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  1. First post!!!!!!!!!11111111111111
  2. Welcome to the site!
  3. Anybody else getting this game?
  4. Avatars ...
  5. Galactic Battlegrounds: Ewok Expansion!
  6. New Jedi Order
  7. Where to get DEMO?
  8. Official List of Rankings:
  9. Yes Yes YES!!!!!!!
  10. When will there be a chat going on?
  11. A quick poll.
  12. The Yuuzhan Vong Expansion
  13. When Does The Demo Come Out?
  14. A New Hope?
  15. Thanks Tie guy
  16. Question for anyone who knows.
  17. Greetings from Cloud City
  18. Gungan Jedi
  19. You guys are lucky....
  20. Space, the final......expansion pack?
  21. Tech Upgrades.
  22. Which planets will there be in battlegrounds?
  23. My Post on ebworld.com
  24. There WILL BE Space terrain.
  25. New Preview!
  26. Good ratings from mr.fixit online
  27. Do you think the vehicle units are big enough?
  28. Galactic Battlegrounds Expansion Summary
  29. droids, are they in the game
  30. jedi
  31. why not use starcraft engine?
  32. Will there Be Mercenarys like Kyle Katarn o'r Bounty Hunters?
  33. Wall building
  34. Will They make different Multiplayer Matches?
  35. Lots of new smiles...
  36. What aircrafts will be in game
  37. Who has AOK ?
  38. Diplomacy in a Galaxy Far, Far Away
  39. Yuuzhan Vong
  40. Which game will you think will win. Galactic battlegrounds or Red Alert 2???
  41. Which should be the 3rd Expansion race?
  42. Design your own Star Wars-civ !!!
  43. what civ do you all wanna play first
  44. Great New Screenshots !!
  45. Favorite tribe
  46. Server problems / screenshots
  47. rezzing.....
  48. Ok... Here's an interesting Poll
  49. Ultimate Civ ??
  50. This One's For Tieguy
  51. The Vaunted A-wing
  52. bounty hunters
  53. Does the game have a release date?
  54. vehicles...
  55. Interestind tidbit on faamba generators...
  56. will there be critters?
  57. which side be weakest?
  58. which side be wimpy one no one plays?
  59. bounty hunters vs jedi
  60. Why....
  61. "Roger, Roger"
  62. Any chance for the Mac?
  63. Great question over at Mrfixit's site about attack move
  64. tanks running over people
  65. This one's for tieguy PART II
  66. Gungans are off the hook
  67. Galactic Battlegrounds Ladder
  68. Ya know what the best thing about this game will be...
  69. Scripting in the editor
  70. Episode 2 in the game ?
  71. hey all.. (about post-overflow)..
  72. Putting the same civs against each other...
  73. Hey, you know how theres 200 unit capacity per side?
  74. Watch out where those wampas go, Don't you eat that yellow snow!
  75. New poll ! Multiplayer or singleplayer ?
  76. Gamespot preview: the facts !
  77. The AOK-engine: questions and answers..
  78. What kind of unit deaths do you want to see?
  79. Population limit is 200.....
  80. One Game, One Topic, One Tread
  81. Poll: How high should the pop limit be ?
  82. What does everone think about the unique units
  83. Units bound to keys?
  84. Full Tech Tree
  85. AOK You had to build houses..
  86. Unique Units!
  87. Neat Site
  88. Does Lucasarts know about the Tank rush?
  89. Who would be the new race in the Expansion
  90. Designers: please do CTF !
  91. Maps
  92. Iso view 2d VS 3D engines..
  93. What Civ will you be when you first install GB
  94. What Civ will you be when you first install GB poll
  95. What About The Navys???
  96. wookies!
