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  1. Finished TSL (LS) now playing DS - comments and questions!(spoilers)
  2. [mega spoilers] Trying to make sense of the story now
  3. Creating a no light saber consular...
  4. Freeing your Party (Spoiler)
  5. Stats with kotor1 and TSL
  6. Can you keep kreias hand? And FAQ
  7. I need help (Spoiler Warnings)
  8. Whats the highest level you can reach in this game?
  9. Party members you don't like
  10. Tutorail -> Training your party members into Jedi
  11. "Resetting" a Planet?
  12. This game makes me sick...
  13. Carth & Bastila..
  14. Thinking of buying this...
  15. I beat the game.
  16. Star wars kotor 2 question
  17. Another Nar Shadaa question
  18. HK Protocol Pacifist Package *Spoiler*
  19. Persuading the seroco thugs to beat the exchage
  20. Nar Shadda: Red Eclipse
  21. Jocasta Nu and Atris
  22. bastila
  23. Twin suns bugs? (spoilers)
  24. Who Is Your Favourite Sith Lord In The KOTOR Series?
  25. Alternative ways to beat the game
  26. Can't reach Loppak Slugh (minor spoiler)
  27. Why is Jorran so important!?
  28. Appearance in KOTOR 2
  29. Are Arren Kae and Kreia the same person?
  30. I dont get Light Side Ending (spoiler)
  31. I want to see Bastila's Holo
  32. Game Fixes, Patches, etc.
  33. i have a problem with the patch,please help
  34. Kreia's Dialgue (Dantooine & Malacore)... (Spoilers)
  35. help it crashes in mining tunnels in peragus
  36. Why is ------- barely mentioned? (spoiler)
  37. What is the penalty for opposite-alignment Force powers?
  38. Your Exile - Gender/Face/Weapons
  39. Dantooine characters (slight spoilers)
  40. Jedi Types [***SPOILERS***]
  41. Confusion on three things
  42. Visas / Handmaiden
  43. Who Is Your Favourite Party Member In TSL?
  44. Direct-to-drive version of TSL?
  45. kotor 2 falling in love
  46. Gaining Influence
  47. can i use my old saves after formatting computer?
  48. Can't find HK Vocabualtor [may contain spoilers]
  49. PC head
  50. Can SWKOTOR2 play on the Internet
  51. Finally ordered it!
  52. Some cut scene dialogues
  53. hey i am not strong enough against vrook help?
  54. bao dur problem?
  55. hey give me a hint for defense on duelling
  56. Nar Shaddaa Droid Warehouse Door
  57. Iridonian vs Zabrak
  58. sith lord
  59. After game ending? (Spoilers)
  60. Ever tried a game like this? How has it worked?
  61. What is the creepiest thing you've notice in the game? (Spoilers?)
  62. Darth Nihilus Confusion...(a few spoilers)
  63. Why doesn't Exile recognize...? (spoiler)
  64. a question about on the side of kavar
  65. Atton: Did we ever find out why... (spoiler)
  66. Kreia Prejudice?
  67. very important question about defense!!!
  68. Do you cheat at pazaak?
  69. Keen?!?!?!?!?!
  70. Romance Options for Female Exile
  71. Redemption and Fuller Endings (Spoilers)
  72. Ok, here's something else I don't get about the Ebon Hawk (spoilers)
  73. [SPOILERS] Would you have been satisfied with the cut ending?
  74. Which Game Do You Prefer?
  75. One question
  76. How Do Calo Nord And Twin Suns Survive?
  77. [spoiler] What happened to Dorak?
  78. The concept of "Life without the force"
  79. Nar Shadda problem - KOTR 2 (Possible spoiler warning for KOTR2)
  80. [Spoiler] Kavar question
  81. Stuck in KOTOR II HEELP! (possible spoiler)
  82. [spoiler] Never seen this glitch talked about (Jedi Masters discussion)
  83. Post images of your built-up (maxed) characters *spoilers*:
  84. Especially to dark-side players...(Spoilers)
  85. Atris' Defense Rating = 40? (Spoilers)
  86. {Spoiler}Is there any poin to that quest on...
  87. Hanharr's fate...(Possible Spoiler)
  88. Discussions on Kreia and the Exile (spoilers)
  89. Need some Closure
  90. Blasters Beating the game
  91. Get Your Feat Wet! A Character Creation Thread
  92. [spoiler] Empire of War map compared to...
  93. Defence and Attack points?
  94. Add WIS Modifier to Defense...
  95. Better quality movies?
  96. Just finished...(rant) (spoilers)
  97. Ithorians
  98. Darth Traya? (spoilers)
  99. Purely Hypothetical...
  100. The Canonical Exile
  101. What happened to Bastila?[possible spoiler]
  102. As homage to Ed Asner
  103. Is it possible for Bastila to be dead?
  104. What do you guys/gals want in a guide?
  105. HK-47
  106. Mmmmm...what could this have been intended for?...
  107. Basilisk Pictures?
  108. Mix ups
  109. Mira's Father
  110. Found Jolee in the coding! At last!
  111. Prestige class
  112. The Jedi training
  113. Post your awesome images (inspired by HerbieZ's thread) (56K Warning)
  114. Lets talk about Nihilus [Spoilers]
  115. Matukai Adept Robe upgradeable?
  116. Glitch with Racing (PC version)
  117. Why uncomplet ?
  118. Funiest Lines in TSL
  119. The Ebon Hawk; whose ship is it really? SPOILERS!!
  120. Master Hestra
  121. is it realy a glitch/cheat ? [spoilers]
  122. Question on Rank
  123. Cut Scene's Nihilus Vs Sion [Spoilers]
  124. KOTORII is *snip* [possible spoilidge i guess]
  125. Me Vs Kotor 2 [soilers]
  126. [Big spoilers] Mandalores identitiy
  127. t3 and sith holocron about revan
  128. Obsidian are anti-communist.
  129. Most evil looking
  130. show me a clip of the time between kotor 1 & 2
  131. Party out of Kotor 1 and 2
  132. Atris's Academy bug?
  133. The Disciple
  134. Atris in K3
  135. Darth Sion and the Exile (Spoilers Ahoy!)
  136. [spoilers] unusual stats, bug?
