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  1. Stupid Question.....
  2. Do u think u would enjoy Gb or galaxies more?
  3. OMG! This game is going to be good. with the new map tour at the official site this
  4. Urgent! Must See!
  5. A lot more stupid question
  6. Flying units
  7. Random Map Scripts
  8. Check Amazon!!
  9. New Website!
  10. which jedis are in galatic battlegrounds?
  11. Interceptor
  12. Why Didn't They Inform The Public!!!???!!!
  13. Confused Civ Specs< Must Read
  14. share exiting news about the game hear!
  15. how will space be handled?
  16. Are gates taller tha AT-AT's?
  17. Lull in the news
  18. i have a few questions, please try to answer them
  19. I spy Galactic Battlegrounds! (New Map Game)
  20. Rebels or Imperials?
  21. Garrisons, Yes or No?
  22. Any mention of wonders yet?
  23. Wonders/Monuments: Good or bad?
  24. My Dreams Have Come True!!!!
  25. EU prominent in GB?
  26. Pre at-pt
  27. hero's...
  28. Attack On America
  29. are jedis harder than at-at's??
  30. will the air units be stored in a building once built?
  31. What other civs could there be???
  32. Rebels And Imperials Too Similar???
  33. Ign
  34. Box Art?
  35. What are you looking forwd to the MOST in GB?
  36. What Heroes will be in GB?
  37. Competitive??
  38. Is the emperor in Gb
  39. Gungans or Wookies?
  40. Trandoshan Buildings
  41. My complete Expansion Idea
  42. how many jedis will there be?
  43. whats your fav general/admiral?
  44. u gotta see this
  45. Check This Out Now!
  46. Trandoshan Building
  47. Your thoughts on the release date...
  48. Two Jedi Units per civ?
  49. Gameplay Menu
  50. Naboo VS Trade Federation
  51. just doesnt seem right for battlegrounds.........
  52. Unique Units???
  53. TIE Interceptors ARE IN GB
  54. screen shots
  55. New concept art at LucasArts!
  56. Which Civ has your favorite air unit? #2
  57. Naboo or Trade Fed.?
  58. Any screenshots yet of Vader?
  59. Background Story
  60. is the demo for this game gonna come out , or will there not be a demo
  61. darth vadar on a head hunt video
  62. The Imperials have the upper hand
  63. 50 dollars?
  64. Civ Bonus?
  65. Civ Bonuses: Big, small or what?
  66. What's up with ImperialGarrison.com?
  67. Favorite Race!!
  68. if u r a trade fed fan, scary news
  69. What's with the Gamepsot UK Preview?
  70. Are Civs Unique?
  71. X-wings in GB??
  72. Launch
  73. Got a doubt...
  74. New Screens!!!
  75. Campaigns
  76. Will There Be Relics?
  77. Droid fighters
  78. What about the Zabraks?
  79. Good idea
  80. tell me about mara jade!
  81. Interesting answer from Mr. Gaber...
  82. YR or GB???
  83. Jedis
  84. X-Pack
  85. who is Boba Fett and what is a tie defender?
  86. Ask a question, Any question...
  87. Which is the coolest looking campaign
  88. Gonna be strange.....
  89. who is captain needa, admiral daala and tc-14
  90. "Villager" Q for SWGB...
  91. aircraft harvesting units
  92. Question
  93. New Q & A
  94. Fuel
  95. Air Units
  96. Something is wrong with the screen shots.....
  97. which jedis and sith are in gb??
  98. Will There Be Tow Cables For Tripping Up AT-AT's and stuff?
  99. Release Date!
  100. What in the world is a Wookie Berserker?
  101. Mt-AT please!!
  102. Death Match or Random?
  103. latest pc gamer?
  104. Well the Requirements are out.....
  105. New Screens! (These are Really New)
  106. The civilisations
  107. Are There Going To Be Ewokes?
  108. Imperial Royal Guards
  109. Can air units land?
  110. POLL: Can Your Computer Hack Battlegrounds?
  111. Tank Droid?
  112. Darth Maul and Queing Farms?
  113. Stuff I found
  114. Demo Release??
  115. Have you Pre-ordered SWGB yet?
  116. what is the highest tech level
  117. Just noticed Aurra Sing
  118. Demo tomorrow!
  119. Music
  120. where do i download the demo???
  121. What Do You Think Will Be In The Demo?
  122. Questions about SWGB
  123. TheForce.Net GB Updates!
  124. I Cant Wait!!!
  125. which do you prefaire, troops, mechs, air...