  97. Poll: The most over-rated civ...
  98. Why-wings... why!? or Y-wings...seeing double?
  99. Siege battle droid
  100. large ships
  101. trade droids
  102. Is this plane in the game
  103. interest info on taunts from mr.fixit
  104. Wow Blue over at fixit gave us some info on troopers.
  105. What do you think of infantry?
  106. It will be interesting to see how unique each race really is
  107. Converting Machines
  108. converting civ's droids and builders
  109. What wonders would there be for civ's
  110. POLL What planet do you want to play on most?
  111. What planet would you most like to play on?
  112. Should different races have advantage on different planets?
  113. What types of turrets should there be?
  114. What buildings would be the most enhanced by the power cores?
  115. Medical Units?
  116. Who's you hero?
  117. Red Alert vs Galactic Battlegrounds
  118. If you steal a constructor unit from the enemy. . .
  119. What about lightsaber colors. . .
  120. The Invasion has begun!!!! ( What do you want Coruscant to be like if it is included?
  121. What is your favourite Star Wars GB preview?
  122. The Force is strong with this game
  123. Star Wars Gamer Preview Article
  124. Unit idea.....
  125. Submarines?
  126. Trade Ships
  127. Rumors Debunked!
  128. The Final Frontier?
  129. What species would YOU most like to see in an expansion?
  130. Is 300 units two much
  131. Question about the map editor
  132. How many units should you be able to select at one time?
  133. GB League?
  134. Space Platforms
  135. Are the Naboo as bad as they seem?
  136. Should Jedi be able to deflect lasers?
  137. Interesting Fortress Questions
  138. Will the dirt mashers prevail??
  139. AoK/GB Editor- How does it work?
  140. Shields
  141. Which race will you annihalate totally?
  142. Awesome Preview @ Mr. Fixit!
  143. Should there be a map editor?
  144. Will you use other RTS games strategies in this game???
  145. Power Core Questions???
  146. Early Rush counter measures..
  147. Gungans swimming
  148. Massive Update From Gaber
  149. Battleground Q&A
  150. What Race is gonna be your fav?
  151. New Fan Site
  152. how do you feel about equalizer(tebuchet) units?
  153. Artificial Intelligence, is it going to have any?
  154. Which person, yes person, will you decimate in online gameplay?
  155. Throw us a bone here!!!!
  156. What is it?
  157. Be patient folks.
  158. questions anyone?
  159. Formations
  160. Droids
  161. Garry Gaber ..
  162. The Unsung Heroes ...
  163. List of Garry Gaber's Posts
  164. Regicide
  165. MORE Civs
  166. Poll: how much should the demo give away ?
  167. Token buildings i want to see in the game..
  168. Does anyone else do this
  169. Who's gettin sick of guessin???
  170. does anyone think 6 civs arent enough
  171. anybody seeing a dominant civ yet
  172. what civ looks best for your style
  173. Chewie Can FLY
  174. 800 Droids a marching
  175. Which civ has the coolest looking interface?
  176. GB Multiplay
  177. AI/multiplayer
  178. Favorite Special Unit
  179. units of mass destruction
  180. recources
  181. The ugly whale unit - identified !
  182. FOUR resource centers !
  183. GB Site Supplies.
  185. Prediction
  186. whats the kewlest looking civ
  187. What species do you want to play in the demo?
  188. Best Civ?
  189. First Civ
  190. best unique?
  191. Can battle droids land?
  192. Open beta testing
  193. If it were open Beta
  194. X-pack improvements
  195. Release Date??????
  196. League Idea
  197. Why are all the developers switching to 3D?
  198. Favorite Unit?
  199. Release Date Early November?
  200. Space Pirates
  201. Bacta
  202. "GameSpeed"
  203. screen shots
  204. What are the system requirements?
  205. flying units crash?
  206. jedi vs. jedi?
  207. "Bounty Hunters"
  208. New Gb Site!
  209. steadfast revealed
  210. Shield Tactics
  211. Seperated at birth?
  212. How strong do YOU think Jedi should be?
  213. I hope new info comes out soon...
  214. Development
  215. What Civs do u want in an Ex-pack?
  216. Codes?
  217. new screenshot!
  218. Naboo UU!
  219. In GB so far which starfighter do you like the Most and WHY?
  220. Experience and Veteran Units?
  221. Imperial Prototypes
  222. Yay!
  223. Lets help Aoerat with his guesses!
  224. Guys, this is so cool!!!
  225. Snowspeeders
  226. Mtt= At-at?
  227. Best Site?
  228. Air Tactics
  229. Star Wars Gamer magazine on SWGB...
  230. Galactic Battlegrounds. Should it have been produced by the makes of Total Annilation
  231. Wookies Blow?
  232. How will Multiplayer be handled?
  233. Yuzhan Vong
  234. Guess What?!
  235. what will be the cheat code commands?
  236. What units would you add with a mod?
  237. IM AN EMPEROR BATTLE FOR DUNE player and im just wondering
  238. In GB what is your Favorite vehicle?
  239. CGW Preview
  240. Cheat units
  241. what is ur fav civ
  242. What civ do u want to be i n the Ex pack?
  243. What about Food for Trade Federation?
  244. what civ do u think is the most effective.
  245. The multiplayer system
  246. would anyone want a space expansion of galactic battlegrounds?
  247. Release.....
  248. Will they have the STAPs for the TF?
  249. Favorite Unique Unit?
  250. New screenshot