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  1. when does the game come out in the uk exactly?
  2. game types - explain please
  3. Can you take screenshots?
  4. Anti-air weapons overly powerful
  5. New Empire Earth Demo
  6. Starting to get annoyed with gamespot
  7. Taking out buildsings
  8. Gamespots second preview finally out.
  9. strat. guide first..or wait for game?
  10. Where do you play GB
  11. PC Zone/PC Gamer reviews
  12. German Release !!!
  13. Alternate Universe
  14. Laptop Gaming
  15. Nooooooo!!!!!
  16. Lucasart Update
  17. Most Underrated Civ
  18. Q for darktroopers
  19. something that itches my butt the wrong way.....
  20. The Resurection Of The League
  21. Official - GB units THICK AS HELL
  22. Designer Diary #4
  23. Why do people want mods in a game?
  24. The Yuuzhan Vong
  25. Help with strategy
  26. Toybox units??
  27. question
  28. league idea 2.o
  29. Gigantic Destroyer Droid!!
  30. Will GB suffer from tank rush syndrome?
  31. Rushing (poll: fun vs the win)
  32. Will Boba Fett have his jet-pack?
  33. Cool civs you wish were included
  34. Heyt there's a great preview over at Gamespy.
  35. GE vills/workers are glithcy!
  36. I have a question...
  37. i wish that this game was more like star craft
  38. My ultimate dream revealed.
  39. Important to read, about graphics
  40. Somone tell me what R2 is doing...
  41. GB and AoK
  42. question about portable guns
  43. Did the demo come out too early
  44. Galactic Battles is gold!
  45. Naboo's assault mech
  46. Stop complaining about our complaining!
  47. Which races would you never like to see in the game?
  48. Are grenadiers good against Shields?
  49. fun thing to do in the demo :D
  50. Hi All, I Have A Question?
  51. What do AOE players think of this game ?
  52. demo out in latest pc gamer
  53. What do you think about this defensive strategy?
  54. How do you load a saved game?
  55. Regenerating Units
  56. secrets revealed......
  57. cheats. I want em all
  58. Offical Gold Annoucement!
  59. GB Fan Sites
  60. Setting up of cannons
  61. Tech level 1 Unit Tree
  62. Finding good games on zone
  63. Gone Gold? So what?
  64. Gungan subs
  65. GB Site update today
  66. Question : Heavy ATATs?
  67. A problem
  68. armor questions
  69. Official Release Date
  70. any news of trailer and official site
  71. New GB Site up!
  72. Anyone have complete list of Heroes in GB?
  73. I want to apologize to Boba Rhett...but i cant go off topic. So I have game question
  74. Will GB Multi only be on the The Zone???
  75. My one major worry: Diversity
  76. How do I play battleground on the Zone
  77. Who is planning on getting SWGB on the day it comes out?
  78. should i pre order or buy at store
  79. anybody here have a complete list of toybox units in GB?
  80. Just a question...
  81. WHy wont Zone work?!
  82. Generic/ unit names
  83. Bothan Spy net
  84. long range air units
  85. bombers - a big dissapointment
  86. King of the Hill or whatever it is called
  87. players resigning
  88. A "Different" type of combat
  89. A Question
  90. swgalacticbattlegrounds.com
  91. A question from Recrute trooper Empire ??
  92. Aussie Release Date
  93. Dutch release date
  94. On the release date!
  95. Anyone looking forward to playing as the Naboo?
  96. Official heads-up: vote for the Senate-nominees !
  97. Another Stupid Question by none other than me
  98. Stupid Zone Player
  99. Gone Gold! Whats new?!
  100. This loading trick
  101. pic of laser canon
  102. neat trick!
  103. Amazon.com
  104. Customer Reviews
  105. ACK! what the!?
  106. New GB SITE!
  107. Pre Order
  108. The Favorite Unit Thread
  109. Thought i had concerning GB
  110. PC Gamer has demo
  111. Confused
  112. Important Question About Air Units
  113. An honor-code ?
  114. Hurra A Good Game
  115. Game Trailer
  116. Sith Masters
  117. Voice talents
  118. Noooooooooooo
  119. Help !
  120. "Real man code"
  121. Dark side lightning in gb?
  122. The reason why zone players are "good"
  123. questions----->
  124. Adv. X-Wing
  125. Next Star Wars movie trailer
  126. tech tree
  127. Question
  128. An honor code? (Continued)
  129. ARtillery cannons
  130. I could use some help...
  131. this was weird...VERY weird..
