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  1. Oh yes.... (SPOILERS)
  2. Got the game? Post your first impressions here!
  3. What Is This About Possible Spoiler
  4. What would YOU do to get Kotor2?
  5. Review Database
  6. How much time are you going to spend the first week?
  7. Which New Force Power Are You Most Looking Forward To?
  9. Leia slave girl outfit?
  10. Jedi Training chapter of prima stratergy guide [spoilers]
  11. *spoiler*
  12. What have you or will you call your character?
  13. Question about Revan from the chronicls
  14. Is this about the pc?
  15. Has anyone completed TSL yet?
  16. wait a minute.......something found SPOILER
  17. Random Items in containers? (small Spoiler)
  18. How many times?
  19. Darth Nihilus
  20. When do you lightsaber animations improve? [spoilers]
  21. Sobs Sobs Sobs Major Spoiler
  22. On the subject of power...
  23. Quick questions
  24. Can your companions become Jedi?
  25. What is the trigger for you to gain a Prestige Class?
  26. Watchman at last
  27. Friends
  28. KOTOR 2 is in my trash.......
  29. PC gamepad support
  30. KotOR I references in TSL
  31. Please help my choice
  32. Most fun and least fun planet.
  33. Is this glitch still there?
  34. Dissapointed. Anyone Else?
  35. A question of two
  36. Question about ending [Major Spoilers]
  37. Any help with this?
  38. Finish Times?
  39. HELP!!!!! Finding a Jedi Master
  40. Trigger Problems *minor spoilers*
  41. And for all of us who don't actually have the game yet...
  42. Force Crush
  43. Mandalore (Possible spoilers)
  44. Robes Affecting attitude tword 'Exile'.
  45. TSL, xbox or pc?
  46. Gamers: What do YOU rate KotOR II?
  47. KOTOR 2 what we actually found about Revan? [SPOILERS]
  48. Bastila Shan in KOTOR2
  49. Questions about KOTOR2.
  50. IGN declares KOTORII X Box RPG of the Year
  51. Chronicles Part 10 and 11 up at the official site
  52. What is "KEEN"?
  53. PC players be thankful TSL came out on X-Box first!
  54. sith lord
  55. The lightsaber SPOILER
  56. All Hail Darth333
  57. Kotor Iii?
  58. Sith Lord vs Sith Assasin
  59. Question
  60. Game intro to wet the appetites of those without the game yet...
  61. Mission with T3? No spoilers please ;)
  62. Light/Dark Training
  63. Robes
  64. KotOR II Easter Egg
  65. HandMaiden Question
  67. INCREDIBLE (for being built in one year)
  68. Nothing personal...
  69. Most Inappropriate Random Loot Experiences
  70. What planet order did you chose?
  71. Questions about level and influence
  72. Chronicle Parts XII and XIII at official site
  73. Who do you want to return for KotOR3? [SPOILERS]
  74. Lost Hand
  75. Anyone else think this is lame?
  76. Gerevick
  77. I lucked out
  78. Am I The Only One?
  79. so is it worth getting
  80. What? That's It? Oh #$%@&* Me.
  81. What do you think of the influence system? [spoilers]
  82. Technical Specs Q for KotOR II
  83. Who is the Better Villain?
  84. KOTOR: Planet Poll
  85. Complaint and a Question
  86. random items in cannocks
  87. KOTOR III: New Lightsaber Types
  88. Mira
  89. KOTOR 2 - Someone help me understand the story...
  90. Stuck on Goto's Yacht
  91. Free Completion Walkthrough
  92. Please, spoil me :)
  93. Atris...possible spoiler
  94. Kinda funny glitch (spoilers)
  95. Max level.....spoilers
  96. List all of all the jedi Robes in the game.....spoilers
  97. Got questions about the game...post them here
  98. Crafting a second Lightsaber *SPOILERS*
  99. KotOR II left me wanting what was promised
  100. Darth Traya
  101. The order of planets (some spoilers)
  102. Building lightsaber
  103. Those Damn Kath Hounds! *Possible Spoilers*
  104. Salvager camp
  105. Help with Telos Door...
  106. Kreia
  107. [SPOILER] Xbox Question for KOTOR 2
  108. [Almost a spoiler] a another y question
  109. What's your favourite Moment in TSL?
  110. Vogga's Treasure (spoilers)
  111. Training handmaiden
  112. Level limit in KOTOR2
  113. Just Completed KOTOR 2......Wow [Spoiler]
  114. What happend to bastilla?
  115. How will you build your Character in TSL?
  116. If you go LS...
  117. returning characters?
