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  1. [Fic] SW: TOR: Trials of a Sith Thrall: Pact
  2. [Fic] SW-TOR: Thoughts of a Padawan....(short)
  3. [Fic] SW: TOR: Trials of a Sith Thrall: Honor-Born
  5. [Fic] SWTOR: Tears of the Force
  6. [Fic] A Debt Unpaid: Prolouge to Echo of the Force
  7. [Fic] SW: TOR: Trials of a Sith Thrall: That Which is Sought
  8. [Fic] Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic III: Malachor's Revange
  9. [Fic] Thoughts and feelings over the course of time
  10. [Fic] SW: TOR: Reckoning of a Lost Soul: Second Exchange
  11. [Fic] STAR WARS : RETURN OF THE SITH (Third edition)
  12. [Fic] SW: TOR: Reckoning of a Lost Soul: Unconquerable
  14. [Fic] Star Wars: A New Hope
  15. [Fic] Squadron Legacy, Chapter 9
  16. [NSW-Fic] The Devil Is In The Details...
  17. [Fic] SW: TOR: Reckoning of a Lost Soul: The Plan
  18. [Fic] Star Wars : The Empire Strikes Back (AU)
  19. [Fic] Star Wars: Mercenaries
  20. [Fic] Star Wars: Betrayal at Besbin
  22. [Fic] SW: TOR: Reckoning of a Lost Soul: Metamorphosis
  23. [Fic] Star Wars The Old Republic: Despair and Hope
  24. [Fic] SWTOR: Varik's Tale: Prologue
  25. [Fic] SW: TOR: Reckoning of a Lost Soul: A Prime Candidate
  26. [Fic] SW: TOR: Reckoning of a Lost Soul: Red, Red, Red!
  27. [Fic] Jedi Hunter (Chapter 1)
  28. [Fic] SWTOR: The Pursuit of Revenge: Departure of Sand
  29. [Other] Untitled Original Scifi story
  30. [NSW-Fic] Dragon age origins:Where the world ceaces...
  31. [NSW-Fic] Nightmares on Gehenna
  32. [Fic] SWTOR: The Pursuit of Revenge: Remembrance
  33. [NSW-Fic] Mass Effect - Origins of the Reapers
  34. [NSW-Fic] 1941
  35. [Other] With Hitler dead...
  36. [NSW-Fic] Someone interested in a futuristic apocalyptic story?
  37. [Fic] Luke Skywalker: Deadly Desert
  38. [Fic] Clan Terakian: A StarWars/Heavy Metal (Taarna) crossover
  39. [Fic] Until the world start again...
  40. [Fic] Luke Skywalker: Blumer Fort
  41. [Other] Going to write my first fan fiction.
  42. [Fic] Star Wars: Retribution
  43. [Fic] Star Wars: Illusive Ghosts
  44. [Fic] A Package
  45. [Fic] Faceless
  46. [Fic] By my side: Now and forever
  47. [Fic] Adventures in Babysitting; Jedi style
  48. [Fic] Bastila in wonderland!
  49. [Fic] SWTOR: Part I: The Pursuit of Revenge
  50. [NSW-Fic] Deos et Mortabilus
  51. [Fic] Kill John (Chapter 1)
  52. [NSW-Fic] Fury of the Shadow
  53. [NSW-Fic] Neverwinter Nights: Show me your face!
  54. [NSW-Fic] Oculus
  55. [Other] Gjalt Hegemony - Religion and Mythology
  56. [NSW-Fic] Medieval Conquest CHAPTER 1
  57. [Other] Star wars knights of the old republic Return of the jedi
  58. [NSW-Fic] Star wars knights of the old republic: chapter 2 rescue over naboo
  59. [Fic] Star wars the gentle broken promise
  60. [NSW-Fic] Medieval Conquest CHAPTER 2
  61. [Fic] KoTOR 3 : Schism
  62. [NSW-Fic] Thorüsa: Prologue
  63. [NSW-Fic] Excerpt for my latest work; We need a Hero(ine)
  64. [NSW-Fic] Thorüsa: Not a Shade of Doubt
  65. [NSW-Fic] Thorüsa: The Missing Place
  66. [Fic] Thorüsa: Little Leech Lost
  67. [NSW-Fic] Star wars knights of the new republic chapter 1: fall of the new jedi order
  68. [Fic] Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic: Rising Destiny
  69. [NSW-Fic] Thorüsa: Our Divine Mission/Greatest of the Fiends
  70. [Fic] Star Wars: Ascension of the Sith
  71. [Fic] The Promise
  72. [NSW-Fic] Thorüsa: The Worth of Vengeance
  73. [Other] No Need for Revan
  74. [NSW-Fic] Thorüsa: Three Chapters
  75. [NSW-Fic] Thorüsa: Disturbances
  76. [NSW-Fic] Sand and war
  77. [NSW-Fic] Thorüsa: Middlegame
  78. The Soldier's Destiny Trilogy
  79. [Fic] KOTOR in Real Life
  80. [Fic] Star Wars: KotOR: Revelations Part One - The Echo of Revan
  81. [Other] If you want to write fan fiction based on my KotOR III story...
