visitor Center
  145. August recess
  146. Video Games and their potential negative repercussions on their end users
  147. The Lion has been tamed
  148. kennedy assassination
  149. Scanners and Privacy at airports
  150. "Anti-porn" law in indonesia
  151. The Problem of Hell and a Loving God
  152. Fla. man says Home Depot fired him over God button
  153. Life origins (aka creationism vs abiogenesis)
  154. fear of childhood indoctrination
  155. Incoming anti-game propaganda
  156. porn vs prostitution
  157. Vatican to finance stem cell research
  158. Schwarzenegger v. EMA Court and Petition: Video games and free speech under attack
  159. Austrailia bans porn with small breasts
  160. Game Store Owner protests online pass for used games
  161. Antibody Discovered for 91% of HIV Strains
  162. New techniques to "skip" stem cells
  163. Yes or No: US Establish No Fly Over Libya
  164. Leukemia Breakthrough
  165. Amusing video on the historical Jesus
  166. "Big Brother" is watching you! CISPA Bill is a threat to Privacy.