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  1. Will you be able to use the saber in 1st person mode?
  2. Gun Fire Rates - Are they improved ?
  3. New IGN Article
  4. Single saber/Double saber
  5. <Classified>
  6. Allow me to Introduce myself
  7. A Question Reguarding Multiplayer (*possible spoiler*)
  8. PC Zone Review *(spoilers)
  9. would you spend the dough on a deluxe edition?
  10. 'Updated' GameSpot Hands-on
  11. A few questions (about the saber... *spoilers??*)
  12. Jedi Academy Demo
  13. The New JA Luke Model
  14. 'Updated' GameSpot Hands-on
  15. My questions about Jedi Academy... (player customization)
  16. To EVERYONE who will play this game...
  17. Force Combo Speculations...
  18. Caption It! (pictures thread)
  19. official site?
  20. Why have we only seen Medium Stance?
  21. Jka = Jk3?
  22. So why hasn't the mod community boomed?
  23. come on wheres the movies, it adds so much to a game...
  24. Lightsaber held on left hip
  25. New IGN Videos (*spoilers within*)
  26. dozen new ign movies
  27. player's clothing changing?
  28. Something that popped in my head today...
  29. Free shipping?
  30. Where can I get JediAcademy Walkthrough ??
  31. How to do a SaberThrow in MP ???
  32. Help!!!
  33. Jedi Academy + pk3
  34. Am I the only one....... ("expansion" vs. "true sequel")
  35. Confirmed Locations (SPOILERS)
  36. Hair Animations ??
  37. Gender-specific dialogue ingame?
  38. Release date of Xbox version of JA?
  39. What should you do if you find a site that posted illigall Acadamey WAREZ!?!?
  40. Wheres the red gone??
  41. Human Male Skin Issues
  42. Which side of the force?
  43. Your Favorite Lightsaber Style
  44. Server Idea
  45. First time poster, long time reader (piracy debate)
  46. What other Species did you want to be?
  47. Jedi Knight: Anime Academy
  48. Why is he in there??
  49. Mods??
  50. Left-handed saber?
  51. will MP gameplay be like SP?
  52. JKII maps in JA?
  53. Why not Mark Hamil?
  54. Saber dismemberment?
  55. Quick Conversion Question
  56. What will you be doing between now and Sept 17th
  57. No PunkBuster support in JA
  58. Jedi Academy: How well would it run on a Laptop?
  59. Loads Of New Movies!!! Ign!
  60. What type of JA MP gamer Are you
  61. Why does Elite Force 2 look better?
  62. 2nd trailer at the official site
  63. Starting saber stance change.
  64. Download - JK:A Coundown
  65. Soporte (espanol)
  66. How popular?
  67. On what Site will be MP ???
  68. Clomp clomp clomp
  69. Hello. I am a new padawan.
  70. Swimmable Water in JA?
  71. JK:JA@Giga Games
  72. New JA XBOX preview
  73. My post got deleted
  74. View modes in Jedi Knight Academy
  75. No Demo?
  76. new stuff - Gamespot JA diary
  77. GamesRadar New Review with new pics.
  78. Demo out on AOL
  79. Ja Demo At Fileplanet!
  80. Will Double-Sided and Dual Sabres be available in MP too?
  81. Day of Reckoning
  82. Special Moves...how to?
  83. Official Demo Thread (No others, please - Jed) *SPOILERS*
  84. who here (Gameplay vs. Gimmicks Thread -- No Flames Please)
  85. In-game Screenshot
  86. Official Demo Released (Sept. 5th)
  87. Is it just me or... different "feel" to saber combat?
  88. Backorded?!!?!!
  89. dynamicCrosshair (autoAim)
  90. Jedi in Siege?
  91. Something Big Is Coming.
  92. Anyone else dislike new saber system?
  93. So... What up? (getting moves to work)
  94. What's Better? Dual Sabers, Saberstaff, or Single Saber (Spoilers)
  95. Now that we've had a chance to try the Concussion Rifle, what do you think?
  96. This game will have a CD Key right?
  97. What kind of duels are you hoping for?
  98. JO MAPS AND SKINS (Do they work for JA as well)
  99. anyone else tried editing?
  100. Demo Screen shots
  101. Episode 3 Modding Teamm Looking For Members
  102. Funny demo moments! (Spoilers, beware!)
  103. Mouse in Demo seems sluggish
  104. Preordering Jedi Academy
  105. Wheres the consol
  106. spawning enemy kyle
  107. Help installing Demo please!
  108. Jedi Academy Demo...It just seems sort of "meh"
  109. Who are the MP Models? And Jk2 models in the game...
  110. how to measure fps ?
  111. Demo, movement feels like skating on ice
  112. False Date
  113. JA demo - using the forces throws my saber! (minor spoilers)
  114. Wierd fps
  115. Tatooine laggy
  116. Kicking
  117. Single Saber
  118. where is my jedi cowl?
  119. can someone please send me the demo in parts.
  120. Lightsaber daggers??
  121. Stuck on demo (temple)
  122. To everyone with a 56k Modem some handy hints at downloading the demo!
  123. Npc Spawn Rancor
  124. combat???? help me please....
  125. I can't see ANYTHING in Chandrila
  126. seal the temple?