  118. DVD that comes with Strat Guide
  119. It's really good.... but not as good as the first one
  120. More KOTORs?
  121. Fanatic's KOTOR Diagnosis
  122. Jedi question [spoiler]
  123. Order of planets
  124. A question about the HK's
  125. Crazy Theory about Revan...
  126. Question about HOODS
  127. Destroy Droid on Mines
  128. Best Light Side Force Powers?
  129. love interrest
  130. Thoughts and theories about random item drops and how to obtain the better items
  131. T3 Hk and the Ebon Hawk question spoiler maybe
  132. [Spoiler] Korriban Tomb
  133. Battle Precognition without Handmaiden
  134. Difficulty Levels
  135. KOTOR 2 + 3 notes/ideas [MASSIVE SPOILERS]
  136. Naming of the Main Characters/Sith Lords (Small Spoiler)
  137. PC version release?
  138. Hanharr (spoilers)
  139. Mandalore's background [Major spoilers!!!]
  140. People&Places for Kotor III
  141. Telos Academy *spoiler*
  142. Best Lightsaber damage?
  143. hidden lightsaber crystals?
  144. Revan Or The Exile? Who's Stronger In The Force?
  145. Decisions, Decisions...
  146. favorite light saber color
  147. What exactly...
  148. Did I call it or what?!
  149. HK droid factory
  150. best light saber parts and crystal combo?
  151. Mandalore: Ranged or Melee?
  152. Gripe!!! Game Ending (Spoilers)!!
  153. KOTOR 2 Endings
  154. How Come You Can't Equip....
  155. KOTOR III idea
  156. Can you enjoy KotOR2 if you've modded the hell out of KotOR1?
  157. Note to New Players...Something I learned the hard way....
  158. Favorite of the Two
  159. Question: Disciple [spoilers?]
  160. revan's real master???????
  161. Movies
  162. Very interesting (major spoilers)
  163. After the credits....
  164. fav armor/robes?
  165. The next step I'd like to see for KOTOR III.
  166. Music of KOTOR II, what did you like?
  167. Rare Items
  168. How strong did u make u lightsaber(s)
  169. Favorite Head?
  170. Good Hanharr?
  171. System Specs Released
  172. Voice of Atton?
  173. Republic armour
  174. some ideas for KOTOR3 feats/force powers!
  175. Oh.......damn(Spoilers, need some clarification.)
  176. Sentinel-The Truth?
  177. [Spoilers]--READ ALL YOU lil PREDICTERS--lol
  178. Where Obsidian(eh, Lucasarts) went wrong... My constructive thoughts. (Spoilers)
  179. Observing how much darker KOTOR 2 is...(Spoilers)
  180. A simple, but IMPORTANT question
  181. Mandalore???
  182. ANOUNCEMENT!!! KOTOR III Is On The Way!!!
  183. The Australian PC Release date
  184. Kotor 2 Mod Desires
  185. Mixing up prestige classes - wise?
  186. KotOR II TSL System Requirements?
  187. Small question
  188. Kreia responds better to female Exile?
  189. TSL PC cheat codes
  190. PC Request:
  191. My Kotor 3 Idea
  192. Visas Marr SPOILER!
  193. Blasters
  194. Kotor's story and Actors?
  195. Bought my pre-order of the PC version today...
  196. What do the prestige classes actually do?
  197. prestige class
  198. How does charisma lower fp costs?
  199. KOTOR2 Planets and quests
  200. question about companions fall to dark side SPOILER!
  201. Truly... I must have missed somthing...
  202. Gamespy PC Review disappointing?.
  203. New KOTOR2 Movie
  204. What Are The Origins Of Theses "True Sith" In Kotor II? (Spoiler Warning!)
  205. The Pain in Waiting!
  206. Got It~!
  207. Wisdom and the mysteriously vanishing Med Lab...
  208. Details, details, details
  209. Hallo Gamers!
  210. Changing Classes - Any way to do it?
  211. Cheats in Kotor2?
  212. Favourite team atm
  213. Confirmed: Special Robes are in PC version
  214. Have someone the item list for kotor 2??
  215. 1st time through KOTOR2, light or dark?
  216. KOTOR II Comes to the UK!
  217. Dar Lord on the cover of TSL
  218. Mandalore without a helmet [SPOILER]
  219. i hate royal mail!
  220. Handmaiden Influence/Sparring question
  221. Fire sabre???
  222. nothing more fun than to be sithlord nilhus himself
  223. Need help on Dxun
  224. What is your character's name?
  225. Cheats. . .
  226. My Mandalore
  227. just got kotor II
  228. Secrets ot the dialog.tlk file...
  229. Transit?
  230. Where is Dxun?
  231. What's New in TSL-PC?
  232. Wich do you think is best KOTOR I or KOTOR II? post it here
  233. Handmaiden Romance?
  234. Maybe the dumbest question ever...
  235. Best-Cutscene-Ever!(Spoiler, Kinda)
  236. Who decided that Revan was a woman?
  237. Secret Tomb Question (Spoilers)
  238. ending discussion (spoilers of course)
  239. Question about critical strike feat
  240. Revan or the Jedi counsel, who's right?
  241. Favourite line in KotOR 2: TSL? (spoilers)
  242. Telos military base
  243. You prefer : Xbox or PC?
  244. :/ = My feelings on TSL (Spoilers aplenty, don't view if you don't want em,simple as)
  245. Savegame Question
  246. How many ENDING are there???
  247. We need a bit more free form in KOTOR 3...
  248. KOTOR 3 story ideas (may have spoilers)
  249. Knights of the ol' PC port bugs.
  250. show off your character!