  137. Where are the Jedi?
  138. [Spoilers] Bad ending
  139. Is it only me?
  140. Kotor 2 & 1 Journey and Endings
  141. Double-bladed vs. two single-bladed lightsabers
  142. Is this a glitch?
  143. gimme a hand
  144. Killing the masters...
  145. HELP! I think my game is broken.
  146. Reinstalled TSL... I've got questions.
  147. Favorite TSL force power
  148. Is this odd?
  149. this little hint could help all those stuck at telos
  150. Xbox TSL
  151. KOTOR 2's Script *spoilers maybe?*
  152. Lightsaber Finesse
  153. Visas and Handmaiden[spoilers]
  154. Does helping Mandalore unite the Mandolorians give you anything??[Possible Spoiler]
  155. How to fix the wrist bug?
  156. Atton's xonsveration bout Mira
  157. I did something kewl
  158. What Did Your Revan And Exile Look Like?
  159. Unique crystal search (console)
  160. What order should I go in? Version 2
  161. whats the strangest thing you ever came across
  162. xbox version of Kotor2 10 hrs in and no lightsaber yet?
  163. kotor2
  164. Influence Mechanics
  165. Same voices...diffrent charactors
  166. What's w/ the Outer-Rim?
  167. Mission Add-Ons to TSL??
  168. Need a Savegame
  169. Killing Master Vrook
  170. Xbox Screenshots of KotOR I & II
  171. Tales of the Jedi/Visas Marr
  172. Mrs. Mandalore: Lust and Loyalty! (Spoilers)
  173. Cutscenes of Revan and Bastila in TSL (Spoilers)
  174. Did I just shoot myself in the foot? (Spoilers)
  175. Killing one master but not all. (Spoilers)
  176. This Female Exile Head...
  177. Red Eclipse working for you [minor spoilers]
  178. How do you build your character?
  179. Revisiting "The Sith Lords" (Spoilers)
  180. Exile was right? Jedi wrong?
  181. Ebon Hawk nav computer
  182. Binary Code - G0T0's Yacht [possible spoilers]
  183. Is it still impossible to obtain new lightsabers at high levels in the PC version?
  184. -what do you think of Darth Nihilus-
  185. Mandalorian Mercenaries' Armour in K1 and K2
  186. Without using glitches/cheats, what level are you usually at by the end of the game?
  187. Swoop Racing
  188. Which mods is a must-have?
  189. Legit Lightsaber/Blaster Immune character Build
  190. HELP please?
  191. Conversation with Disciple [Spoliers]
  192. What really bugs me (spoilers)...
  193. What's wrong with me???
  194. I'm sorry to say, but Malak is cooler than the three scrubs in this game [SPOILERS]
  195. A question about a TSL cut caracter
  196. What happens if you're neutral when you... (spoilers)
  197. Question about KOTOR and KOTOR II
  198. Opo Chano
  199. im bored of playing tlc
  200. Was Bao-Dur supposed to die?!??!?
  201. Your Favorite KotOR Series Moment (MAJOR SPOILERS)
  202. What KotOR planet would you like to be exiled to?
  203. Do these 'cheats' actually work?
  204. What happened to Master Vandar ?
  205. What happened to Master Vandar ?
  206. Single battles as a LS Guardian
  207. Nihilous vs. Atris?
  208. DS Handmaiden
  209. the complete lowdown
  210. Help: the airspeeder in nar shaada
  211. What did you think when you saw Carth Onasi in Kotor 2
  212. K2 had strange sith lords. [minor spoilers]
  213. Why was it necessary to confront Darth Nihilus? *spoilers*
  214. KotOR I - Your favorite mod moments. :) (Mod Spoilers Inside)
  215. Do you mostly use the PC, or do you mostly use the NPCs?
  216. Could someone remind me...
  217. Lightsaber Lens
  218. If you could change one thing in KOTOR 2?
  219. FAQing hell
  220. what would you think if lucas arts publishes kotor1 and 2 for ps2
  221. At the Military Base on Telos Surface...
  222. (KotOR I & II) Through the Jedi Master's Eyes.
  223. kotor art work
  224. Which KotOR do you play from time to time?
  225. A few questions on single weapons
  226. just my rumblings bout tsl mostly lsf:P
  227. 32 hours WASTED GRRRRRRRRR
  228. Bastila fights with you
  229. find your true sith calling
  230. Exile Female (CANON)
  231. Swoop Problems
  232. czerka salvage crew, argh!!
  233. Making people jedi
  234. [spoiler]Question about ending of Kotor 2
  235. droid head quest
  236. What equipment do you use the most on TSL?
  237. Favorite TSL races
  238. Anyone have cool pics of Nihilus?
  239. TSL: Past the Glory Days?
  240. Tulak Hord MOD info/suggestions (could contain spoilers)
  241. Kreia's teaching vs buddhism
  242. How many times have you beatten kotor 1 and 2
  243. Any K2 store nearby?
  244. can you have mira as a darksider??
  245. Unlock
  246. Influence Factor
  247. Unveil Visas Marr's visage
  248. Confusion has surrounded me!
  249. Just finished KOTOR 2! Possible Spoilers!
  250. Lightsaber configuration