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  1. Kotor storyline (your ideas welcome)
  2. New Weapons/Feats/Armour/Robes/Force Powers
  3. KotOR 3: Summary of KotOR I & II
  4. Yet ANOTHER KOTOR III Storyline!!! :D
  5. Would K3 come out for Windows Vista?
  6. Kotor 3 storyline
  7. will there be a star wars knights of the old replubic 3
  8. Palpatine, Jedi Master
  9. Should influence be in K3?
  10. New Characters
  11. Hello there
  12. The Two Diffrent Ways
  13. KOTOR3 NEWS!
  14. What You Want To Improve In KOTORIII
  15. What will you do when the game is announced?
  16. Have a feeling...
  17. Who do you want to be in Kotor III
  18. If Kotor III is on the Next gen console?
  19. Kreia's Predictions [spoily-spoliy]
  20. The logistics of the past
  21. Deaths
  22. Should the format change maybe?
  23. Force sensitives?
  24. The Small Ship
  25. Online Worlds
  26. KOTOR 3 Game Ideas and Such
  27. knights of the old republic III
  28. My KOTOR III (long)
  29. A KoToR 3 Idea...
  30. graphics
  31. Ages of Returning Characters in KOTOR III
  32. Your KotOR III Opening/Trailer/Teaser
  33. A bit more info...
  34. Dark Side Ability
  35. an idea
  38. Your KOTOR 3 Storyline
  39. Dialog Options
  40. KOTOR 3 should be like Oblivion
  41. PC Voices
  42. PC DVD-only
  43. The Baddest Baddie!!! (spoilers)
  44. Will LucasArts announce the next KotOR at this year's E3?
  45. Kotor 3 canceled?
  46. What do you want to start as...
  47. DS/LS alignment.
  48. Pulling a Bindo.
  50. KOTOR III: A Possible Vendetta
  51. Battles in KOTOR 3
  52. A prequel to Kotor
  53. My theory about kotor 3
  54. Buy your own ship in Kotor
  55. Single-blade Fighting in kotor 3
  56. Kotor 3 - no CHEATS PLZ!!!!!!!!!
  57. Better Guns?
  58. True Sith
  59. No more cheesey sith.
  60. Kotor 3 idea!
  61. my kotor 3 hopes
  62. i came up with couple things i would like to resolve in 3
  63. wepons MUST be equied to acsse feats
  64. shoud KOTOR 3 have custom light sabers
  65. Melee Combat
  66. Do we know anything for sure?
  67. Coruscant
  68. Wouldn't mind if...
  69. two double blades
  70. Cheats
  71. Is there going to be KOTOR 3
  72. NEWS
  73. mods that you (the auther) wants the devs to put into k3
  74. UR Cross Comparison
  75. Blocking system for KOTOR3
  76. Melee Combat in KotOR3
  77. Leaked KOTOR 3 promo Screenshot
  78. Getting rid of HK-47
  79. What do you think the storyline should be?
  80. I sure hope there's some info on K3 at E3...heh. K3 at E3.
  81. Are the Sith Still in Hiding in KOTOR 3
  82. is KoToR III for PC?
  83. Very very sad day ..so far
  84. Custom fighting styles for KotorIII
  85. Who is the big boss?
  86. Thoughts about the dark side...
  87. Mass Effect Engine
  88. What do you think the rough storyline should be?
  89. Star Wars 2007?
  90. Start the game off Light or Dark Side?
  91. Being Able To Choose Your NPCs?
  92. new and improved ideas for kotor2
  93. For continuity's sake...
  94. who do you believe jedi/grey jedi?
  95. Do You Want KOTOR III To Continue After Completion?
  96. Force Corruption as a combat power
  97. What Kind of Game Should KOTOR 3 Be?
  98. What Platform do you want kotor 3 to be on?
  99. Should there be another tutorial planet in KOTOR 3?
  100. Kotor 3,wishlist.
  101. Posible worlds for Kotor III
  102. No OFFICIAL information on KOTOR III
  103. What planet would you like KOTOR 3 to start on?
  104. Poll: The Fate of Canderous Ordo
  105. a edit oftheexilesreturn plot
  106. what wold yu like kotor3 storline and plot be and were the planet yu sart on etc
  107. Should KOTOR3 allow you to use other species besides humans? (ex. twi'lek)
  108. WHEN?
  109. KOTOR III plot
  110. Beyond KOTOR 3? Will it happen?
  111. I Believe Revan Is Dead In KOTOR 3!!
  112. Revan
  113. Bastilla
  114. 2600 people can't be wrong?
  115. Do you want to wear pants in K3?
  116. Been looking on Obsidian's website...
  117. Non humans PCS?!
  118. True Sith
  119. Revan and Exile KOTOR 3 Voices
  120. Sith Academy and Jedi Temples
  121. am I the only one worried?...
  122. Life after the ending
  123. Should Revan or Exile die in KotOR 3? (Possible Series Spoilers Inside.)
  124. The Return
  125. Kotor3 news
  126. More Detailed Lightsaber Hilts in Kotor 3 ?
  127. Knights of the Old Republic III: Scourge of the Empire
  128. The Sith RACE
  129. Ideal that would make it passibke to be revan/Exile
  130. Is there going to be a kotor 3 or not!?
  131. Wouldnt that piss u off?
  132. Play Kotor III online with friends?
  133. The Sith'ari
  134. what will you be thinking when you finally have kotor3 in your hands?
