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  1. Adding maps to Sp
  2. whats the cheat for camera angles!
  3. galaxies jedi dueling (vs. JA jedi dueling)
  4. Can the Staff Break?
  5. [NEWB]my kill tracker isnt working :(
  6. Stuck after levels w/ full force via cheats
  7. Strange Question about a MOD
  8. Jedi Academy: For the XBOX
  9. What saber color do u use and why?
  10. Question (Xbox or PC?)
  11. Cheat enabled servers
  12. 'Melee Mod' is awesome!!!
  13. Jedi Academy is Jedi Knight III(Spoiler)
  14. Hey server ops got a question...
  15. awing mod?
  16. i have a question... (vehicle extensions "too large")
  17. Server Ladder Listings (submit your server to Proving Grounds!)
  18. DMFlag
  19. Ah, the smell of fear in the afternoon...
  20. What does Cd 2 do?
  21. Attack Of The Clones TC: Clone Wars Project
  22. JA MP SDK (and xmod2)
  23. Jedi Academy MP SDK Released
  24. force-temple.com vs. pcgamemods
  25. multiplayer problem with AI
  26. For all the 3RD PERSON PLAYERS!!!111one (as addressed at the OEM forums)
  27. x-box version ? (turning "off" saber in JA)
  28. Weird bug in JA *spoilers*
  29. Projected Shadows?
  30. cool way to fix stances in 1.01
  31. Demos
  32. What can I do to improve pcgamemods?
  33. How to raise a reborn from the dead? *spoilers*
  34. Warning!! Do Not Download Rebel Vs. Imperial Navy From Lucasfiles!! (until fixed)
  35. Statistics for Jedi Academy
  36. Hoooraaayyy!!!!!!
  37. Sweet demo stuff *spoilers*
  38. Want hardcore JA game play? (xmod2)
  39. how to use the atst with his weapons
  40. Help!!!!!!!!!!!! (JA Xbox cheats?)
  41. Why are the online numbers so low??????
  42. Problems with 1.01 update..... (JA MP not working?)
  43. Star Wars/EU Fans : Did you notice this in JA(Location Spoiler) ??!!
  44. Need help with customization!!!
  45. tapsir find kosh and kyle in facility
  46. HTML Stats Program and Restart Map ?
  47. A Possible Fix for Distorted and Missing Sounds!
  48. Is there a Pit level in Academy?
  49. Lan Network
  50. XBOX version of JA
  51. HUD Removal
  52. Mp Saber Styles Not Avaliable
  53. Help, Killing enemies when model is shadowtrooper?
  54. Can Someone tell me where to download. . . Saga Hilts Pack/Old Republic Conversion
  55. Vengeance Cast Upon Lamers = Too Cool
  56. how do you .. g_speed & cg_fpls 1
  57. Total Jedi War - TFFA Project
  58. Need some info on jedi academy
  59. console?
  60. Vengeance Cast Upon Lamers Forward
  61. Ridable Mutant *SPOILER* (download here!)
  62. Is Grip bugged?
  63. JA ff s/o ctf Ladder with xmod2
  64. Protocol version 25 ?
  65. Who has an overview of characters you can spawn in SP?
  66. Invalid folder...
  67. Any Servers Out There Running The Melee Mod?
  68. escaping the Jedi Console (spawning bots with spaces in names)
  69. mods
  70. System Link Play Questions (JA Xbox)
  72. Make a JKA movie? How?
  73. need help with single player
  74. New OmNi Mod question
  75. Can someone please tell me how to get Boba Fett with Jetpack in MP?
  76. Jedi Academy Reviews
  77. My New Favorite Server! (Melee Mod Co-op!)
  78. Free uploading images sites
  79. Meele Mod! How good is it?
  80. where can i find the skins for coleman trebor or kit fisto?
  81. help? JA colors messed up?
  82. KILL BILL (spreadin tha word)
  83. Big Patch/Stance problem!!
  84. Why does sabre combat feel so...random?
  85. Jedi Academy Reloaded (admin mod for JA)
  86. Dismemberment Is Not Working (Naughty cfg file)
  87. strong or fast??
  88. omg, multiplayer, aka CHAOSPLAY
  89. r_dynamicglow won't stay on 1
  90. JK2 vs. JA
  91. Disruption windows/linux versions
  92. Suggestions for FFA Dueling servers
  93. NF Saber Only TDM Ladder ?
  94. Any good melee mod servers?
  95. Erm.... Cheats in SP...
  96. Just bought the game, but I'm having problems with the multiplayer!!!
  97. Where to get JO maps for JA? (ctf ones)
  98. Rancor Help *spoilers*
  99. Problems/Bugs using JA mods
  100. Why can't anyone just PLAY?
  101. Displaying FPS (Frames Per Second)
  102. JA Lagg problems
  103. Total Jedi War - TAKING BETA TESTERS
  104. Saved games?
  105. Custom Music
  106. Is There a way to do.....This: (modifying bots)
  107. Has JA become boring, tired ??
  108. Fixing sound help.
  109. Hilts in SP!!!
  110. How to get... "thereisnospoon"
  111. Hello From The Fallen (Tourney Info)
  112. Kyle Noogie Move & Shadowtrooper cloak *SPOILERS!!*
  113. ShadowTrooper CLoak, Possible in SP?
  114. is there a command for a saber staff?
