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  1. NEW preview
  2. Return Of Force-destruct
  3. Few questions from a potential player.
  4. How Raven can avoid screwing up like they did for JK2
  5. Questions?
  6. Thermal Detonators
  7. EU jedi at the academy?
  8. JA Q&A with Ken Hoekstra @ theforce.net
  9. JEDI ACADEMY FAQ *Please read before posting*
  10. Compile your fantasy version of JA...
  11. Strife like gameplay for SP
  12. Have you seen the new preview
  13. The Motherf****** Darth Maul
  14. TheForce.net Preview - Dunno if this is old....
  15. Custom skins, models, ... Bit MORE freedom PLEASE !
  16. "Balancing" The Sabers and Saber Styles
  17. Idle speculation: What color will the blade on Kyles saber be this time?
  18. ummm
  19. Raven's attitude toward lobbying and requests
  20. Wish!!! Movement for clothing in some way!
  21. Sabers Sabers Sabers!!!
  22. to be more like yoda :D ...or will Lucas Arts blow it??? :(
  23. Force Seeing
  24. Multiplayer Force powers = Singleplayer Force powers
  25. What's your character/saber setup going to be like in SP?
  26. What Kind Of Force System Do We Want?
  27. Sbx
  28. So Whats new
  29. electrical sabers??
  30. I dont know, i just dont think this game is gonna be the new hit...
  31. Combat
  32. BEta
  33. Weird, JK 3 mod already!! not playing
  34. rack space
  35. Multiplayer gone bad! What do u guys think
  36. a new take on the force
  37. Q&A @ HomeLan
  38. When will JA be released in the UK?
  39. Concussion Rifle Back?
  40. MP Server Option for the SP characters
  41. Single, Double, Staff sabers in SP
  42. Will people be able to make new species?
  43. This is turning out million times worst than i expected, just read what i have to say
  44. Will the map files be lower in megabytes?
  45. Will people be able to make better weapons?
  46. Do You Think That Jan Will Be In JK3
  47. More "movie-like" damage model?
  48. Humor
  49. Rag-doll Physics?
  50. JK2 vs JA in MP
  51. portak skies
  52. (((Jedi Academy News from JK2Files.com)))
  53. Sabers vs Blasters?
  54. According to Amazon.Co.Uk
  55. Timeline discussion (SP)
  56. The Do's and Don'ts of Vehicle Implementation
  57. Lightsaber Poll
  58. What can u carry??
  59. What you want in Trailer 2
  60. Answer my Question or be whipped
  61. New Force Drain in JA: Scored one for the whiners!
  62. Should lightning be blockable?
  63. Admin mods PETITION
  64. System requirments
  65. Bad News for JA????
  66. 2 things to look at???
  67. Idea for an MP Mod
  68. XBox Version Inquiry
  69. Ja
  70. SW: Galaxies and its effect on JA?
  71. New screens, models and a wallpaper!
  72. What do u guys think of this?!?!
  73. Press kit of JA at JKII.net!
  74. Non linier or linier ???
  75. What MP game mode are you looking forward to the most?
  76. demo?
  77. WTF!! IGN Insiders get an 2 Trailers!!!!!!!!
  78. Will Mara Jade be making a reapperance in JA?
  79. New saber animations
  80. The stupid Little things which need to be fixed
  81. Brief Q/A at game gossip with a juicy tidbit
  82. A bit early but: Can models/skins from JK2 be used in JA?
  83. what powers would you like to have in JA?
  84. New screen shots
  85. How will players deal with Yuuzhan Vong if the make an appearance??
  86. Here is a warning about a bunch of info that i got.
  87. Character Creation
  88. Force Power Issues
  89. How do we level-up Force powers in JA?
  90. Whats left??
  91. Jedi Academy on DVD.
  92. Confirmed Demo!!!!!!!!!!! (NOT for download yet, sorry)
  93. PC Gaming World Preview
  94. Saber damage model
  95. possible box cover for jedi academy.
  96. Some guys review of JA at comic con
  97. How you pick your mission- From comic con
  98. PC Zone UK - Preview/Review
  99. Official Release Date And New Screenshots! (SPAM)
  100. The Chat???
  101. A Question About Saber Stances
  102. What did he do!?
  103. jedi war wounds?
  104. Release date
  105. Would you be disappointed in models being re-used?
  106. Model Scaling?
  107. CD-Key system
  108. Jedi Academy Release date CONFIRMED
  109. JO's saber, aka the glowing 2x4
  110. if you're a modder some nice info awaits
  111. pics (spam)
  112. ridable npcs
  113. Imperial Commandos
  114. Jedi Temple (spam)
  115. Jedi Academy Movies. Free Downloads
  116. DO NOT POST ABOUT... (everyone read before posting)
  117. Gamespot updated preview
  118. Can you be a shadow jedi?
  119. Jk3 Screens & Movies
  120. System Reqs
  121. Jedi Academy Learnings from Elite Force II?
  122. Own path??
  123. JO Fan-Mad Models in JKA?
  124. Force powers and guns?
  125. heavy lightsabers?