  132. I just saw the trailer!!!
  133. I am waiting for the game, and am getting sad.
  134. Who woulda prefered other civs for the demo?
  135. Hey isn't the 3rd showcase due out soon?
  136. Sick of it
  137. trust this site
  138. Disagreement is ok, flaming is not.
  139. Gamespot
  140. Flamers(yeah you pork)
  141. Do you think wookies will be effective
  142. Rank a Civ...
  143. gamespot review out
  144. Are they gonna fix the Gamespot bug?
  145. Hidden Buildings
  146. Tutors wanted
  147. New Screen(s) at official site...
  148. How do power cores work??
  149. Gungan underwater buildings
  150. Does anyone know/think the game is burnable??
  151. We'sa have a grand army!
  152. Muggratt is an a**hole
  153. Let's Vote for the civ your going to master first!
  154. Which civs will make the deadliest combo?
  155. New Screenshot Suprises!!!
  156. Homing Turrets
  157. +'s and -'s?????????
  158. AT AT problems
  159. Rushing
  160. Who got the best speical unit? Who got the worst?
  161. change units name and hitpoints?
  162. Rebelas and Imps get shafted on technologies
  163. Out of Sync
  164. Do you think there will be comical hidden units?
  165. "A Transport? I'm saved! Over here!..."
  166. Dream Civ
  167. New Screens!!!
  168. Who can mail me a game FAST ?
  169. One more week!
  170. Why Palpatine?
  171. more civs??
  172. wild beasts...must..kill
  173. What's this supposed to mean?
  174. Probe Droids
  175. UK gamers must wait a while longer
  176. Anyone Else Having Trouble With Official GB Site?
  177. Rushing tactics: yes or no?
  178. Shouldn't TF units's cost be reducted?
  179. anyone read the review
  180. What do you think the AI will be like?
  181. Reviewer at computerandvideogames.com had no idea what he was talking about
  182. Your thought's on the late tech trees and civs diversity? (Long)
  183. Question to the real good players..
  184. Hotkeys?
  185. AoE vs GB
  186. LucasArts Release Date
  187. What Other RTS is GB or AoE like?
  188. When Does IGN Generally Do There reviews
  189. new QA with Garry
  190. Pre Orders Coming!
  191. Interesting SW Gamer preview
  192. What civilization will you be most in mutiplayer gb?
  193. AoE slights it ......just
  194. Nursery pods??? what do they do?
  195. confirmed - LA shipping!
  196. GBG Security issues....
  197. November 12 confirmed in stores?
  198. The pre-order deal blows!
  199. Alert!!!! Those of you pre-ordering!!!
  200. Music?
  201. Jedi Rush
  202. Movies?
  203. New Ideas
  204. Walls: Love 'em or leave 'em
  205. First Review!
  206. Zone Player Alert
  207. Another Zone Player Alert
  208. So it will be IN ALL STORES?
  209. Are there any hand to hand units in the game?
  210. Towers
  211. Medics
  212. Questions
  213. Wondering if anyojne knows when GB pre-orders sould come in
  214. the eagle has landed
  215. Swgb Has Arrived!
  216. This may hurt for!
  217. Strategy guide
  218. how much?
  219. You guys are in for a treat with brand spankin new SWGB Screenshots
  220. recorded games
  221. Report on game
  222. new report on game
  223. Looks like Tuesday it is =(
  224. Will SWGB have copy protection?
  225. Official. UK launch delayed
  226. In regards to Fegie's "spam report"
  227. Where is all this coming from?
  228. SWGB Celebrity Death Match muwhaha
  229. when is it coming for the rest of us?
  230. PM me with questions from here on out
  231. This Sucks Battle Realms is out before GB!
  232. Any questions??
  233. I just got it this morning!!!!!
  234. Can't wait!
  235. Scernarios
  236. Was anybody able to buy SWGB from the stores today?
  237. Order limit
  238. Aaaaahhhhhhh Plz Post Sum Screenshots
  239. Sith/Jedi Masters (For those who have the game)
  240. I got screenshot
  241. Never Forget
  242. My own web page
  243. What about the people out of U.S?
  244. What about the S-Foils in the X-Wings?
  245. Prima Strategy Guide
  246. EB jerks.....
  247. Guys want to see a screenshot of a Rancor in SWGB?
  248. Got this new e-mail from Lucas arts.
  249. Gosh I was hoping for some new info before I get the game tommorow. (I hope)
  250. Today! Today! Today! Today!