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  1. Dance Dance Malak!
  2. Mandalorians
  3. New poster, question. [spoilers]
  4. How Powerful was Revan
  5. Attack of the Killer Gizka! (Spoilers!)
  6. Wich Female&Male K.O.TO.R. games(or other S.W.) Charachters Are Great Role Models
  7. You bought Kotor why...
  8. Strongest Enemy
  9. Kashyyk Star Map Acquisition
  10. Do you have the xbox version of I & II??
  11. Does anyone else...
  12. Do Force Alignment or Class determine dialogue?
  13. Major Problem
  14. I didn't know you could rotate on stat screen!
  15. Malak's lightsaber
  16. Darkside or Lightside Bastila
  17. KOTOR: Need help locating an item from a shop
  18. Glitch in the endgame scene with Bastila [SPOILERS]
  19. Matale Passcard
  20. Order of the Bald Sith
  21. Carth & Mission Quests starters won't spawn.
  22. Where, oh where, is Darth Bandon?
  23. Help, I am stuck in Sith Enclave Manaan [Spoilers]
  24. About a missing Light Saber (Spoilers)
  25. How to lose Zaalbar on Kashyyk
  26. Funny thing I discovered...
  27. sidequests
  28. Getting into the Sith Academy Light Side {Spiolers}
  29. Your favorite planet in KotOR?
  30. Something I always found odd - SPOILERS
  31. Amount of Mods
  32. How do you know what's canon in KOTOR?
  33. Charecter for Prison Break
  34. charecter Quests (Possible Spoilers)
  35. KOTOR 1 & 2 Challanges
  36. Health bars too small, any fix?
  37. [K1 spoiler question perhaps] finding revans robes
  38. Problem With Party Members making items...
  39. Action question
  40. Graphical problem
  41. What's the big deal about Revan?
  42. A couple questions
  43. Male vs Female Revan [potential spoilers]
  44. Darth Malak impressions [spoilers]
  45. Carth -> Jedi
  46. Buy/Find More Jedi Robes
  47. Beach cut scene with Bastila in her regular outfit [SPOILER]
  48. Jolee Missing From the Ebon Hawk
  49. Can't Advance Bastilla Romance Quest
  50. Malak's Jaw
  51. Malak's height
  52. komand fortuna and hunting
  53. Revan vs. Thrawn
  54. Juhani progression glitch
  55. Security Spikes?
  56. KOTOR question
  57. I think I seriously screwed up my game...
  58. Favorite K1 Girls
  59. [spoiler] Do you do roleplaying in K1?
  60. Is Carth secretly Force Sensative?
  61. Who do you think should be in Kotor 3 or expected to be in Kotor 3 if it is made
  62. [KotOR I] Remembering the "KotOR"!
  63. K1's canon story
  64. any Malak haters/fans out there?
  65. Must-have mods?
  66. Hi, I've got a question.
  67. If chancellor palpatine was never a sith would anakin still be on the light path?
  68. Which character would you train to be a Jedi?
  69. [K1/TSL] My Confusion, possibly yours. Includes both games.
  70. The Perfect Build
  71. Weapons of Choice
  72. Bastila [Spoilers]
  73. Flurry vs. Power Attack vs. Critical Strike (or: Help me with my feats)
  74. Revan's Armor/Robes
  75. Help?
  76. Double Lightsaber or Dual Sabers?
  77. Sneak Attack damage: Does it apply when attacking droids?
  78. do sneak attack work from behind if you're not hidden?
  79. Force Resistance/Immunity: are they worth it?
  80. Are there any Strength enhancing Implants?
  81. "Tank" Character Build? Bad or good?
  82. What order do you do the planets in and why?
  83. Insults
  84. Types of foods in the Star Wars Universe
  85. Darth Revan and Bastila Relationship
  86. When did you get K1 and/or K2?
  87. Darth Revan Or Master Revan
  88. Optimizing NPCs' side-quests
  89. without too many spoilers, what's the basic storyline of KotOR II?
  90. Lightside Mastery bonus (PC)
  91. Listing my impressions (spoilers & long post)
  92. Wake Up Make A Move KotOR movie by me :)
  93. i feel ashamed...
  94. Does anyone actually like the Star Forge Robes?
  95. How do I take screenshots?
  96. How can I trigger Canderous' quest?
  97. Helping out Griff
  98. Which Revan Face Do You Think Play With?
  99. 6th planet
  100. Buying and Story
  101. Anyone think Malak looks cool?
  102. Reasons why you play Kotor over and over again?
  103. I am so happy!! - KotOR 1
  104. KotOR 1: What's a good build for a LS Consular?
  105. Romance Guide
  106. A tough decision...
  107. Favorite Leviathan rescue mission
  108. Scoundrel / Sentinel build in kotor 1
  109. Sneak attacks... when do they kick in?
  110. wondering why kotor is so great..
  111. Scroundel and a planet order question.
  112. Favorite K1 romance?
  113. What do you think happened in the FADEOUT?
  114. A couple questions that have always bugged me
  115. Manaan/Tatooine Rataka reference help?
  116. Bastilla: Like her or hate her
  117. End of Leveling Up
  118. Beyond the Unknown Regions
  119. Where was the Endar Spire going?
  120. Music that fits with Kotor...
  121. kotor the movie on my iPod touch.
