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  1. KOTOR2 cheats
  2. Cool Mira Jekk Jekk Tarr Bug (Possible Spoilers)
  3. What's your favorite scene [spoilers for sure]
  4. least fave quests/sidequests for K1 & K2
  5. KOTOR the summary?
  6. Armored Flight Suit: Colors
  7. [SPOILER] Revan's gender.
  8. Revan Vs. Exile
  9. What is in a name? Sojourn or Valiant?
  10. KOTOR 2: review
  11. Why is gameplay not canon?
  12. [SPOILER;I think] Cut Items Of Kotor 2?
  13. Found out about it.
  14. Using Opposite Force Powers
  15. [TSL--SPOILERS ABOUND!] Quick canon question...
  16. LS Ending soundtrack
  17. Post Your Favorite TSL Pictures (56K Warning)
  18. Mira Versus Bastila
  19. Does anyone know....
  20. Twi'leks, dancers and slavery
  21. Darth Sion and Uthar Wynn /Spoilers, maybe
  22. [SPOILER] Destruction of the Ebon Hawk
  23. Mira Influence?
  24. Party member fighting styles
  25. I killed that guy twice...
  26. Handspring?
  27. Events before game start (possible spoilers)
  28. Sniper Shot
  29. What Would it Take to Kill Revan/Exile?
  30. Romantic with handmaiden?
  31. xbox/pc difference? [possible spoilers]
  32. Lightsaber Ratio?
  33. Who do you think is hotter: Bastila, Juhani, Hand Maiden or Mira?
  34. I need an Influence guide
  35. Im a little confused..
  36. Kreias bond [SPOILERS!]
  37. Exile vs. Bastila
  38. Movie appearances
  39. Jolee vs. Kreia, Who Can Kill The Other Faster?
  40. Bastila trouble
  41. Mandalorian Armor
  42. Can the Disciple still join the group?
  43. Revan's Motivations & TSL's Relation To Them
  44. KotOR 2 Missing Content
  45. Who would win this battle? Revan or Darth Sidious(Emperor Palpatine)?
  46. Nihilus' Mask
  47. Help: Iziz Spaceport Shuttle glitch.
  48. Manipulative Witch: Palpy vs Kreia vs Lumiya vs Vergere
  49. Visas or Handmaiden?
  50. Did Kreia Say....
  51. Should the Mando's be Murdered?
  52. Darth Nihilus on the Star Forge
  53. Palpatine vs. Revan (not a fight)
  54. Is there any literature that features Revan or other KOTOR characters in detail?
  55. Battle of the giants - the most powerful?
  56. dark side robes help (possible spoilers)
  57. Revan is the heart of the Force?
  58. Did the Sith Have a Role In Creating the HK Series?
  59. Last Mandalorian?
  60. t3h War of Tree People [Large Star Wars Fight]
  61. HK-47 should have an assassination misson in TSL
  62. The Better Sith Lord - Contains Spoilers.
  63. Mira or Hanhaar
  64. A Parental Possibility
  65. Can't sell pricey goods
  66. Would a nuke have killed a Force Sensitive?
  67. A stupid quetsion... [possible spoiler]
  68. Atris' Lightsaber (Early and Late Game Spoilers)
  69. Online Script?
  71. whoa
  72. Bothersome glitch
  73. Backstories of the "Lost Jedi"
  74. Weird "Romantic" Pairing for a Female Exile
  75. Theme Song for LSF Exile Video
  76. Why no love for Darth Sion and Kreia?
  77. Jedi Exile's Original Party
  78. KOTOR2 Picture Request
  79. Some interesting Telos discoveries I uncovered tonight.
  80. I think I seriously screwed up my game...(SPOILERS)
  81. TSL: Getting a lightsaber earlier
  82. The Dark Side flows through me!
  83. atton is so bad [spoilers!!]
  84. Which type of mods do people like best for KOTOR TSL?
  85. Name contest for mod kotor: The Telos Academy
  86. Appreciating the game (Heavy Spoilers)
  87. Attack Feats
  88. KOTOR1 Head Choices
  89. Can Hanharr be trained as a jedi?
  90. How do i get the three missing video's in K2?
  91. Maximum Experience/Level possible
  92. Stupid Telos criminal bounty mission
  93. Carth Or Atton
  94. Man...it's such a shame that TSL was never finished
  95. Dark Side mob
  96. k1 restoration -whats happened ?
  97. KOTOR Grls in Huge Fight!
  98. Echani Grls most loved...
  99. Light Side and Dark Side "Resistance" and "Damage"
  101. kotor2.com? Soundtrack?
  102. Corrupting the Handmaiden
  103. "coreward" databases?
