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  1. Armor textures and the uti's they belong too. Decoded
  2. How to make an Alpha Channel with Photoshop
  3. Modeling tips: tuts For Gmax and 3DSMax 4 KotOR
  4. Succesfully Editing a body mesh
  5. How to capture a models UV map to aid in skinning
  6. How I added Helpers to Revans Cutscene model:
  7. Detaching , UVW mapping , and Unwrapping UVW
  8. Basics of Modeling a new Lightsaber hilt
  9. Table of contents: For Skinning and modeling
  10. [TSL] Re-Skin Short & Double Saber In-Game Hilts (Visual Aid)
  11. [TSL] Default saber model, now with decent uvmapping
  12. A-Z of Modeling a new Lightsaber
  13. How to use KotOR Tool to extract Textures
  14. [TSL Re-mapped models] Master + padawan collar fix by svösh
  15. Achilles' TSL Padawan Robe Templates For Photoshop
  16. Tutorials by PrtyLizardJedi/Recoloring textures and Creating New Jedi robes
  17. Photoshop tutorials on texture extraction & preparation
  18. Body mesh editing, removing, Patching + Adding
  19. Animated Textures
  20. Fun with Pattern Overlays: Photoshop Tutorial
  21. Merging Models (so to speak)
  22. Merging Models Tutorial
  23. Module Reskinning Tutorial
  24. Making Custom Textures with Photoshop
  25. UVW-Mapping Tutorial
  26. Tutorial: How to Export an Area and Use KAurora
  27. Tutorial: Tips and Tricks on modeling
  28. Reskinning a Weapon or Mask in 20 Easy Steps
  29. Tutorial: Photoshop Tricks for Character Skins
  30. Making new heads (modeling)
  31. [G]max Registration Utility + import / export + maxscripts
  32. How to retain Shadows, Highlights and Cloth Folds when retexturing
  33. Door Modeling Tutorial
  34. Modelling an new area!
  35. Custom placeable walkmesh tutorial
  36. [TUT] Quanons Tips on Skinning/Texturing
  37. Gimping for Dummys - By Canderis
  38. How to Create a Mask or Helmet
  39. Switching Models Animations
  40. Lightmaps for Dummies
  41. Another way to mesh bodies.
  42. miro42's Adding Geometry
  43. Animation Fixes By Imptacular
  44. Simple Reskinning for Beginners
  45. Utilizing Various Features of GIMP
  46. Some Concepts on how to Compile Heads
  47. Fixing Lighting on Custom Models
  48. Modeling Tips and Tricks
  49. How To Make A Texture Look Holographic
  50. How to Convert a Lightsaber Hilt from KotOR to TSL
  51. Creating Custom Placeables from Scratch
  52. Different colored eyes: My Sulution(s?)
  53. How to create custom playable pcs w/matching underwear layers for kotor 1
  54. Ripping heads from a full body model
  55. Merging heads and bodies