  126. Gamespy JA Preview
  127. JA Release Competition Changing ... for the better ;)
  128. Some new pictures from Gamespy.
  129. Weapons
  130. Ages
  131. Jedi Academy Released!? (nope)
  132. lightsabers in multi same as 1.04?
  133. Vehicle combat - 1st person or 3rd person
  134. What would make you stop playing Jedi Academy [SP]?
  135. The hair of the humans
  136. Enyak_Mutilate.pk3 for JA
  137. New Jedi Academy Info. *WARNING: Spoilers*
  138. server web site?
  139. How can i get beta(any dumber)???
  140. Hmmmmmm........ something intresting!!
  141. Suggestion for JA
  142. Action Vault preview of JA
  143. If there was a demo BEFORE the game came out...
  144. New Jedi Academy pics from gamesrader.
  145. Changing clothes between mission sets
  146. Level of exploration?
  147. How Customizable??
  148. How many cds?
  149. What race will you play as?
  150. Rag Doll
  151. A little birdie told me that jedi academy is much, much better then jedi outcast
  152. Familiar Face *WARNING! SPOILER ALERT!*
  153. How to report....
  154. Swoop
  155. MP Vehicle Bot Support
  156. Jedi vs Merc
  157. well, the official ja site!!!
  158. Forum Organization?
  159. WHich Force power?
  160. USUALLY when a beta gets leaked, HOARDES of morons go to the popular message boards
  161. What do you want from Siege and CTF game types?
  162. We need a multiplayer "honor" option for bots
  163. Honor and jedi academy?
  164. Seige Classes
  165. duels
  166. Have the radiomessages been in included?
  167. Does Raven have an idea of a date when they are giving it to Aspyr?
  168. Am I the only one?
  169. MP the Same as SP?
  170. JK3 news and info
  171. power duel suggestion
  172. Any info on models?
  173. The last jedi knight???
  174. Ghoul2 Collision gone?!
  175. New Q&A at Action Vault
  176. Look at this
  177. The Return of the Concussion Rifle!
  178. SP or MP???
  179. MAJOR JA update...erm...
  180. New interview at IGN
  181. Which side will you play on?
  182. Newbie question (types of sabers)
  183. An Idea I Had... new class based gameplay
  184. I got an idea.. (Counter Strike for JA!)
  185. Box Cover Confirmed.
  186. Gone GOLD - release on 17 Sept 2003
  187. System Requirements (merged)
  188. Jk3 Demo
  189. the same old?
  190. Pre-order question
  191. The Jedi Academy
  192. cheats for sp
  193. Giving Bots orders in CTF?
  194. Will JA have EU? (POSSIBLE SPOILERS)
  195. Learning Curve
  196. Rumor: Two lightsabers
  197. Jka (saber combat question)
  198. Fastest way to get JA?
  199. Xbox vs Pc?
  200. Will dual wield and dual sided saber be available in sp??
  201. New Species Mod
  202. Mapping?
  203. Things to improve in the future JA editing community
  204. JK.net releases NEW E3 Video of JA (official discussion) 8/15/03
  205. Star wars kid in jk3???
  206. Not Making the Same Mistake the Second Time Around
  207. Imperial Commandos
  208. Censored Dismemberment?
  209. New Types of Dismemberment?
  210. Where can I contact activision's lawyers to report stolen beta violations?
  211. Your saber
  212. New previews & magazine sightings *UPDATED: new links*
  213. A New Movie (well not really...)
  214. Is there a point to using a SINGLE saber in JKA?
  215. JA cheats?
  216. Singleplayer char in multiplayer?
  217. A Set SP Name?
  218. Do ja will have civilian npc .
  219. Multiple Weopons For Mods
  220. Gamespot Video for download
  221. Multiplayer game types?
  222. Will JA utilise old school saber sounds or new ones?
  223. Siege Mode unveiled! *WARNING: spoilers*
  224. Anyone going to hold off on buying JA?
  225. Official Site Updated!
  226. Boba Fett!!!!! Where?! (Most Likely some Spoilers Ahead...)
  227. Turns out species DOES matter
  228. THE DEMO release (rumor)
  229. Kicks, Saber locks and Ground stabs
  230. New Enemy Sighting (Spoiler if you haven't seen the Official Site)!
  231. The New Ja Site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  232. Is Coruscant in JA?
  233. A feeling (*spoilers from latest trailer*)
  234. Whoever locked my thread...
  235. New Jedi Academy Website (just use the other thread, thanks)
  236. Official Site Music Updates (SPOILERS)
  237. download
  238. Is it true multiplayer will be 16 player only?
  239. Training in Jedi Academy(spoilers, if you haven't seen the new trailer)
  240. Translate it!
  241. Drain in JA
  242. Aussie starwas community
  243. ragdoll in action
  244. So ask yourself, did they screw up?
  245. **WARNING for JA at Competions!**
  246. Will you still play Jedi Outcast?
  247. What will you do First?
  248. Flip kicks - they still there?
  249. 3 questions
  250. one new Screensaver at jedi academy site.