  115. voice changes
  116. Racing games for JA
  117. More Hilts and More Hilts DX - Back in Action
  118. CTF: change teams when uneven?
  119. saber damage
  120. making skins
  121. Why I'm trading my Xbox for a PC
  122. Official Asteroids Thread
  123. Help Stop Admin Abuse! Cast your vote against AMlaming in Xmod2!
  124. map list
  125. Patch release time
  126. skinning, model questioins
  127. Something for your gurus out there.
  128. How do I un write protect g_saberMoreRealistic???
  129. your *special* control setup for JA..
  130. Official Jedi Academy Bonus Map-Pack released!
  131. JA+ Mod 1.4 (admin mod)
  132. Ladder (maps)
  133. Language Filter
  134. Movie Making Demos
  135. JA Mod: The Matrix Unplugged
  136. OJP Enhanced mod!
  137. Custom Models Request
  138. TeamWarfare =X= Mod saber only ladders
  139. Lightsaber question
  140. Disappointed... with JA customization options out of box
  141. ChopShop Bot Routes?
  142. Jedi Vs. Merc
  143. Goofing around (for spawners)
  144. LucasArts Petition
  145. xMod 2.x - Freeze Tag
  146. Chat text in your way while playing? Here's a fix for ya.
  147. Should I get Jedi Academy for Xbox or PC?
  148. Can my system run ACADEMY
  149. No CD patch For Academy (no more like this please!)
  150. Can My system handle Jedi Outcast
  151. Can't get realistic saber working with the new patch?
  152. Demo?
  153. Solution...Duel!
  154. xMod 2.2.0 - Updates
  155. Weapons Regeneration
  156. How do I get allies to stop following me?
  157. problems (Melee Mod)
  158. If you feel in a Matrix mood...
  159. Jka No Rule Servers (post 'em here!)
  160. Ever since the bonus........
  161. What's the Deal? (xbox ruined by honor already?!)
  162. Saber Throw and Player Roll
  163. Saber Throw and Player Roll
  164. Queston For SWJA (xbox: "putting your lightsaber up")
  165. PK3 question
  166. Can i run jedi academy on my computer
  167. few questions (Custom char colors and spinning during special moves)
  168. The flying stormtrooper
  169. An encounter with an honor nub (funny)
  170. Academy: XBOX
  171. xMod 2.2.0 - Released
  172. JKA Comics
  173. What admin mod do you use? (*if any*)
  174. Team Voice Commands in JA
  175. KEVIN COYLE & the Melee Mod Crew...
  176. Need help to find map... Zeus's ladder
  177. Pcgamemods not working...
  178. A fading hate for jk3files server
  179. Cheat Codes are not working for me...
  180. Questions about Academy (XBOX)
  181. Burial site for Jedi knight (JA Chandrilla)
  182. wtf is this unreal or a hack?
  183. Lightsaber Weapons Cycle Script
  184. Very Important Lucas Employees Look!!!
  185. server console shows...
  186. Mods
  187. How do I get rid of the Force Push/Pull Effect?
  188. Laming & Being kicked...
  189. We need the community's help.
  190. Official Blacklisted Servers Thread
  191. change saber color in-game
  192. Spreading the word about fists
  193. Alternate Download sites?
  194. Where do I place Demos so I can watch them?
  195. An Official Honor Code
  196. First Person Lightsaber for Jedi Academy
  197. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
  198. Can anyone help me with bot support?
  199. Join me in Jedi Academy
  200. Seige on jk (xbox)
  201. Hi all, just wanted to wish you a Happy Holidays
  202. Bunker On MP hoth
  203. Dark Forces Mod Christmas Present...
  204. Heeelp! im stuck! on map called t1 fatal
  205. Protocol Version 25?
  206. quick one about MP
  207. Multiplayer help!
  208. Qucik question about Chop-Shop
  209. where can i get darth vadar skin for jedi academy
  210. voice chat
  211. Multiplayer Layout, Etc.
  212. Strange?
  213. Vehicle Extension are too Large???
  214. Help Stuck ... AT-AT level
  215. Game gets choppy when I use force or someone uses force on me.
  216. New JA Ladders
  217. MP Newbie questions
  218. Anyone making some SP Maps
  219. Unlockables?
  220. Sorry people, but I'm new to this, how do you post a Poll?
  221. Stuck in Bast Castle ! Help! (spoilers)
  222. Xmod questions
  223. Should i buy this game?
  224. Please need some help in Hutt level I'm stuck
  225. Errorwhen joinining server
  226. JKA on MAC
  227. Jedi Academy for XBOX question
  228. Possibly the worlds stupidest question?
  229. Jedi Academy 1.01 Cheats
  230. Question about JediAcademy for Xbox
  231. A little problem
  232. Force points
  233. Master Server list not coming up.
  234. Hosting
  235. Would you want to play this?
  236. Jedi Outcast in Jedi Academy
  237. How To
  238. Best Level for NPC Spawning?
  239. Help please!
  240. question about sabers
  241. ADMIN mod 1.4
  242. problems with using black in names?
  243. Warning!stolen Work!
  244. Problems with Textures? (Helpful)
  245. Out of these Dark Jedi who do you think should be killed first?
  246. Multi-Player Woes?
  247. 3+ blades on double bladed lightsaber/staff???(.sab file)
  248. Dynamic glow?
  249. [BS] We own you all. [NOT!]
  250. JA stuck at Rosh(spoiler)