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  1. [KOTOR] The Holowan Extradimensional Emporium is open for business!
  2. [KOTOR] Holowan CloakWorks
  3. [KOTOR] Eliminate Turret Minigame
  4. [KOTOR] Recruitable Yuthura mod
  5. [KOTOR] New Female PC
  6. [KOTOR] Modern Jedi Robes 0.9
  7. [KOTOR] Firearms!! Mod 0.8
  8. [KOTOR] WIP: Ep2 style Jedi robes
  9. [KOTOR] Easy swoop racing courses mod
  10. [KOTOR] Released: mod to change saber blade colours
  11. [KOTOR] My mod site is now open come and get e'm
  12. [KOTOR] Holowan Plug-in betav0.3
  13. [KOTOR] Ebon Hawk Basement
  14. [KOTOR] Mech Malak skin by svösh
  15. [KOTOR] KASHYYYK CLOTHES reskin of jolee by svösh
  16. [KOTOR] GOOD / EVIL Bastila skins by svösh
  17. [KOTOR] R2-D2 KOTOR style! Well, sort of...
  18. [KOTOR] Bandon is recruitable
  19. [KOTOR] The Holowan spire released
  20. [KOTOR] Deadeye Duncan on Manaan
  21. [KOTOR] Darth Arachne (Sith Bastila) updates
  22. [KOTOR] Harddrive leftovers: pseudo stormtrooper and dark jedi
  23. [KOTOR] Revan Redemption Robes : By svösh T7 Darth333
  24. [KOTOR] Sith Armada ---> DownLoad here
  25. [KOTOR] Female Scoundrel Clothes
  26. [KOTOR] NEW FORCE POWER: turn ennemies into allies
  27. [KOTOR] Exar Kun's Tomb
  28. [KOTOR] Pink Sabers up at pcgamemods (and a few Q's)
  29. [KOTOR] UPDATE: Easy Warping Armband - useful for testing mods
  30. [KOTOR] FINISHED! Selectable Aayla Secura skin at start-up
  31. [KOTOR] Reign Of The Sith Mod Is Out
  32. [KOTOR] Recruitable RedHawke Released!
  33. [KOTOR] My Item Packs, Revan The White Pack Bugs N Notes
  34. [KOTOR] Red, Gray, Yellow, Blue, Pink Jedi Robes Pack up at Pcgamemods
  35. [KOTOR] Dark Jedi, Sith Master Robe/Uniform Pack up at my site
  36. [KOTOR] Jedi General Robes Pack up at my site
  37. [KOTOR] Improved Sith Artifacts up at my site
  38. [KOTOR] Enhanced Terminator Droid Pack now out at my site
  39. [KOTOR] Make Mission A Jedi Mod Released at my site
  40. [KOTOR] I am Jedi!
  41. [KOTOR] {K1} Achilles' Jedi Counsel mod is available to download
  42. [KOTOR] Elder Rodian Merchant Mod Released at my site
  43. [KOTOR] Star Forge Workbench Mod up at My site
  44. [KOTOR] Updated Achilles Force Pike with a new model
  45. [KOTOR] NEW! Easy Turret mini game mod
  46. [KOTOR] Caucasian Mission Mod released at PcGameMods and My Site
  47. [KOTOR] New! Silly Force power for Mono_Giganto: tach morphing!
  48. [KOTOR] Weebul & Utiinii's Shop Released (New Areas) at my site
  49. [KOTOR] AIOFPM version 3.0.1 (all-in-one-force powers) - KotOR 1 -
  50. [KOTOR] Juhani Siberian Cathar Mod up at pcgamemods
  51. [KOTOR] Hv88 NEW blaster model by svösh
  52. [KOTOR] Juhani's Sanctuary Threads by svösh
  53. [KOTOR] New! Party manager & spawning armband
  54. [KOTOR] Manaan Selkath Door Relief Mod
  55. [KOTOR] Canderous Melee mod is available for download
  56. [KOTOR] Red/Crimson Droid Skins up at pcgamemods
  57. [KOTOR] Crimson Sith Templar (Mask, Gloves, and Robes) up at My Site
  58. [KOTOR] Advanced Baragwin Droid Upgrades are available for download
  59. [KOTOR] Juhani Robe And saber Pack
  60. [KOTOR] Verpine Modular Light Armor up at My Site
  61. [KOTOR] Antegan Safety Light Armor up at My Site
  62. [KOTOR] Verpine Reflec Light and Heavy Armors up at My Site
  63. [KOTOR] Bargawin Glazed Heavy Armor and Sith Modular Tremor Sword Pack for Download
  64. [KOTOR] Make Carth A Jedi Mod released at My Site
  65. [KOTOR] Achilles' "very ambitious" KotOR robes mod is available for download
  66. [KOTOR] I Am Chewbacca!
