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  3. Jedi Knight 3!!!
  4. JK: Jedi Academy Info, Pics and Discussion! (ancient)
  5. JK3 seems like KOTR
  6. jk3-what game platform will it be on
  7. Do you think JK3 is a hoax?
  8. The other 40% of JKIII, Idea's Thread
  9. Jkiii - Yum Yum Yum
  10. JKIII News on PC.IGN.COM!!
  11. Official Ledge-Grabbing into JK3 Petition!!!!
  12. What in Want in JK3 Multi
  13. Co-op in Jedi Knight 3!! Please, we've been waiting so long for this feature!
  14. Cooperative SP in JKIII?? Vote!!
  15. The story of jk3?
  16. Which weapons from previous games would you like to see in JK3?
  17. What I fear most about JK3
  18. JA Interview with Raven at GamesDomain
  19. JkIII combat
  20. How to stop the idiotic RPG elements that will be forced upon you in JK3
  21. Star Wars:Jedi Knight:Jedi Academy
  22. Present JK2 Models be able to be ported to JA
  23. How much are you looking forward to JK: Jedi Academy?
  24. JKIII ..... C&C.. rants? .. All my thoughts in generel here...
  25. Martial application in JA
  26. Gameplay Suggestions
  27. Character, Hilt, Saber Colour?
  28. Location! Location!
  29. Drivable vehicles in JA?
  30. MP vs SP
  31. Civilians in JA
  32. Is Q3A the right engine?
  33. Customized Races...
  34. Will you be able to turn off half of your "Maul saber"?
  35. Fix the sabers Please
  36. silly question, is it called JK3:Jedi Academy? or JK:Jedi Academy?
  37. any more pics apart from the 10 offical ones?
  38. Are you going to uninstall JKII when you get JA?
  39. Kyle - are you gonna miss him?
  40. thoughts
  41. Jedi Academy MOD Idea (Already? Yup!)
  42. Reborn Bill: Why I Became a Jedi
  43. JA - RPG vs FPS? [warning large pics]
  44. yes no maybe so?
  45. I'd like to become a beta tester for JK:JKA.
  46. More NPC interaction
  47. Tavion: The new villian of JK3?
  48. What Saber Color will you go?
  49. one more stupid poll about sabers...
  50. Do you want to fight Imperials in JA??
  51. Darkside, or the Lightside?
  52. Sabers
  53. Updates
  54. Saber blocking, manual, or automatic?
  55. What Will Make Or Break This Game
  56. Which new feature are you most looking forward to?
  57. Combat question
  58. Will we be able to import original models/clothing/weapons into the game?
  59. Let's just hope the saber styles won't be dominated...
  60. Rancor problem-any answers?
  61. new weapons/items wanted
  62. Another JA mod idea...
  63. Stealth?? In or out, make up your mind.
  64. Force Powers in SP
  65. Did my thread get erased
  66. How really 'open' the game should be?
  67. jk3 on jk2 servers: Suggestion
  68. Left handed?
  69. Poll: Separate Force Powers for Duelists (this is for the GSD)
  70. Linux... somebody had to mention it.
  71. Ban Solo414 Poll
  72. JA editing tools ETA???
  73. dunno
  74. New Force Powers?
  75. Is there anyway to get all our ideas to RAVEN?
  76. Clothing Tessellations
  77. Great mod for JA
  78. Jedi Academy?
  79. What about Mark Hamill as Luke in JA?
  80. New Saber Interface!!!
  81. 3 saber styles or the guns.
  82. Jedi Academy cutscenes
  83. Yes, another poll: MAIN ENEMY OF JA
  84. What is Starwars
  85. Why do the ships fly??
  86. what will JKII.net do?
  87. Will there be rpg qualitys in mplayer?
  88. Model format in JDK III
  89. 2 Double Ended Sabers
  90. UK PC Gamer
  91. How do you feel about a Cooperative MP mode?
  92. lightstaff / dual sabres
  93. vry important pls read
  94. fagots
  95. Found more pics
  96. Will your character have a voice?
  97. QUestions about Mapping Modeling and skinning?
  98. now do you spell Wookiee/Wookie???
  99. kick is gay
  100. Test
  101. Vote For A New Awesome Force Power!
  102. LMS gametype
  103. Raven, Please Do Your EU Research
  104. New , and i got a question??
  105. StormHammer Please Read!!
  106. Character Customization
  107. Availability...Winter 2003?!
  108. For Those of u who can't read German the Game Star maginze in english, and summarized
  109. Are JK2 maps compatable with the JK3 game?
  110. This doesn't make sense!!
  111. So, what engine?
  112. Those of us who play with Macs
  113. Sabre Throw
  114. Request
  115. Froce Questions!?!
  116. Which movie character do you want to see?
  117. Burned out character wounds?
  118. GoldGuy Animation For JA
  119. Lightsaber sound
  120. Yes more info on the game and maybe a movie.
  121. 2 sided saber splitting
  122. What about Cdkey?
  123. Ability to use a single hand
  124. Is there any new info or screenshots of JA.
  125. JA vs. KOTOR
  126. ugh it has truly begun
  127. The Bot factor (MP)
  128. What's on the MENU?
  129. lightsab in JA
  130. uk only.. november 1 ja
  131. Better MP maps?
  132. JA needs to be dark and moody...
  133. Check out this new MP mode!
  134. Us Magazine Finally
  135. JA for console?
  136. Balancing non-linear gameplay?
  137. What i like as a saber
  138. more than 1 character
  139. I want a map system! (feature from past DF games)
  140. what the hell are most of u thinking!?!?!