  122. Ebon Hawk - "Revan's"
  123. Sound supressors?
  124. So I just beat this game for the first time in years
  125. KOTOR-1: The Romances (Possibly Spoiler)
  126. KOTOR Best of PC Version
  127. Revan vs. Sion
  128. Were Czerka on Taris...?
  129. Revan's true homeworld!?
  130. How old were they? [spoilers!]
  131. Carth vs. Canderous
  132. Uthar or Yuthura?
  133. "The jedi so not kill their prisoners"
  134. Revans role in the galaxy
  135. theory
  136. Big flying thing over Dantooine
  137. A Dark Side Belaya on Korriban
  138. Seriously What Game Did You Play? [Spoilers]
  139. Dark Side
  140. Was there ever an official explanation for the class discrepancies?
  141. Dark Side Transitions. Possible Explanation?
  142. Choice mods
  143. Is there a place to buy KOTOR online?
  144. KOTOR era Characters and forms (Spoilers!)
  145. Actors for the movie.
  146. [Spoiler Warning]Revan's Mask
  147. Where to buy KotOR?
  148. Glitches on Taris
  149. Favorite lightsaber hilts and forms
  150. Which Mandalore is your favorite?
  151. Juhani not a Cathar
  152. Revan vs. Anikan if he didn't have to be in that Darth Vader costume
  153. Skill Bonus/Attribute Confusion
  154. T3 or HK?
  155. Two Basic Questions about KoTOR
  156. How would you transcribe KotoR?
  157. is Dantoine jedi academy a secret?
  158. Gamorrians on Taris
  159. I accidently read an unmarked [Spoiler] Is the game still worth playing?
  160. Best Saber Crystal Combinations
  161. I'm gonna meet Mission!
  162. Favorite planet in KOTOR
  163. Unknown World
  164. Question about Revan's Past
  165. Whos better, Carth or Atton?
  166. How hot is Mission Vao?
  167. Who's the sexiest sociopath (sexiopath?)
  168. Mission Vao...
  169. A brilliant trailer for this game...
  170. That's odd...
  171. Seeing KotOR 1 in a new light.
  172. PC Version with control pad?
  173. Repair HK
  174. KotOR: Melee Feats
  175. Mission Vao banter with PC (PC version)
  176. Who is the person in the ravine on Korriban?
  177. Guardian Builds
  178. Will Fortitude Reflex
  179. New to KOTOR
  180. Advice for my second play through KOTOR
  181. Dantooine graphics glitch
  182. New To Modding kotor need help!!!
  183. How to beat Bendak (Super Enhanced Mod)
  184. Recruitable Dustil Mod K1
  185. how long to get carth to talk?
  186. Mod and Character Build Questions
  187. KoTOR on 360-Patching and Yavin
  188. Darth Revan vs Galen Marek (starkiller)
  189. modding
  190. best weapons, feats and powers to take advantage of sneak attack, k1 & k2
  191. Super skip Taris mod fix
  192. SPOILER: Battle-Free Ending -- KOTOR Is Amazing
  193. 1st time - Need some help!
  194. Stat Question - PLEASE HELP!!
  195. military medals
  196. what's the tattoo that canderous ordo had?
  197. book about Darth Revan
  198. Juhani side-quest after the Leviathan
  200. *Huge SPOILER ALERT*!! Story summary?
  201. [Spoiler] Unlock HK-47 Memory Core
  202. Revan's new name.
  203. KOTOR 1 Question
  204. Convert KOTOR Sounds to a usable audio file
  205. Revan's Lightsaber Form
  206. kotor pc
  207. KOTOR on 360 slim?
  208. Win 7 Kotor.
  209. Revans Canonical Face
  210. How do you make your jedi consular?
  211. Any way to reset Zelka Forn?
  212. Favourite Alien Race and Why?
  213. Taris Upper City and Lower City Apartment Door Mismatch
  214. How long did kotor 1 take you?
  215. Issues playing KOTOR on VMware
  216. KOTOR on Mac OS X Lion 10.7.4
  217. Best mods?
  218. What would *you* do? [Spoiler]
  219. Reapers in Kotor.
  220. Who's beaten the game on Hard without cheats?
  221. some questions about kotor 2 (spoilers)
  222. Anyone mapped 360 controller for PC?
  223. Help I think I broke my Carth romance
  224. Bastila's name
  225. Is the steam version of kotor updated to 1.3.1?
  226. Need help finding the TSL Patcher.
  227. Help! New to KOTOR!
  228. 2 computers?
  229. Where do i get mods other than filefront?
  230. cannot extract folder
  231. How to make instant-kill lightsabers?
  232. Reverse Gender Conditionals Mod?
  233. Slipstream 1.03 patch
  234. New sith interrogation dialogue k1 on Taris!!!
  235. Skill points bug
  236. Should I restore content to KOTOR 1?
  237. Promotional Screenshot Speculation
  238. I Need Bodies Stays Mod!
  239. Sasha goes to the Star Forge
  240. Towers of Hanoi - Korriban
  241. Carth's rank in the Republic?
  242. Revans fate from perspective
  243. Does anyone feel bad about being bad?
  244. Rank Your Party Members
  245. Saving some wife's husband in .. Camino?
  246. Pazaak Probabilities
  247. A remake of Star Wars The Knights of the old Republic
  248. Dantooine Enclave trenches
  249. HK-47 Bonus
  250. Scoundrel/Consular kotor 1 Stats question