  135. KOTOR 2.5
  136. KoToR III Upgrading
  137. KotOR 3: Return of the Jedi?? Possible Tittle?
  138. Whens it coming out?
  139. Dialogue that reflects your Jedi Classification.
  140. Would you buy Knights of the New Republic?
  141. Main character of Kotor III
  142. Starwars 2007 Announced???
  143. 100% Completion
  144. KotOR III: Master & Apprentice?
  145. Is KOTOR3 coming??
  146. KotOR III & The Mandalorians
  147. possible kotor 3
  148. Could this be why KotOR 3 is on a hiatus?
  149. Return of the NPCs
  150. Maybe KOTOR III should NOT happen...
  151. I don't like starting a thread on Kotor III, but....
  152. Kotor 3.. Play as Revan, Play as Exile... or New Charachter?
  153. Colour
  154. KOTOR the next Final Fantasy
  156. A chance to roleplay(spoilers)
  157. Return to a Medieval Style in KotOR III?
  158. OXM Kotor 3 Refrence?
  159. The Tech Demo, Rumored for KOTOR 3 and Vader
  160. Which CLothing do you prefer
  161. Kotor 3
  162. Potential developers for KotOR III
  163. KOTOR 3 confirmed??(again)
  164. What if KOTOR3 Never happens
  165. Do you want to design your own lightsabers?
  166. The new age of Darth Nihilus, Alive Again
  167. KotOR: 'True Sith' and 'Ancient Sith' Confussion
  168. Should we be able to...
  169. I was thinking about this for a while now...
  170. Anyone get the feeling Lucasarts doesn't want another KOTOR
  171. Alternative enemy for Kotor III!
  173. KotOR III wishlist
  174. Kotor 3 Boxart Compo!
  175. Party Members
  176. New KOTOR III Video?(spoilers?)
  177. A New Idea
  178. If you want Kotor III, buy NWN 2!!!!
  179. A KOTOR III Player-Created Mod?
  180. What is the bigger reason for no K3?
  181. Kotor 3 cancelled
  182. Selectale Alien PCs
  183. Info
  184. When do u think K3 should start
  185. Kotor 3 ideas
  186. Something I wanna see in KOTOR III
  187. Maybe some hint of a K3!
  188. KOTOR3 soundtrack request
  189. Kotor 3 TC
  190. What plantets would you like to see in KOTOR III?
  191. Killing-off the characters
  192. Party Species
  193. Ideas of how to tackle storyline problem
  194. KOTOR3?
  195. Should Kotor III be a Freeform RPG?
  196. making of game
  197. KotOR III F.A.Q. (Read Before Posting)
  198. your own opinion of KoToR III
  199. Should the ebon hawk be scrached
  200. New Lightsaber crystal
  201. KOTOR 3 Time setting
  202. How long to wait before getting a light saber!!!
  203. [K3] What Feature Do You Want To Be Evolved?
  204. [K3] If you were the publisher, who would you hire to do the job?
  205. [K3] Besides the lightsaber, what other Star Wars weapon would you like to see in K3?
  206. Coruscant should be in the new game
  207. KotOR 3 possible ]spoiler] for 1 and 2 players
  208. The Jedi in KotOR III
  209. How about the playable character be a Sith?
  210. Reason why K3 hasn't been confirmed/denied?
  211. K3 could be a prequal to K1
  212. Who should be the PC? Revan or the Exile
  213. Revan's Ultimate Love
  214. New Engine for Lucas Arts
  215. Should K3 use the Dungeons and Dragons ruels?
  216. PC or 360
  217. Obsidian, Bioware or someone new?
  218. Revan v. Exile
  219. Reliable Link For KOtOR 3?!
  220. Plans of Obsidian
  221. What sort of McGuffin will the Player Chase in K3?
  222. Bioware or Obsidion?
  223. New wepons armours force powers and attacks/feats that you want in Kortor3
  224. Should KoTOR comic book characters appear in the next game?
  225. KOTOR III Characters
  226. I'm doing a KotOR III story...
  227. Kotor 3 might be released
  228. Who Wants Kotor3
  229. Who "Do Not Want" Kotor3?
  230. Would K3 be a console seller?
  231. From Official: KOTOR not finished, but a ways off?
  232. Death Moves in Kotor 3.
  233. Kotor 3 confirmed.
  234. A voice for the PC?
  235. I wish I knew how to modd
  236. K3 Ideas for plot, non saber weapons, creatures, etc.
  237. Strider style all out baby! The introduction of tonfa style sabers!
  238. Ideas for KOTOR 3 Highest hopes!
  239. SOme more information YAY
  240. different minigames
  241. Titles for KOTOR III
  242. Graphic discussion of star wars characters MATURE CONTET ENCLOSED!
  243. Survival mode
  244. Easter Eggs
  245. The True Sith Does Not Exist...
  246. KOTOR III should be like... (insert game)
  247. Old characters return
  248. The Real True Sith
  249. Ideas for sith lord bosses or otherwise--please nothing rediculous...
  250. My kotor 3 storyline