  127. Dismemberment (again)
  128. The new grip!! nice
  129. Force Push/Pull "Bubble" not appearing...any help?
  130. How do u take screen shots and make movies on the demo???
  131. Anyone else not gonna download or play the demo?
  132. Anyone else having trouble with loading screen?
  133. What site???
  134. Saberstaff way too good?
  135. Problems with screenshots
  136. Special moves on accident
  137. Kicks
  138. This game better not have so many bugs on release.
  139. How does the ragdoll system look?
  140. Moves look cool, never hit anything
  141. Dual Force Lightning
  142. *Spoiler* Files in the demo folder reveal game characters!
  143. Advantages/Disadvantages of each saber type?
  144. Hey u guys can some1 plz tell me some character codes like "model jawa" that kind
  145. This game looks exactly like JKII? What gives?
  146. Turning off one blade?
  147. More character options?
  148. Saber Mod
  149. Preferences
  150. Awesome Saber Lock Finish (Spoiler maybe)
  151. can you get this for gamecube?
  152. The Cheat You Haven't Been Waiting For !!!
  153. any way to turn dismemberment on in the demo..
  154. Welp, I like single saber the best. You?
  155. punch with force speed
  156. If you can turn off one sabre or staff why bother single?
  157. No custimisable name?... Let down?...
  158. Guns
  159. How do you map your force powers?
  160. Saber lock concern
  161. Codes and Cheats plus hints
  162. Nervous ProMod fan here
  163. Graphical Problems and a question (for a tech wiz)
  164. Release date? (Sept. 17 = US, Sept 19 =Everywhere else)
  165. kyle's moves
  166. Weapon loadouts in JA
  167. Vehicles And Mods In Jedi Academy
  168. Force Grip?
  169. Something odd about heavy
  170. Drain Power of the year the best and coolest
  171. Breaking the staff?
  172. Hello!
  173. Performance in the demo terrible
  174. My thoughts on *new* sabers & combat
  175. Can You wear Imperial uniforms?
  176. Wake up, demo IS final
  177. End of 2nd demo level
  178. Saber Locking Probability
  179. Major Single-Player Glitch-Help Please!
  180. Bragging rights: your best fights/moves/kills (DEMO picture thread)
  181. Binding special moves
  182. will there be anymore options for sabers?
  183. Demo: Hilts & Saber Problems/issues
  184. Using Jedi Knight 2 Maps/Models
  185. Found something pretty cool. (Leaning)
  186. Not enough Customization for you? Try these cool Demo cheats!
  187. Game stutters/freezes in sabre fight?
  188. Things I'd like to see in a future Jedi Knight game
  189. A question and some observations
  190. Have you Preordered?
  191. Should there be previous JO elements in Jedi Academy multiplayer?
  192. Ultimate Weapon glitch
  193. Whose the Darth Badguy in Jedi Academy?
  194. Server Requirements?
  195. Different
  196. How do you like the look of the sabers?
  197. X-Wing like ship in JA
  198. Saber staff deactivation=suicide?
  199. problems with saber styles
  200. Saber Realistic Combat
  201. What saber type will you be using?
  202. Anyone have any idea why I cant burn the DEMO onto a cd ?
  203. Strong Stance Blaster Blocking
  204. Created characters (make up your own)
  205. Single saber stances and special moves
  206. Corrupted PK3 error...
  207. demo (spoiler!)
  208. What settings do you want in seige mod?
  209. Another News Article (IGN Insider)
  210. Cheat code
  211. The Saber Sounds
  212. GREAT DISCOVERY (kicks with single saber and much more)
  213. Attack of the Chewies!!!
  214. Valley of the Jedi?
  215. 2000 Various Looks?
  216. JA Preview (bigpond.com games)
  217. About kick
  218. JA 'Review'?!?! (Gamers Depot)
  219. Force Drain
  220. New Sabers and Saber Defence
  221. Force drain effects *Possible spoiler if you won't play the demo*
  222. Quick and Dirty Damage Stats for the Human Mercenary NPC
  223. Who did the Motion Capture for JA?
  224. Enemy AI in demo (spoiler)
  225. Jump Blast (LOL) what else am I going to call it
  226. REVIEW: 3 1/2 out of 6? Huh?
  227. NPC Spawn
  228. i think i found something (new stances for Dual/Saberstaff?)
  229. Skinning the demo???
  230. New taunts, they rock!
  231. The big bad boss kyle
  232. My ULTIMATE Demo Battle (Pics inside)
  233. Picking Up Sabres
  234. models
  235. npc spawn jedi_random
  236. There has to be more custom parts (details)
  237. MP Name Thread
  238. stances for situations...
  239. Missions in JA demo? (Tatooine and Chandrilla)
  240. The DEMO already has 4512 character combos!
  241. is there a list of special moves you can do?
  242. Long jump + dual sabers = saber in the neck !!
  243. Storm Troopers
  244. Double Saberlock
  245. Will this demo be included in the Full Version?
  246. Kyle moves
  247. the 'how good is jedi academy going to be?' poll
  248. jedi academy walkthrough
  249. How do you load a hilt pack in JA
  250. A bazillion new screens at Game Arena