  67. [KOTOR] Planet ORD Mandell Released (New Areas)
  68. [KOTOR] Dedicated to all lovely ladies of Holowan (Carth Underwear)
  69. [KOTOR] Only Imperial Stormtroopers are so precise
  70. [KOTOR] Verpine Implant Integration Visor
  71. [KOTOR] Make Canderous A Dark Jedi Mod Released at my site
  72. [KOTOR] Carth's Infiltrator Suit
  73. [KOTOR] The Roleplay Padawan Mod
  74. [KOTOR] Bastila Clothes for Female PC's now up at my site
  75. [KOTOR] Revan Items (upgradeable) Available
  76. [KOTOR] Jolee's Clothes for Male PC's now up at my site
  77. [KOTOR] Revan's Longsaber mod now available
  78. [KOTOR] Segan Wyndh Armor Released! ...finally...
  79. [KOTOR] Longsaber Crystal Pack now RELEASED!
  80. [KOTOR] Imperial Stormtrooper Mod: now available for download
  81. [KOTOR] [Updated]Revans Mask Plus+ 2.0
  82. [KOTOR] Bastila's Revelation Robes ARE Available!
  83. [KOTOR] What Uzi’s for KotOR ???
  84. [KOTOR] Juhani's Dark Robes AVAILABLE! (finally)
  85. [KOTOR] Sith Battle VibroBlade
  86. [KOTOR] Lightsabers: An Elegant Weapon from a more civilized day
  87. [KOTOR] Clone Troopers Mod [part of the MECK Project] Released!
  88. [KOTOR] Force Sensitive Mod thoughts
  89. [KOTOR] LB War Axe Set Mod now available!
  90. [KOTOR] New Weapon Pack Finally Released
  91. [KOTOR] MECK Project - Enter Jabba's Palace side quest
  92. [KOTOR] Cheesy Xmas Pack By svösh & T7nowhere
  93. [KOTOR] Qui-gon Jin's Lightsaber
  94. [KOTOR] Chained Force Lightning
  95. [KOTOR] My mods are finally available in English
  96. [KOTOR] Segan Wyndh's Sabers Are Available!
  97. [KOTOR] Kamino Eugenics Chamber is up at My Site.
  98. [TSL] Simple KOTOR 2 mod
  99. [KOTOR] Ebon Hawk Construction Bench is now up at My Site
  100. [KOTOR] MECK Project - The Insidious Plot
  101. [KOTOR] Recruit Rojem A'Sai Mod Released
  102. [KOTOR] Happy Birthday tk102! New side-quest & areas
  103. [KOTOR] New Exar Kun DoubleSaber Hilt
  104. [KOTOR] Tomb of Jesset Dal'Kest Available for download at PCGamemods.
  105. [KOTOR] Xia Terashai Set now Available!
  106. [TSL] New force power! Lightsaber floating
  107. [TSL] Make Robes At The Workbench Mod is now up at My Site
  108. [TSL] Easy Swoop racing TSL
  109. [TSL] Exile's Item Pack now up at my site.
  110. [TSL] Shiny Madalorians and non-Plastic Aliens
  111. [TSL] Nequam's Stuff
  112. [TSL] Lab Station Implant Factory
  113. [TSL] Beginning Items Mod now up at my site.