  141. WTF is this stuff??!?
  142. Take a look at KOTOR Raven!
  143. Interview with Raven on Gamespy about JA
  144. Dont mess up Multiplayer Like Last Time
  145. You can't choose your characters name in JA
  146. Some Jedi Academy Info For You From Raven
  147. Look closer at the "non-linear progression system"
  148. Black or White ??
  149. co-op MP in JA
  150. what is E3? and an interview (nothing special)
  151. OOO! lotsa saving to do...
  152. Previews links and screenshots at jk2files.com
  153. Dutch PC Zone JKIII special...
  154. the wrong board!?!
  155. First force pic!!! yea
  156. What I personaly think will be hell cool...doubt it...
  157. Please read!!!
  158. Are we FORCED to use the saber staff?
  159. What shall we declare JA as?
  160. PC ZONE UK Preview
  161. Your Arsenal?
  162. JK3, fun with lightsabers.
  163. New single saber animations?
  164. Another US magzine with a force combo in it.
  165. Your first mission??
  166. A good idea
  167. How To Get Ur Ideas In Ja!!! Hurry While They're Taking Suggestions
  168. Graphics Card for JA?
  169. Tell me what you want in MP Saga (objective)
  170. What do you want answered at E3?
  171. Gamecube?
  172. JO question??
  173. Jumping
  174. anyone have e3 clip?
  175. Disappointed that SW:RC gets a movie...
  176. The official E3 Hands-on Previews of JA thread
  177. The trailer!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
  178. The trailer has confirmed my fears
  179. Did the trailer's Gold Guy animation sell you?
  180. You should say thank you
  181. Homelanfed first impressions ...
  182. Vicarious Visions?
  183. E3 Video Problem
  184. Death animations????
  185. did you like the lucasarts trailer.
  186. Ninjas
  187. Vehicles?
  188. SP & MP Difficulty compared to JK2
  189. Please Don't Kill The Duels
  190. Nekkid Pics:
  191. Team Games in MP
  192. Rebel vs. Empire again?
  193. Petition for personal accounts!
  194. Poll: Fixed Saber Color Selection or an RGB/HSL slider?
  195. Teal/turequiose & white lightsabers?
  196. Jedi Knight II and Jedi Academy Stuff
  197. This Sucks!! We all got screwed over!
  198. JO SP maps in JA?
  199. <GuNs>
  200. Jedi Academy Mod for JK - JA!!!
  201. demo
  202. Main Menu
  203. New JA movie
  204. Gameplay option suggestion:
  205. Reading this topic before, but will we able to edit JA like we do in JO?
  206. Lucasarts official site - Tauntaun Alert!
  207. Oooh! Holding second saber upside down?
  208. slow motion in jedi academy.
  209. The graphics in JA
  210. Movie on E3
  211. i dont have time to learn all that saber crap, will there still be easy ways to win?
  212. The Dark side is out?
  213. Sites and Ideas
  214. General Ideas.
  215. Questions about the player character in SP.
  216. Because we modded it into jkII doesnt mean we want it in 3
  217. Are maps and skins transferable from Outcast to Academy?
  218. New Screens!!!
  219. Kell Dragon
  220. Concussion confirmation? in Elecplay Preview
  221. JA is...dun dun dun....
  222. the trailers worry me..
  223. Two new creatures I didn't know would make it into JA, along with two weapons.
  224. New info from trailer
  225. Idea for some Exciting Action Camera Angles
  226. Space combat among other things...
  227. MP Game mode suggestion
  228. Min Requirements for Max settings
  229. A JA forum
  230. Bring Back The Imperial Commandos
  231. Whens it coming out?
  232. Koon or not? (JA)
  233. Jedi Figures In Each Box!
  234. Skills?
  235. All races.
  236. JK3: Macintosh Port?
  237. The Kel Dor
  238. release dates
  239. JA Damage system.
  240. Yes! New preview! New information!
  241. Use The Force!
  242. jk3 trailer
  243. practice arena
  244. join the best jedi academy clan
  245. Saber Styles
  246. Let's get rid of hp regenerating force powers!(?)
  247. Jedi Accademy Release Date HERE<--------
  248. Same Graphics?
  249. Isn't it nice
  250. A question...