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  1. Just how good is the demo
  2. No Ewoks?
  3. A couple questions
  4. Pork Rines
  5. New GB website launched
  6. where can i get the demo lol
  7. What do the Power Cores do?
  8. Must...have...mirror Of Demo...
  9. Whatever happened to easy, fun, and fullfilling?
  10. Just a thought
  11. Don't judge the GB AI from the demo!
  12. Dave and kvan this is the guy who played with rommel with you
  13. fav. army
  14. Dumb Question
  15. Air units suck
  16. How do you delete the monument
  17. GB Map tour mystery unit
  18. I need help.
  19. Website anyone?
  20. split personalities
  21. Very Disappointed
  22. My kingdom for some tunes.
  23. I have the tech tree set up...
  24. Naboo
  25. Tower
  26. Ideas for unique units and other side advantages...
  27. why
  28. "Make a buck"
  29. Game tactics, the zone, and game recordings OH MY
  30. Chat with Gaber
  31. Big welcome to all the new members!
  32. Problem with some posters
  33. Too many upgrades?
  34. what does putting a trooper into a vehicle do?
  35. Are jedi too strong for the price ?
  36. My first impressions of the game.....
  37. Bug report
  38. How do i get the multiplayer.....
  39. Seems to be...
  40. Who wins?
  41. only 1 small mission in Demo????
  42. New Gb Website!!!
  43. Serious confusion about demo complaints
  44. Poll: Whos gonna and whos not?
  45. New GB Avatars Site!
  46. Those who were worried about Air Units being weak
  47. GB.Com Server Board Launch!
  48. What port dose Galactic Battlegrounds use?...
  49. New Screenshots
  50. Finally Managed to play the demo
  51. i just heard that the release date is pushed back, is this true
  52. got my rear handed to me......
  53. Some thoughts on game resolution
  54. Who thinks Vader dances "gaily" as he attacks?
  55. GB zone site, up or down?
  56. Is this a fair battle tactic?
  57. Do you like the monument in the Demo?
  58. Strategies to advance tech levels
  59. Which do you prefer?
  60. Stealing nerfs, fair or lame?
  61. Whale things
  62. A great idea for GB Expansion Pack
  63. Has anyone had games where there are no nerfs
  64. Also what is you guys fastest Tech Times
  65. Vot buy sgbw or not!
  66. Can someone give me a review of the demo?
  67. I am sorry for my igorance
  68. not allowed to allied victory!
  69. SWGB.HeavenGames.com...
  70. Build Orders??
  71. Discovered! Name thieves :D!
  72. Regarding CHEAT codes..
  73. What is the next rts star wars based game engine?
  74. Six page layout about the Empire and Rebels
  75. I have noticed in multiplayer
  76. What happenned with the s-foils?
  77. Mark your Calenders...
  78. Multiplayer frustration
  79. Which will you be when the full version comes out?
  80. YD's Taunt List? I can't find it!
  81. One Question
  82. MS Zone
  83. do u reckon the buildings are way 2 strong!
  84. if you could only by one of these games wich one would you buy??
  85. I cant wait for full to get rid of that monument
  86. What about Bounty Hunters?
  87. Are pre AT-AT's from the creenshot at ign in the game?
  88. Congrats to Imp garrison!!!
  89. request: good recorded games
  90. SWGB Demo League section now up
  91. help! on a lan how do both ppl play at same time
  92. Which is better??
  93. favorite unit in demo
  94. E-web trooper- Repeater trooper?
  95. 2 kinds of sith
  96. Who is going to the Chat?
  97. Fun with Strike Mechs :)
  98. 800 pop limit for trade federation?
  99. look in here if u wanna know how 2 add taunts
  100. whats up with special units
  101. How to fix a borken No Monument game
  102. Is it a bit excessive
  103. Fav civilization
  104. just helping you all out
  105. just a recorded vid!!
  106. You CAN play the GB multiplayer game off-line!
  107. Submarines
  108. Tech tree for all civs
  109. Mounted Trooper w/o Nursery?
  110. Hosting?
  111. How hard would it be to use another engine now that this game is almost done
  112. Everything dies to easily, happy thanksgiving :)
  113. GB Ladder. Launches November
  114. A taunting website ...
  115. Are Units Awesome
  116. stupid question
  117. Please Read
  118. Laser Turrets- too strong?
  119. The final version will be better
  120. Recorded games
  121. can at-at's fire at air units?
