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  1. JedicouncilGC for JA?
  2. need help with cl_parsepacketentities on Jedi Academy
  3. adding sounds to reskins
  4. Attacks: Default, Alternate or Random??
  5. What do want in JK4? ('Future of the Series' merged)
  6. Falling in love all over again ...
  7. names for inventory in sp
  8. ?'s about destroyer vs asteriods(control)
  9. Cant use cheats in 1.01?
  10. so whats new fellas
  11. Help me name my new saber! please!
  12. How do I make movies?
  13. Campaign For Rgb Sabers In Next Patch
  14. How to bind force powers to function keys?
  15. Dual Monitor support in Jedi Academy?
  16. Saber Hit Range
  17. [News] - AOTC:TC Demo - From Front Page
  18. Is this a hack or bug.
  19. Is there a Point to playing Signle player on MAster Jedi?
  20. Loading JO in JA
  21. Leaning against walls?
  22. Error says I need to adjust MiniHeapSize in SV_Spawnserver
  23. Force Rotate Saber?
  24. So where are all of the SP maps?
  25. Please Help , hard disk crash , lost all my saves !
  26. Multiplayer? (How do I join a game?)
  27. An idea for making skinning alot easier...
  28. Multiplayer ("protocol 25 error when joining")
  29. JA+ Mod 1.8 Damages?
  30. need a server to host my vehicle CTF map
  31. Killtracker...
  32. The thing about asteroids (please read the manual)
  33. Anyone try using the WBA - Swords Pack 1.1 mod in single player? Teh suk!
  34. see yourself on the speeder-bike level
  35. Why?!?!!?!?!?! (pcgamemods woes)
  36. mp coop
  37. SP SDK petition (I know, I know...)
  38. ORIGINAL, FULL GAME, CL_ParsePacketEntities error...
  39. Request
  40. Lucas forums server
  41. New menu music?
  42. Something wrong with JA screensaver
  43. Weird view...
  44. cheats
  45. JA+ 1.8.b version
  46. xMod 2.6.0 :: A day late but not a holocron short
  47. Moves in JAR 1.2 Multiplayer
  48. skins (of Darth Maul; where to get one...)
  49. realistic saber combat mods
  50. Ooh no :(
  51. For which TC are you waiting the most
  52. PG Ladders TFFA
  53. Untrain force powers? (spoilers)
  54. assets (tweaking npcs)
  55. Help skinning
  56. Issues with Stargate Map
  57. JK-Comic Projekt
  58. What exactly is a mod?
  59. Is there an JK expansion planned? (Officially: NONE THAT WE KNOW OF)
  60. noob question (how to load a map with cheats?)
  61. Can't wait for JK4
  62. Ship patch?
  63. Is JA JK3?
  64. Multiplayer
  65. Why do a lot people still play JO MP?
  66. Help with JA demo!
  67. direct x9?
  68. Question about JA (worth getting?)
  69. Is there any way you can port single player models to the multiplayer games?
  70. Where's the ffa these days?
  71. Asteroids servers???
  72. NPC Classes?
  73. Playing SP JK:Outcast maps in Jedi Academy
  74. Has anyone else tried this? (tusken rifle cheat)
  75. How w/o winzip to open .pk3 files
  76. BIG and PURPLE
  77. Anyone still playing seige mode?
  78. Please help ("cannot find weapon 27 on startup")
  79. bar music (cantina)
  80. what do these commands do?
  81. How do I remove parts of a model without leaving a white void on the player?
  82. Holes in JA+ Mod? (Formerly: I'm sorry, but this is too funny..")
  83. like to find a few cmds
  84. Can't connect to any server
  85. JO texture patch for JA
  86. [SP] Your opinion on JA SP after 6 months? *spoilers, duh*
  87. Hosting Server
  88. BIG ugly and PURPLE
  89. Problems with Saber (changing stances in SP)
  90. MP colors
  91. Saber hilts won't work? :(
  92. Customizable Player Hilts
  93. Freezing NPCs
  94. News posters
  95. good duel mod?
  96. Strategy Academy Updated!
  97. Martial Arts and Jk?
  98. The Rebirth JK3 vid
  99. cheating in mp
  100. Community Wide Jka Tournament: Read On! :-d
  101. How can I get Kevin Coyle's Anakin model to work in single player?
  102. movies
  103. Majin Revan's Help Thread
  104. Reborn Skin for SP
  105. Jedi Academy or Knights of the Old Republic?
  106. An Idea That's Tastier Than Buttercream! ("Guns Only" server)
  107. Thank You Chop Shop
  108. Where do YOU get your mods?
  109. Questions (pk3's, editing, skins, making videos)
  110. Something I Need Help Fixing (speed up blaster shots?)
  111. How do I change health of the npc's in SP?
  112. Okay, here's your LucasForums server! (JediServers+Meatgrinder = CHAOS)
  113. vjun (a plot point question)
  114. new jka patch is out! (lame joke)
  115. Commandable Bots?
  116. The Mystery of Black Text in JA Names continues...
  117. Mods??
  118. A Great & Majestic Empire series
  119. how are you able to create tie defenders on ja?
  120. Flying Classes
  121. Converting MP hilts to SP
  122. ok about the tie defender...