  114. [TSL] Hardcore Tsl
  115. [TSL] Segan Wyndh Armor v2.0 up at PCGamemods.com
  116. [TSL] Full Item Creation Mod
  117. [TSL] Anti-Hardcore Lighsabers
  118. [TSL] Hk 47 for TSL as he should have been ;)
  119. [TSL] New simple mod: unlocked doors on Nar Shadaa and Khoonda
  120. [TSL] Mistake Correction Armband now up at my site
  121. [TSL] -Holo Droid- Emitter band (Available at PcGameMods.com)
  122. [TSL] Prestiege Class Robes & Saber Pack now up at my site!
  123. [TSL] Finally: A Mod to skip (most of) Peragus
  124. [TSL] TSL-Painted Droid mod
  125. [TSL] New Female PC Pack Update
  126. [TSL] Prestiege Class Bonus Mod is now up at my site.
  127. [TSL] Make Revan Robes At The Workbench Mod is now up at my site
  128. [TSL] Jabba's Palace Themed Dancer Outfit Additions + Additional Fixes
  129. [TSL] [TSL Mod] Prestige Allies & 5 New Robes...
  130. [TSL] Firearms Mod 3.0
  131. [TSL] subtle darkside change mod
  132. [TSL] My Robe Release
  133. [TSL] Achilles Robe Mod is available for download
  134. [TSL] Imperial Stormtroopers: TSL Style
  135. [TSL] Force Zombie???
  136. [TSL] Greatsabers v0.2 at PCGamemods
  137. [TSL] Lightsaber Crystal Expansion [REL]
  138. [TSL] Clone Troopers for TSL Released
  139. [KOTOR] recruitable Vandar: my first mod released
  140. [TSL] Jedi v. Sith Armor Pack + Mask Model Fix
  141. [TSL] Echani Atton w/custom robe MOD 4 download
  142. [TSL] Achilles's Game Balance Mod is available for download...
  143. [TSL] Darksword Mod is now Available!
  144. [KOTOR] Yoda, now a recruitable NPC of KotOR
  145. [TSL] Real Darth Nihilus Released!
  146. [TSL] Movie Style Jedi Robes and Armour Mod released
  147. [TSL] Additional Dark Jedi script released
  148. [TSL] Bug Fix: Secret compartment on Ebon Hawk
  149. [TSL] Instant Kill Sabers
  150. [TSL] Master + padawan collar fix by svösh
  151. [TSL] The Exile's General Uniform Pack now up at my site
  152. [TSL] "Disciple, Would You Please SHUT UP!" Mod is available for download
  153. [TSL] Padawan Robe Templates are available for download
  154. [TSL] Achilles' Lab Bench Mod is now available
  155. [TSL] "I prefer my bounty hunters without saddlebags" mod is available for download
  156. [TSL] DarthMoeller and DarthSmallz' Robe and Lightsaber Reskin Pack Released
  157. [KOTOR] Clear Core Saber Crystals, my fifth mod released
  158. [TSL] KotOR Style Jedi Council Tunics Mod Released
  159. [TSL] Mira Scary-Go-Round Reskin
  160. [TSL] Purple Female Twi'lek Selectable PC Head
  161. [TSL] REL: Exile Robes
  162. [TSL] Standard Robe Pack for use with svösh's Robe Collar Fix
  163. [TSL] Upgrading DL-44 Blaster
  164. [TSL] Remodeled Dopak, New Selectable PC.
  165. [TSL] [REL] TSL Hak Pad Mod now available!
  166. SWK's Weekly Mod Report (notification)
  167. [TSL] [REL] Bao-Dur's Charged Armor
  168. [TSL] USM Released!!!
  169. [TSL] Twi'lek Exile with custom robe and clothes (requested)
  170. [TSL] New Selectable PC/Reskin of PMHC01A
  171. [TSL] svösh’s Collar Fix - 15 Master robe textures
  172. [TSL] Zabrak Field Goggles Mark II
  173. [TSL] High Level Force Powers V2.1 released
  174. [TSL] Jedi & Sith Masks Mod Released!
  175. [TSL] Exile's Item Pack Mod Released!
  176. [TSL] MOD RELEASE: Colma Adawin Sabres
  177. [TSL] Movie Style Robes Released
  178. [TSL] [REL]New T3 Textures and body.