  122. snow speeder
  123. Post all your suggestions to Gaber.
  124. Will Boba Fett be in the game?
  125. Maybe buildings won't be that strong...
  126. Counter Unit for Dark Troopers?
  127. Total conversions
  128. Not in single player. Editor?
  129. Jedis being able to cloak
  130. So are you guys going to play RM or DM ?
  131. New to GB and RTS games.
  132. Starfighters: To weak?
  133. Pummels!!
  134. More confusion from Porkins
  135. Have you guys read the tech Tree for
  136. The next expansion (new races) +poll
  137. A Question
  138. help! why do I suck? Is it just me?
  139. Its gonna be a new kind of RTS!!!
  140. LucasArts.com Chat Event | Galactic Battlegrounds
  141. Mara Jade in Galactic Battlegrounds
  142. You know its interesting. I'm playing this game more
  143. Where Is The Tech Tree!? Arg!
  144. What Game Type Will You Play The Most?
  145. SWGB not on pcgamer
  146. Starfighters Too Weak? Buildings? NO! READ WHY NOT
  147. Results for October 8, 2001 Demo League
  148. I saw it in one mag but I forget which.
  149. NEW Official GB website launches
  150. UK Release Date
  151. want to help on a new GB site?
  152. if you want record gamme ?
  153. GB on the ZOne
  154. Buying at full price?
  155. Naboo Unique Unit?
  156. Complaints of air units
  157. Official GBUK website.
  158. The chat, guys!
  159. At-AT=MTT
  160. Chat Now!
  161. Another cheat code revealed
  162. At the chat
  163. The Chat
  164. Chat
  165. Imperial Tech Tree!!!!
  166. Unique Civs...
  167. Locked? Everything?
  168. Power Cores For Resource Centers
  169. Question
  170. what's the chat scoop?
  171. Is the demo good??
  172. Do you want ALL TREE TECH ??
  173. All Cheats From Demo
  174. A Question on "Dogfighting"
  175. AoE/RoR Deja Vu?
  176. Cheat Codes
  177. any cheat codes?
  178. Practice !!offline!!
  179. I think this game might be a little too involved with tower pushing/Rushing.
  180. Mara Jade is the one narrating the Darth Vader campaign! Bet on it!
  181. Have you pre-ordered yet?
  182. Skirmish Mode
  183. favourite empire mech unit
  184. The rebels need a new tech:the towcable
  185. weak Aircraft
  186. Some help with upgrades
  187. Another question
  188. Boba fetta a toy box unit??
  189. Demo Screen Shot thread...
  190. ATMTs, a toybox unit?
  191. Hey, how many different walker types?
  192. Question for those who played demo
  193. ill say this one time......
  194. Jedi-Too weak against Bounty Hunters?
  195. Help me understand the detail settings.......
  196. More late night tech tree studying
  197. Cheats......
  198. Do you think this game will come out for another system?
  199. One word
  200. different tile sets
  201. What civs,units, and why?
  202. Galactic Empire Techtree!
  203. chicken walker animation
  204. As a mascot, what would YOU choose?
  205. What buildings will master not be able to trun?
  206. The Great One Speaks : Funny Avatars
  207. About the gungans ships
  208. Anyone know if.....
  209. ToyBox Units Question
  210. Anyone wanna roleplay a Jedi / Sith Battle?
  211. Do you think there will be new buildings in the full version?
  212. am i the only one who is looking foward to being or playing against the gungans?
  213. Couple Questions
  214. What will you do after you open the box?!!
  215. please read
  216. Is water on the way out?
  217. Armor and Durarmor
  218. Rebel ships vrs. Imperial ships
  219. Grenadiers
  220. Enough Units?
  221. GB Ladder
  222. Rancore
  223. Cheats anyone?
  224. Me'sa not carrrrre about da Naboo?
  225. one disappointing thing about demo
  226. Ladder URL change
  227. Bad News (Dec PC Gamer)
  228. AT-AT Armadas?
  229. Elephant Man Bounty Hunter
  230. Another disappointing thing about SWGB Demo
  231. Finally Got to play the Demo
  232. Empire unique unit
  233. Rebel Bounty Hunter?
  234. Stop complaining...
  235. Another way to add music ...
  236. Trade fed UU
  237. Where's the second preview from Gamespot?
  238. Wouldn't it be great if....
  239. A few Question....plz
  240. Question regarding animal herding?
  241. Dmers vs. Rmers, what is going to be your main style?
  242. Expansion Pack
  243. The Bad Parts of the Game
  244. Multiplayer Game Thoughs
  245. New info :)
  246. Questions regarding list of taunts
  247. Screenshots! Must Have Them!
  248. My first real multiplayer-battle..
  249. Three questions about the scenario editor
  250. PC Zone review