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  1. Unlock NPC sabers in Mp
  2. Dismemberment question #2,943,596.. just a quick question...(POSSIBLE SPOILERS)
  3. Blind luck or violent cases of randomness... tell me your luckiest moves!
  4. Dismemberment Damage
  5. Cannot play JK3 :(
  6. New Character Colors
  7. *Spoiler* Dark Ending
  8. Not many servers?
  9. Single Saber vs. Dual Sabers or Saber Staff
  10. new saberstyles in multiplayer
  11. Dua/Staff sabers from start
  12. How to play siege with bots!
  13. WHY are there so many pure servers!?
  14. Funny mistake with cinematics *SPOILERS*
  15. It may be only me, but... (sabers and sound mod replacement)
  16. Single saber experiment, single blows
  17. JO Mods/skins with JA
  18. Ydfa...
  19. A Must Read Forum! (JA full version quick cheats list... SPOILERS)
  20. Good idea or Bad idea?
  21. Help with dedicated servers.
  22. What exactly are the differences in the different game difficulties?
  23. modding questions
  24. So is seige like saga?
  25. Sequel? *possible spoilers*
  26. What we really need from Raven
  27. The 'Shadow Troopers'.
  28. Favorite Siege Class?
  29. server connect
  30. Dueling against BOTs.. why not as good as single player?
  31. the "Kel Dor" species - where did they come from?
  32. Modding a new style?
  33. Here is my solution to the "nerfed single sabres".
  34. Kick
  35. SP/MP Saber Color Script
  36. linux port besides server?
  37. what is disc two for? *spoilers*
  38. A Request to know how the "Dark Side" Ending, Ends *Spoilers*
  39. !update 4 jedi academy
  40. Jumpin Jedi's - Help me fix this custom map problem !
  41. missionpack
  42. SP and MP map names
  43. any news about a patch ?
  44. COMPLETE MP &SP map list (*spoilers*)
  45. lightsaber (which is the best?)
  46. The Greatest Improvement that could happen to this game is.......
  47. anyone have any ideas on how to..... (setting rcon passesword)
  48. JKA Developers tip!
  49. keyboard config
  50. npcs
  51. how do i create a JKA server?
  52. Question for ppl who have finished the game...
  53. Using jk2 maps??
  54. Moving Swoop Steal
  55. Staff kick - completely useless or not?
  56. jedi academy the book
  57. help ...anybody?
  58. How to minimize? And also taking screenshots
  59. Is there a saberdamagescale for sp?
  60. Really great new JA MP mod!
  61. character are there a difference?
  62. multiplayer problem
  63. Another Bot question
  64. Wall Grab and CLINGing?
  65. missing textures
  66. whats ur favorite vehicle
  67. in single player...
  68. Some "Can I do.." questions...
  69. lucasfiles is down!!!!!
  70. lucasfiles
  71. JO maps in JA
  72. Was anyone else a tad disappointed with the amount of 'academy' in jedi academy?
  73. How to make a Kung-Fu Jawa
  74. does enybody have darth maul model for ja?
  75. Will Raven...
  76. I cant connect to any games
  77. Descriptions for console commands
  78. Lightsaber slowdown
  79. *SPOILER* Weird Occurance in Swoop Bike Mission
  80. What to do first?
  81. Server Cheats
  82. why is this game so slow and skippy?
  83. Cheats
  84. Jawa Gun?
  85. saber stance cycle problem (demo)
  86. What's the path to make a mod show up in the mods list in setup?
  87. a couple questions... (hosting server questions)
  88. Joystick support (change left-right function)
  89. Pro's and Con's - Good and Bad
  90. SP Levels which work in MP Co-op
  91. Special BIND
  92. Plz Help...Something Wrong
  93. Where do I download stuff from?!
  94. snow gear cvar
  95. strange *SPOILERS*
  96. Jedi VS. Bounty Hunter - Duel
  97. binds problem
  98. Where are the scripted events in mp??
  99. Last planet *SPOILERS*
  100. How old are light sabres? *mild spoiler alert*
  101. private clients
  102. Dedicated Server Help / Hosting Forum (Go here for all your server questions!)
  103. No Force Icons Appear!!!!!! Help
  104. Is it just me or...
  105. Newest drivers cause slowdown?
  106. How do I enable anti-aliasing?
  107. admins on JA
  108. ****** Rancor Blues *SPOILERS*
  109. Why do developers insist on making cool moves in a game and then NOT..
  110. Question about siege maps
  111. JK2 players, what do you think..JA mp?
  112. How do you know who the best is?
  113. Newbie lady here needs a bit of help with installing mods
  114. I'm mad at JA (more than one player using the same machine)
  115. Good level for testing MP ships....
  116. Major BUG on CTF map creates terrible exploit!
  117. Architects & Engineers in Star Wars
  118. Raven - add this in the next patch
  119. OK - Quick Help ! Easy Question
  120. Theatrical saber battles
  121. Ok, this is the best type of dismemberment.
  122. Path for Mods HELP!
  123. Secrets
  124. To The Moderators
  125. Don't nerf!
  126. Secrets - why should I care?
  127. JETPACK in Siege Mode ?
  128. Modifying NPC Files
  129. SP AI in multiplayer... HOW ??
  130. Patch is coming (consider it "rumor" for now)
  131. outcast vs academy
  132. Using lightstaff as a lightsider.
  133. Dynamic Crosshair
  134. expansion for academy?!?!(Spoiler)
  135. they overused models too much....