  126. The AT-AA
  127. Test
  128. newcomer
  129. can yoda fight
  130. The Demo Is Out!!!
  131. Its not downloading!
  132. So who has the demo so far?
  133. Demo download mirror sites, anyone?
  134. The Official Demo Review Thread....
  135. Hey whats up I cant wait for this game
  136. What Percentage Do YOU Have?
  137. Help!
  138. Think of it this way...
  139. Anyone else getting a bad feeling about BG?
  140. Is the Demo really that bad?
  141. Help!
  142. A contrast to the negetives
  143. Resolution, screen display, etc, etc..
  144. go to file planet
  145. What website can you download the demo from?
  146. Can The Senario Editor Be Used At All In The Demo??
  147. Things that really suck.....
  148. corrupted file?
  149. mining stuff
  150. Download Trouble!!!!
  151. Screenshots from Demo?
  152. Irration over complaints
  153. Demo=Final game?
  154. Demo Op after a few hours play
  155. Something Positive!
  156. multiplayer
  157. is there a skirmish on the demo?????
  158. How do YOU like this excellent demo?
  159. Here's a Fast Mirror for you guys
  160. The demo looks to be from an early design stage
  161. is the demo just 1/16th of a campagne
  162. genuine full game quality
  163. Very good first impression...
  164. Review: Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds
  165. Urgent Urgent!
  166. Weird moving rebel troops?
  167. I got the demo, but I suck! Help me!
  168. where can i play the demo on the net???
  169. Any good recorded games yet
  170. Omg!!!!!!
  171. Gb?
  172. how do you build buildings?
  173. Anyone interested in a long, no rush GB game?
  174. Join My Game! Rommel
  175. Is The Demo Good?
  176. Download sites
  177. Demo Bug Report - Captured base countdown doesn't reset when changing hands
  178. Demo: Anybody know the tech tree yet?
  179. Anyone Intrested In A Practice Match?
  180. Old version?!
  181. SWGB buildings vs. AOK buildings
  182. Can someone plz give me address to Zone Demo Room?
  183. I loved the demo and heres why!!!
  184. Exactly how strong are the Jedi?
  185. if you are on aol leave your buddy name hear
  186. The Good,The Bad and The Ugly
  187. leave ip number hear
  188. send me an email when i am online and we will play
  189. i am hosting now
  190. how do you quickly get into a game?
  191. Ok I am done
  192. Problems running Demo!!!
  193. Adding Atmosphere ...
  194. Questions about final version...
  195. Help with multiplayer?
  196. Backround Music
  197. Angel AoErat
  198. Your favorite taunt
  199. Zone Server Shortage
  200. The rules to play
  201. Why so long to download?
  202. Looking for allies
  203. port number for the SWGB trial version
  204. Cheats
  205. Seen the GB holocrons yet?
  206. Tie Guy and I played GB - screenshots
  207. Demo sound quality...
  208. Release date?
  209. Vader's Lightsaber Action in SP
  210. Should they add the taunt....
  211. where to get the demo?
  212. light saber color
  213. games for those from the uk
  214. Complaints about strategy
  215. Tech trees
  216. Something funny
  217. Dear Compaq
  218. Demo questions
  219. Response to Comments about Demo
  220. Question regarding seige wepons
  221. HOW do you change stances/formations?!
  222. Tie Defender!
  223. What is your win-loss record?
  224. Introductory Guide
  225. Yep . . . Another Question About SWGB(run I tell you RUN!)
  226. Sides?
  227. 2 in-game screens of MP
  228. Lots of goodies in store for you...
  229. Help!
  230. How do you build walls!?
  231. Multi- Commander of the Base Question
  232. Multiplayer question
  233. Have you ever noticed..
  234. Wookiee Jedi
  235. About Jedi...
  236. Boy havn't been home in aweek the demo comes out...
  237. *Hyperventilation* Awesome.. Demo... *dies*
  238. how to convert troops?
  239. Lucas Arts game alerts
  240. Demo help
  241. Great demo!
  242. Rommel, Mike, and Tie!
  243. New GB Desktop Wallpaper out!
  244. Did you notice...
  245. Music in SWGB
  246. is the graphics set to 1024x768
  247. Stormtroopers
  248. Any of you got any good strats and tips for rooks
  249. This is a joke, right?
  250. Demo Trouble