  123. Wow, I feel bad... (AKA: Don't try this in public)
  124. A cool mod idea, need help with it
  125. Free Camera in JA?
  126. OJP's Logo
  127. All the MP Hidden Skins Revealed
  128. Anyone know where to find some of the models and skins that were on jedimoves.com?
  129. Get imperials to follow you?
  130. How the frap can I convert MP skins to singleplayer,...?
  131. what guy do you use to fight with in mp
  132. i cant see downloaded model in JA mp. please help me......
  133. New JKA Anims
  134. Your favorite mods/maps/skins/models!
  135. Is there a mod for JKA SP to change all imperials into BattleDroids
  136. I'm Back!!!
  137. music for menu
  138. Not so friendly fire (in single player)
  139. Dark Forces Gold (April Fool!)
  140. mp to sp
  141. JA Update (where to get it)
  142. Ki-Adi Mundi skin?
  143. Hi! im new and i need some help...
  144. When am I getting the...? (dual sabers/saberstaff)
  145. Getting modeling programs to open JKA model files! (Help request)
  146. Download problems
  147. any good Kenobi skins?
  148. Mpdefault.cfg Missing??? Help With J.a. Mods
  149. AT-ST in Jedi Academy
  150. obiwan?not a mod
  151. Bot Saber challenges
  152. Im new at game and seriously are LOST
  153. JA not so 'dead'
  154. Please connect to and hit "ready"
  155. Maps, Mods for dummies...
  156. Mutant Rancor Madness Smack Down!
  157. Lightsabre Combat =Moves.
  158. Config UI? (numbers in HUD instead of graphics)
  159. Cant find jack worth of good downloads
  160. I be's a 'Skinnin' Fool'
  161. Uuum... Reborn
  162. npc spawn
  163. JA Multiplayer Servers
  164. JA... what's that?
  165. Character naming
  166. What Font Is Used In Jka?
  167. is there cheats for mp?
  168. dueling and running
  169. Please help me! cheats will not work!
  170. Multiplayer won't work
  171. How do you get bot routes to work?
  172. Game Queries
  173. Jedi Outcast SP Campaign maps in Jedi Academy
  174. JOM Exclusive interview
  175. Imperial outpost map help
  176. cheats for mp!
  177. My life's purpose has been fulfilled (sp?)
  178. how do you take screen shots?
  179. Little Help? (How to bring down the 'Console' in JA/JK2)
  180. Very low dowload rate
  181. Meatgrinder FFA up now, enjoy!
  182. The Jedi's Demise Fan Film
  183. The Official Merged JK4 Speculation Thread!
  184. Help with skins
  185. The Most Pathetic clan Ever
  186. sand worms
  187. Pro lame vs Anti lame
  188. Custom Model Skinning
  189. Nojac
  190. Force lightning is now Fire!?!
  191. Is Anyone Else Having Probs With Jedi Academy Not Continuing Past A Certain Level??
  192. adffasdsdf
  193. AOTC sucks
  194. Petition for My Republic Gunship and Dark Jedi Starfighter
  195. Hello
  196. Meatgrinder SIEGE is back!
  197. Where in series is JA?
  198. Forcemod 3 forums up!
  199. Fantastic glitch!! (possible spoilers)
  200. More single-player action?
  201. Funniest Thing Happened To Your Characters Playing JA?
  202. npc spawn vehicle (how to use it?)
  203. making maps
  204. Jedi Academy Multiplayer
  205. skywalker saber?
  206. fan made maps
  207. Luke Skywalker skins?
  208. cant spawn millenium falcon
  209. voice altering programs
  210. HapSlash's Sand- and Stormtrooper
  211. help skinning
  212. g_forceRegenTime 0 - Who likes it?
  213. Rage
  214. Help with a mod
  215. Stances (where to find mods that change them)
  216. Prequel era asteroids beta!
  217. Why is JA boring
  218. Need a mod ('one bladed staff')
  219. two handed? (gun in each hand mod)
  220. Looking to start a DBZ mod...Need Coders/modelers/skinners/sounder artists and more!!
  221. So I do an excellent 'Yoda' voice
  222. saber style switch
  223. Plzzz Sum 1 Tell Me If Jedi Knight Academy Is An Online Game
  224. OJP Website news
  225. Lookin for cheats.
  226. editor downloads
  227. Force Allegiance?
  228. The command for a shadow?
  229. Wow I'm really proud of you guys...
  230. Abuse
  231. Dagnabbit! Where's the REAL Multiplayer info???
  232. Star Destroyer map won't work?
  233. Can someone tell me how to get Boba Fett with Jetpack in multiplayer?
  234. Just imagine... JK 3 or 4 on the DOOM 3 engine
  235. which stance do you use?
  236. Server status
  237. How to make your name colorful in multiplayer?
  238. Glitch - Official Name???
  239. Can't get site to work (JK.net files section)
  240. merc kyle
  241. Kurgan's Meatgrinder is now known as Meatgrinder Redux
  242. Changing Details
  243. Forum layout
  244. linux client
  245. How do you turn off the movies
  246. Changing icon and title
  247. Multiplayer question
  248. Favourite skin/model
  249. doing grapples
  250. Need your ICQ contacts!