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  1. Useful features in swkotor.ini
  2. Do you Want to mod SW-KotOR? List of other useful threads
  3. Talk - Fight - Talk sequence
  4. How to add lipsync and voice to a custom dialog
  5. Travelling to custom planets
  6. New Module + Dialogue Creating In depth tutorial
  7. Achilles' item property editing walkthrough *Long*
  8. How to recruit an npc in less than 10 steps
  9. Non-Script Method for Adding Player Made Items to Placeables
  10. Rapid Transit System on custom made planets
  11. How can I take screenshots?
  12. Making NPCs walk waypoints
  13. How do I make custom armor?
  14. Properties of a Dialog File
  15. How to add Journal entries
  16. Getting started with modding + List of Tools + downloads
  17. Table of contents
  18. Achilles' Handy Lookup Sheets (KotOR 1 + TSL )
  19. Achilles' Handy Tutorials
  20. How to Make your custom saber upgradeable (KotOR)
  21. How to set triggers
  22. Tutorial--How to apply paint scheme's with Droid Armors.
  23. How to create stores (merchants)
  24. [TSL] Blaster Bolt Re-Texturing & New Blaster Ammunition Types Tutorial
  25. [TSL] Creating Puppets (ie: such as Bao-Dur's Remote)
  26. Changing Music
  27. Tutorial: Making A Storyline Mod For Kotor 2
  28. [TSL] Camera Tweaking (cutscenes and such)
  29. Adding Planets To Galaxy Map in TSL
  30. Music Mod Tutorial
  31. Creating a new energy shield
  32. TXI Help, Tutorial thing
  33. The TSL vis format explained
  34. Adding Custom Music to KOTOR
  35. Dialog editing tutorial
  36. Reference: Lists of Cutscene Movies
  37. Rotation of Creatures and Doors in the GIT File
  38. Tutorial: Custom Module
  39. Mini-map Tutorial
  40. [TUTORIAL]Custom Loadscreens
  41. [Tutorial] Naming a custom module
  42. Force Cage Tutorial
  43. [Tutorial] Making Portraits by JuniorModder
  44. UTI Tutorials by Canderis
  45. UTC Tutorial
  46. UTP Tutorial by Holty1-5
  47. Custom Clothing (texturing, appearance.2da editing, and uti's)
  48. TSL-Creating "Witcher"-Style Books
  49. Journal Entry Tutorial by harIII
  50. Modify 2DA, uti, utc files with TSLPatcher
  51. HarIII's Module Creation Tutorial
  52. Reference: Cut Scenes (STUNT modules)
  53. Scripting Installer [Nsis] [Noob Friendly]
  54. Custom Lip Synching The Easy Way
  55. Setting a spawn point in a custom module
  56. Dialog between 3+ people
  57. Total Conversion Read First!
  58. Making a Mapnote
  59. Default Game Textures' .TXIs
  60. The onion method: A method for creating dynamic in depth storylines
  61. Analysis of the Combat Animations
  62. Plot Usable Items in K2