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  1. LucasForums relaunch featuring vb3
  2. Which November release are you looking forward to most?
  3. What Star Wars Episode is your favorite?
  4. Favorite Web browser?
  5. Windows Vista?
  6. Coke v. Pepsi
  7. YTMND v EbaumsWorld
  8. Slashdot v. Digg
  9. ati v. nvidia
  10. NSA wiretaps?
  11. Media Addictions
  12. Who's the more foolish?
  13. Having a BBQ this weekend?
  14. Which console do you most want to succeed?
  15. Apple iPhone
  16. Jacen Solo's Sith Name
  17. What SW era has the most potential for future stories?
  18. How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?
  19. What Upcoming Star Wars Release Are You Looking Forward to Most?
  20. What kind of LucasArts titles do you prefer?
  21. blu-ray v. HDDVD
  22. What is your favorite Star Wars game?
  23. Fracture: LucasArts' upcoming Xbox 360 / PlayStation 3 game
  24. Looking forward to Fracture, LucasArts' upcoming Xbox 360 / PlayStation 3 game?
  26. Vista - Gamer heaven or gamer hell?
  27. Is your wallet ready for the holiday gaming season?
  28. Which is the best choice?
  29. Can one simply walk into Mordor?
  30. Would you eat cloned food?
  31. 58-year-old Indiana Jones: Hot or Not?
  32. What is your computer's CPU/GPU set-up?
  33. Whats your native rez?
  34. Favorite Search Engine?
  35. How much digital music do you have on your hard disk?
  36. How would you rate the new forum features?
  37. Are you a console or a PC gamer?
  38. Would you lick a used toilet plunger for $50?
  39. Harry Potter vs. Lord of the Rings
  40. Best video game console generation?
  41. What are your favorite book genres?
  42. What are your favorite Thanksgiving foods?
  43. How much money did you spend on Black Friday?
  44. Are you traveling for the holidays?
  45. Did you make New Year's Resolutions?
  46. How do you feel about Valentine's Day?
  47. What do you think of the new badges?
  48. What did you think of the first LucasCast?
  49. How many LucasArts titles do you own?
  50. What is your favorite kind of chocolate?
  51. Favorite Star Trek show?
  52. What is your favorite season?
  53. What LucasArts game are you looking forward to most?
  54. First-person shooters: PC or Console?
  55. Normal or Inverted Y-Axis?
  56. Most anticipated PC/console games of Fall 2009/early 2010?
  57. What holiday do you celebrate?
  58. What is your favorite LucasArts game of the decade?
  59. Favorite Winter Sports
  60. What do you call your hot water bottle?
  61. How do you feel about Monkey Island 2: Special Edition?
  62. What's your longest marathon gaming session?
  63. What are you looking forward to most from LucasArts at E3?
  64. The Force Unleashed 2
  65. Do you prefer to be hot or cold?
  66. Do you have a smartphone?
  67. How do you like your coffee?
  68. Who Pre-Ordered The Old Republic
  69. Is this a new poll?
  70. Will LucasArts announce a new game before the end of the year?
  71. What Do You Want Most For Christmas?
  72. What is your New Year’s Resolution for 2012?
  73. Have you ever been embarrassed by the music in your musical library?
  74. What is your vidya style on your first playthrough of a game?
  75. What trend in the gaming industry do you find the most troubling?
  76. What was the worse video game ending for a game you have played?
  77. What was the BEST video game ending for a game you have played?
  78. Best superhero movie(s) of all time?
  79. Holiday Main Course?
  80. What is your plans this holiday season?
  81. Will 2013 Be Better Than 2012 for Video Games?
  82. Worse Thing About the Galaxy Far, Far Away?
  83. Worse Video Game in the History of Star Wars?
  84. Canon and New Movies, Your Opinion?
  85. How soon are you going to see the new Star Wars movie?
  86. Now that you've finally seen it, what did you think of The Force Awakens?
  87. Which movie are you more hyped over; Rogue One or Episode 8?