  104. Kotor 2 english files
  105. Why do So Many of the Aliens in KOTOR 1/2 Not Actually Speak?
  106. Anakin (full potential ep III) versus Nihilus
  107. TSL Patch 2.10.427
  108. Wanted to know something
  109. You know when you've modded/played KotOR for to long when...
  110. KotOR 1 on Vista
  111. Atton Concept Art?
  112. Nihilus Robes
  113. The Ravager
  114. Are the Jedi Masters good or evil? (spoilers ahoy)
  115. Rifle- Dueling or Two-Weapon?
  116. Twilek Dancers In Cantina
  117. Charisma makes you a better Force User...why?
  118. What's up with Cortosis Weave?
  119. Problem with breaking down items.
  120. Those "?" Force Powers
  121. Kotor2-TSL: Better and more likeable the more you play it?
  122. Quotes On Marka Ragnos?
  123. Visas introduction video
  124. Humorous KotOR 2 Review/Walkthrough
  125. Training Jedi's
  126. Interview with Chris Avellone
  127. Kreia's true identity
  128. HK a Pacifist?
  129. Choosing a class?
  130. The alignment system - Good/Evil and Law/Chaos?
  131. 2 Questions
  132. Life after KotOR
  133. Atris Question [spoilers]
  134. Nihilus' Face
  135. Is Mandalore Canderous?
  136. XP boost?
  137. DS questions
  138. About Handmaiden's influencing
  139. First Planet/Already Lv.12
  140. DID you know that...(TSL discussion)
  141. components and making items
  142. Two blades or double-bladed?
  143. More Lightsaber?
  144. Most appropriate planet order?
  145. Turning Bao-Dur to the Dark Side?
  146. Is Revan Skywalker or "Exilie" Skywalker
  147. What is the craziest thing you ever did - in game, one answer But you can repeat -
  148. Sentinel to ... what?
  149. which party member did you think was the coolest in TSL
  150. [spoiler] I've got Nar Shaddah trouble
  151. Kreia teaching Force and Lightsaber forms?
  152. So, any single saber wielder users here???
  153. Exiles Master?
  154. Team Gizka's "Restoration Project"
  155. Robes in TSL
  156. TSL Remake for the PC and X-box 360.
  157. Auto level-ups?
  158. Problem with TSL for PC
  159. For some reason, I can't install.... *spoilers*
  160. Blaster Rifles & Heavy Weapons
  161. Reven or Exile?
  162. Most Republic-ish Planet?
  163. Mira in Visquis base
  164. Weapon / Upgrade details
  165. and Bao-Dur dies...
  166. Problem with "whereami" code. PLEASE HELP.
  167. making a full game kotor video
  168. Nihilus Vs Darth Malak.
  169. Useless characters in TSL?
  170. Ebon Hawk event guide?
  171. Heavy Spoilers: Why were they forced to be darkside?
  172. Revan/Exile Romance
  173. Juhani vs. Visas Marr
  174. Warped into the Future!
  175. Which Exile?
  176. favorites
  177. Which Council Member?
  178. Kreia theory:
  179. Dark side Mira?
  180. KotOR II Manual Request
  181. Rare Robes
  182. Female Exile
  183. Canon
  184. weapon or unarmed?
  185. TSLRP: Cannot trigger HK interrogation
  186. I can't wait for the public release of TSLRP!
  187. TSL at RPGBanana
  188. Can I "Return to Ebon Hawk" in TSL?
  189. Does anybody here run KotOR on a Computer without T&L???
  190. Anyone else know about the Wraid Glitch on Tatooine?
  191. Who's the better scoundrel? Han Solo or Atton Rand?
  192. KOTOR II LP.
  193. The last Jedi?!
  194. TSL: Combat Animations question
  195. Sercret Areas On Telos...
  196. "Redemption"
  197. Nihilus' species and what is under his mask
  198. The True Sith Great Debate
  199. TSL - Dustil Onasi
  200. What is your name in Kotor/TSL?
  201. TSL HD space?
  202. seeking fixes [spoiler]
  203. KotOR Windowed - Is it possible?
  204. Female jedi names
  205. HK-47 versus General Grievous
  206. Anakin vs. Revan
  207. What do you think of Atris?
  208. What is Nihilus saying...
  209. Noob Questions
  210. [Spoilers]What did Kreia want?
  212. [KotOR Comic Spoilers] Darth Sion's Identity
  213. Handmaiden/Mira screenshots
  214. Who do you think would win in a fight to the death?
  215. Fav. NPC?
  216. Searching for a kotor 2 Mutiplayer mod
  217. Exile, Nihilus, and Force Drain (and unrelated) Revan, Bastila, and Battle Meditation
  218. I believe I found a new game secret!!!! read!
  219. about the game
  220. What is the best Jedi Armor and saber upgrades?
  221. T3-M4 Vs R2-D2
  222. Whats your least favorite level of K2?
  223. Darth Revan story
  224. Ordered this (PC) online... repeatedly played and loved KotOR. How is it? (spoilers)
  225. The Sith Lords Movie Trilogy (A Machinima Project I'm Working On.)
  226. Least favorite alien species?
  227. Ravager vs Leviathan
  228. Questions about influence on a dark side walkthrough
  229. Lightsabers - after getting the first one
  230. What happened to Lucien Draay
  231. Questions about Peragus
  232. Pathetically Easy, yet "Hard as hell"..(Long story about a rare (?) mod)
  233. Atris and Bolook.
  234. How/when do the game decide if you get Mira or Hanhar?
  235. When does Kreia say this?
  236. Kreia's Credibility vs. Old Jedi Order Credibility
  237. Sometimes the littlest choices have huge outcomes!!! [Spoilers]
  238. New Animations in KOTOR 1 or 2
  239. About mouse look of y axis in TSL
  240. That one quest on Nar Shadda....
  241. Where would you live?
  242. T3-M4 VS GO-TO
  243. Your ideal job
  244. Your favorite lost jedi
  245. [Spoilers] Chris Avellone reveals the identity of the "True Sith"
  246. Unique Crystal (Spoiler)
  247. Kreia Vs Palpatine?
  248. Exile vs Anakin
  249. Is the Force Dying?
  250. Jedi Masters' Death Match-Who would survive?