  136. Negative feedback stinks...
  137. Dual to Staff?
  138. Enyak-style Dismemberment mod for JA is done!
  139. I love ja but...
  140. Just wanted to point out...
  141. Anyone have JA mod and patch recommendations
  142. I just bought JA and...
  143. Grrrrrr.....Need better bot support
  144. Emotes
  145. Fall damage...... How do I turn it off
  146. What game server program can I download?
  147. StillPlayN Jedi Games
  148. How to create MINI Jaden ? Has anyone tried this ?!
  149. Bad day to play :(
  150. Differnt species
  151. Dismemberment Mod Released
  152. New bones for JKA models?
  153. Jedi Academy on gamecube?
  154. Turn off tractor beams? how to?
  155. This was funny
  156. Become invisible.
  157. Those emotes...
  158. Different endings (SP Maps list) *spoilers*
  159. Dark Side ??
  160. "Capture the Ysalimari" (CTY)... in JA? How?
  161. I Found God(well, an Immortal Being)
  162. Flying, **** Style.
  163. Melee Fighting
  164. Define "LAMING"
  165. Help (Kicking lamers with spaces in there name
  166. Addon Map for duelling training.
  167. This doesnt make sense...
  168. SABER AND GUN COLLISION: Is sv_fps the solution?
  169. Funny CBB admin kicker
  170. npc weapons
  171. Single and Dual users should be able to kick if they have no throw
  172. help please (SP missions not completed?)
  173. How do i know which things (MODS) to download?
  174. Play SP in MP
  175. SP levels work for MP I tested all.
  176. 3 lightsaber cheat found on jedinight.net
  177. Does anyone recommend me this game?
  178. Release date for SDK
  179. Siege changes.
  180. can you get 1st person light saber fights
  181. Cheaty Poo
  182. Player's Name And Voice.
  183. SIEGE Team Starter
  184. Total ownage!
  185. ranks and stats servers...
  186. Vehicle Extensions are too large
  187. A offer to all mod makers/level designers.....
  188. In ref to update on CL_ParsePacketEntities (don't start more threads about this)
  189. Can You Play Sounds So Others Can Hear?
  190. Enabling Punches/Kicks in a server?
  191. Making ***Troopers and Droids pushable and pullable (SPOILERS)
  192. Weapon cheats!
  193. Stance problems
  194. where to get a moves list
  195. Server Rules - If you dont like it DONT JOIN
  196. Staff saberstyles
  197. JO mp maps on JA
  198. Infinite Force
  199. saber trails for katas
  200. NPC Pack for JA
  201. the jedi knight community....whats happened
  202. More Hilts 1.5 - Help please
  203. Have you ever tried...
  204. Allowing Saber switching Mid game (MP)
  205. "I need to open a program I got from JediKnightii.net and I need help
  206. Broadband limmited downloads :(
  207. Jedi Academy(vehicles, MP, SP, ect.)
  208. Multiple sayings
  209. Boba Fett
  210. other stories in Jedi Academy?
  211. Jetpack trooper
  212. Drain to powerful
  213. Dark Side level
  214. Fighting The Jet Pack Troopers... (may be a bit of a spoiler)
  215. Jedi Academy MP
  216. Why do you have to fight both??? spoilers
  217. Benchmarking JA performance?
  218. Is JA really that short?
  219. Adding additional character customizations? New clothing etc.
  220. Need Help With Multiplayer
  221. Why I'd Rather Play Bots Than People...
  222. Jo vs JA (before I buy, what are differences)
  223. g_Sabermorerealistic issue solved
  224. Yes...TOO MANY stuck topics
  225. single player npcs
  226. OK ! Star Wars Kids ! Who found the '1138' in JA ?! *mild location spoiler*
  227. Wanna see the biggest lightsabers ever?
  228. TO RAVEN- BladeWorks (BWN) opinion on multiplayer gameplay
  229. Attention Server Admins - g_debugMelee 1
  230. siege in multi player
  231. can people post links for mod group or level designer websites?
  232. What makes you "feel" like a Jedi?
  233. Quick load dismemberment
  234. server side mod for JA
  235. JA keeps looping
  236. Jedi Academy Runner
  237. WOW ! An old fave revamped !!! FUN !! ("Ladder" map)
  238. Map titles and codes for dual lightsabers and double-bladed lightsabers
  239. not sure if this the right place (colored text and other questions)
  240. Faster force regen
  241. JKO Textures in JKA
  242. Only in MP? (more hilts 1.5 mod)
  243. Ladders?
  244. Need Help In Multiplayer Pt2 ;) (text colors, skins)
  245. Whats the command to make enemies not dissapear when they are killed?
  246. Decal damage time?
  247. MP cheating Q...
  248. Need help defeating {mini-boss}... !! *Spoilers*
  249. Cheat question >dont read if you dont want to know
  250. Push/Pull Animation