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  1. A mistake
  2. That cutscene was not worth it (major spoiler only enter if you've made rank 100)
  3. 1 Whole Year of Psychic Goodness
  4. Where to buy
  5. Psychonauts in Spain
  6. Cutscenes?
  7. New Psychonauts RP up and running!
  8. Psychonauts Character Blogs
  9. what do you think about this??
  10. [Razputin's Domain] Double Fine Yo-Yos now for sale
  11. New Psychic powers?
  12. The science behind Psychonauts
  13. other enemies biographies
  14. Boyd "The Milkman" Cooper's Conspiracies
  15. Your Clairvoyance
  16. Things I am not allowed to do at Whispering Rock/Thorney Towers
  17. Psychonauts on your iPod.
  18. Plot hole, maybe? (spoilers)
  19. Even IGN wants a sequal.....
  20. About the characters' Clairvoyance
  21. Mothertounge Psychonauts, I need your help!
  22. What is the GPC made out of?
  23. Can I...
  24. Psyhconauts Movie/Sequel/?Book
  26. What would your mind look like?
  28. You know you are adicted to psychonauts when...
  29. Psychonauts IMDB's top rated game?
  30. Script?cut-scenes? *spoilers*
  31. The last thing to be speculated!
  32. Have a Psychonauts character respond to the above person's sig!
  34. Old preview of Psychonauts (read this one)
  35. Does Raz Bathe?
  36. T-Shirt
  37. Lesser-known pairings.
  38. The insane Sasha Nein fangirl rant thread
  39. G Man Quotes
  40. Nils is looking at Raz and moaning.
  41. The Actual Nature of the Psychonauts?
  42. My Double Fine swag
  43. What's in a name?
  45. Weird speculations: because I'm bored.
  46. PSYCHONAUTS 2!!!!!!!!!
  47. Please try to respect others on the forums
  48. raz's goggles
  49. Insert interesting title here.
  50. Stupid Secret
  51. A simple game...
  52. Point of No Return
  53. [Razputin's Domain] Tim Schafer interviewed by The Guardian
  54. My Psychonauts rant
  55. [Razputin's Domain] Psychonauts now only $10 from Amazon
  56. One cannot love Psychonauts completely
  57. Doublefine have found a publisher!
  58. What if we'd seen Loboto's mind?
  59. Sasha?
  60. So I made a fansite.
  61. The butcher is GAY???
  62. Secret HELL LEVEL???
  63. JT=Raz
  64. Just a theory...
  65. Razputin's Curse
  66. Is Psychonauts moddable?
  67. Congrats to Tim Schafer & Psychonauts!!
  68. [Razputin's Domain] Buy Psychonauts now from Steam!
  69. What happened to Razputin's Domain?
  70. Random thoughts, observations, and hammers. Spoilers perhaps.
  71. Ending movie?
  72. Similarities to Harry Potter?
  73. I am the Guard. I am the Milkman. I am on the roadcrew. I am a gardener. I am..
  74. 100 Things I hae Learned form Psychonauts...
  75. Simalarities between Silent Hill and Psychonauts
  76. [Razputin's Domain] Psychonauts Cutscene Soundtrack Released
  77. PSYCHONAUTS now available on Xbox 360
  78. What is with Raz's goggles?!
  79. Cover art for game case
  80. Help for the Asian Psychonauts players!
  81. A question about the first OST.
  82. Psychonauts Explorer 1.3 Released
  83. [Razputin's Domain] Psychonauts Explorer 1.3 released; also, happy 2007
  84. What is up with boyd?
  85. RiffTrax makes mentionings.
  86. Of sequels and false hopes
  87. Does anyone have a picture of the Psychonaut insignia?
  88. [Spoilers] What did you think the ending was going to be like?
  89. Muwahahahaha. And questions.
  90. Original voices on the french version
  91. Things you might have missed the first time around.
  92. Psychonauts Related Experiences?
  93. Charaters' Theme Songs
  94. Any idea what is the latest sales figure for Psychonauts
  95. "Visibility" of the powers
  96. I can finally play Psychonauts!
  97. Lol, referance.
  98. List your favourite cut Audio files
  99. Psychonauts on the Wii?
  100. [Razputin's Domain] Get free cutscenes DVD with Psychonauts goodies
  101. Happy Psychonauts Day! (Round 2!!)
  102. Jack Black
  103. Whispering Rock Font
  104. Game length
  105. Psychonauts stuff
  106. And now...The Psychonauts Anagram Game!
  107. My simple idea of how psychonauts can sell well
  108. A theory (SPOILERS)
  109. List of all characters with name and picture ?
  110. LOOP-HOLE skip lungfishoplis
  111. i beat the game 3 times
  112. I'm New
  113. Psychonauts OUT OF PRINT
  114. Hottest charecter in Psychonauts?
  115. Summer PsychoFest!
  116. If you want a Psychonauts 2 then READ HERE.
  117. Sashas bad taste
  118. houston thorney asylum continuity problem
  120. PS2 vs PC version- which is best?
  121. Worst ending I have ever played... (Spoiler)
  122. Black Velvetopia figment glitch?
  123. Rank Before the 'Point of No Return'
  124. Tent City Jump From Spinning Wheel
  125. Coincidence? (vaigue spoilers)
  126. downloadable content
  127. New Psychonauts project?
  128. i luv psachonuts my fav gaym
  129. I LIVE!
  130. Is there anyway you can revisit someone's mind?
  131. I don't understand why Super Mario Galaxy got a better rating than this game!
  132. Need help on game..about Scavenger hunt items
  133. Need help etting last psi card in Kids Cabin area
  134. Anywhere on the interney I can watch the secret ending or scene in Psychonauts?
  135. How to see Re-brained Benny (SPOILERS)
  136. Beating the Dead Sasha/Milla Horse
  137. Help, anybody have PS2's savegames?
  138. Missing/Lost Figments?
  139. Psychonauts...play for free on Gametap
  140. Need help with direct3d
  141. How do you get back to the real world?
  142. vote for a psychonauts 2
  143. Psychonauts Review Build
  145. Birds acting funny in loading screen & Slight Performance Issues
  146. PSYCHONAUTS II !!!!!!
  147. Psychonauts PC Save Game
  149. Vista Save Games?
  150. Maybe "Psychonauts: The Extended Version"?
  151. How many times have you beaten Psychonauts?
  152. KingCheez's "Let's Play Psychonauts"
  153. NEWS-Double Fine opens "Psychopedia"
  154. I played Psychonauts again today...
  155. Problems running the game
  156. If Brutal Legend Succeeds....
  157. The Psycho-Pedia is So Much Better in my Eyes Than Rvery -pedia Because of This.
  158. Viewing Figments
  159. Psychonauts, Tim Schafer’s best game, only for $2 through Steam!
  160. Viewing Monkey Island through the Psychonauts lens
  161. more psychonauts on sale =P
  162. Has anyone integrated the two soundtracks?
  163. Palm bombs?!?
  164. Why is Benny Floating?
  165. Psychonauts playing cards
  166. Psychonauts Cake!
  167. So I started playing Psychonauts again
  168. Looks like yer dead there.
  169. Complete Explanation of Boyd Cooper's Mind and the Milkman Conspiracy
  170. space
  171. Notch willing to fund Psychonauts 2
  172. psychonauts is on sale for $1.99!
  173. Psychonauts included as part of Humble Indie Bundle 5
  174. Notch no longer willing to fund Psychonauts 2
  175. 10 Years Old!
  176. Psychonauts 2 Announced at VGAs
  177. Psychonauts Mid-quel to be released on PS4