  82. [Fic] Youth
  83. [Fic] Kotor: Goodbye my most precious world
  84. [Fic] TOR -- Smuggler's Trial Run
  85. [Fic] Khem loves Killiks
  86. [NSW-Fic] Star Wars Rise of the Gallactic Empire
  87. [NSW-Fic] Return of the Dwarves
  88. [Fic] Squadron Legacy, Chapter 9 (Rewrite)
  89. [Fic] Star Wars: The Lord of Hunger
  90. [NSW-Fic] Three Moons
  91. [NSW-Fic] Three Moons: The Pursuit of Happiness
  92. [Fic] Squadron Legacy, Chapter 10
  93. [NSW-Fic] Dark side of the Mirror
  94. [Fic] Star Wars: The Wedding of the Jedi
  96. [NSW-Fic] Dark side of the Mirror Redux II
  97. [NSW-Fic] The Great Khan of Space
  98. [NSW-Fic] Marco Polo
  99. [Fic] Loss
  100. [NSW-Fic] Blessed be man, for the sake of the one Pious!
  101. [NSW-Fic] Duel to the Death (Kung Fu Story)
  102. [Fic] SIGHTLESS
  103. [Fic] A Good Man
  104. [NSW-Fic] The Day the Earth Stood Still: My way
  105. [Fic] Star Wars: Betrayal
  106. [NSW-Fic] The Legendary Zhuge Liang
  107. [NSW-Fic] The Legendary Zhuge Liang - II
  108. [NSW-Fic] The Legendary Zhuge Liang - III
  109. [NSW-Fic] The Legendary Zhuge Liang - IV
  110. [NSW-Fic] The Legendary Zhuge Liang - V
  111. [NSW-Fic] The Legendary Zhuge Liang - VI
  112. [NSW-Fic] The Legendary Zhuge Liang - VII
  113. [NSW-Fic] The Legendary Zhuge Liang - VIII
  114. [NSW-Fic] The Legendary Zhuge Liang - IX
  115. [NSW-Fic] The Legendary Zhuge Liang - X
  116. [NSW-Fic] The Legendary Zhuge Liang - XI
  117. [Poetry] Poetic Collection
  118. [Fic] Star Wars: Another Choice.
  119. [Fic] The Tools of the Hunter
  120. [NSW-Fic] The Legendary Zhuge Liang - XII
  121. [NSW-Fic] The Legendary Zhuge Liang - XIII
  122. [NSW-Fic] The Legendary Zhuge Liang - XIV
  123. [NSW-Fic] The Legendary Zhuge Liang - XV
  124. [NSW-Fic] The Legendary Zhuge Liang - XVI
  125. [NSW-Fic] The Emperor and the Hero (Wuxia Story)
  126. [NSW-Fic] Fists of Blood (Wuxia Novel)
  127. [Fic] Star Wars: The Road Not Taken
  128. [NSW-Fic] Lung Chang I - Feast on the Snowy Mountain (Wuxia)
  129. [NSW-Fic] Lung Chang II - Red Feathered Golden Needles (Wuxia)
  130. [NSW-Fic] Lung Chang III - The Four Devils of Shandong (Wuxia)
  131. [Fic] AU: KOTOR III: THE PULSE: Pain in my Brain
  132. [NSW-Fic] Lung Chang IV - Meeting of the Orthodox Sects on Mt. Kunlun
  133. [NSW-Fic] Battle of Two Giants (Historical Fiction)
  134. [Fic] Another time, Another place, Another life
  135. [NSW-Fic] FORMLESS: Prologue
  136. [NSW-Fic] FORMLESS: Chapter 1: An Eightfold Fortune
  137. [NSW-Fic] FORMLESS: Chapter 2: Of Masters and Slaves
  138. [Other] FORMLESS: Chapter 3: Interlude: The Dragon Speaks
  139. [NSW-Fic] FORMLESS: Chapter 4: Before the Dawn
  140. [NSW-Fic] FORMLESS: Chapter 5: The Selection
  141. [NSW-Fic] Test Run For My Online Writing Course
  142. [Other] Test Run #2 For My Online Writing Course
  143. [NSW-Fic] Drunken
  144. [NSW-Fic] The Monk and the Temptations
  145. [NSW-Fic] Final Project for my Beginning Writers' Workshop
  146. [Other] A Critic's problems
  147. [Other] The Padawan's 2 Cents
  148. KOTOR Episode III: The Circle of Fate
  149. [Other] Sahara (1995) with Jim Belushi
  150. [Fic] Star Wars: The Last Hero (I)
  152. [Fic] Star Wars: The Last Hero (II)
  153. [Fic] Star Wars: The Last Hero (III)
  156. [FIN Fic] Knights of the Old Republic: Broken Souls – A Fan Film
  157. [NSW-Fic] Story bits and info concerning wizards of the Aetherium
  158. [Fic] Star Wars: To Begin Again
  159. [Other] Changes happening in LucasForums and LFN in general
  160. [Fic] A Spark in the Void (Chapter I)
  161. [Fic] Homecoming