  179. [TSL] [REL]Holowan Plugin
  180. [REL]Holowan Plugin
  181. Pure Pazaak: Standalone Multiplayer Pazaak!
  182. [TSL] [REL]Defender's Wrist Console
  183. [TSL] Holowan Cloakworks 2
  184. [TSL] RedHawke's TSL Armor Pack Now Up At My Site
  185. [TSL] New Selectable PC - PMHC05 Released!
  186. [TSL] New Selectable PC - Reskinned Zherron Released!
  187. [TSL] Combat Simulation Arena v4
  188. [TSL] TSL Multi-Stim, Now Available!
  189. [TSL] My Saber Restoration Project
  190. [TSL] My 4 new detonators mod *re-up'ed at pcgamemods*
  191. [TSL] Force Choke Anyone - v.1.2
  192. [TSL] Tach Morphing force power: Happy BD Mono_Giganto!
  193. [TSL] Lord Mathus Lightsaber Pack
  194. [TSL] Iridonian Invasion Armor
  195. [KOTOR] [REL]Lightsaber Forms for KOTOR1
  196. Useful Resources
  197. IMPORTANT: read before posting
  198. [TSL] "Animated Blade for Lightsaber" mod and "10 Lightsaber Models" mod
  199. [TSL] Darth bao dur and handmaiden reskins
  200. [KOTOR] Shameless Poser KOTOR Remix (Current Version: 0.2)
  201. [TSL] Jedi_Knight's (thats me) fixing's
  202. PCGM upgrade and broken links!
  203. [TSL] Dale03ster's TSL Reskin Pack
  204. [TSL] Voyager763's mods
  205. [TSL] Fixed Music Menu v1.0
  206. [TSL] Droid Speed Upgrades released
  207. [KOTOR] Kotor Camera Views!
  208. [TSL] Black (translucent) Beam Sabers
  209. [KOTOR/TSL] Shem's KOTOR and TSL Mods
  210. [KOTOR] Darth Damstrak's First Mod (Darth Chuundar)
  211. [TSL] vanir's tsl tweak v1.03
  212. [TSL] 2 new lightsaber hilts for TSL
  213. [TSL] 9 NEW DoublebladeLightsaber Hilts
  214. [KOTOR] Ed,Ed,And Eddy startup/pepperhawk startup pic
  215. [TSL] blonde-blue eyes(lemonhead extreme!!!!)(last patch)
  216. [TSL] New playable female PC: "Green Twi'lek"
  217. [TSL] Orange Lightsaber (request by MdKnightR)
  218. [TSL] Another HK-50 reskin
  219. [TSL] Hide weapons in animations
  220. [KOTOR] The Kotor Fixer!
  221. [KOTOR] "Bastila Hardcore" Mod has gone gold!
  222. [TSL] 9 New ShortLightsaber Hilts
  223. [TSL] Master Infitrator's Gloves v. 1.0
  224. [TSL] Outer Rim Imports mods released
  225. [TSL] New Loading Screens for TSL released
  226. [TSL] Jedi_Knight's Movie Sabers
  227. [KOTOR] Operation Kill Bastilla v1.0 ("Sith troopers chasing Bastilla")
  228. [TSL] "Heart of the Force" Sabers
  229. [TSL] Fire and Ice robes, Atris's Gift, and new handmaiden clothing
  230. [TSL] Duo-tone sabers for TSL ver. 1.0.0
  231. [TSL] "Improved Atris" is ready to fight!
  232. [KOTOR] Chiss Canderous & Master Vrook Released!
  233. [TSL] Peragus Discovery Released
  234. [TSL] Outer Rim Imports Upgrade Pack 1 v2 Released
  235. [TSL] Outer Rim Imports Upgrade Pack 2 v2 Released
  236. [TSL] Outer Rim Imports Weapons Pack
  237. [TSL] Outer Rim Imports Droid Pack
  238. [TSL] Outer Rim Imports Droid Pack 2
  239. [TSL] Outer Rim Imports Stock Package 1
  240. [KOTOR] A more feminine Revan cutscene model
  241. [KOTOR] 2 Altered Endings
  242. [KOTOR/TSL] Bodysuit Bastila
  243. [TSL] AVol's Darth Vader
  244. [TSL] Force Chain & Mentor Robes- by request
  245. [TSL] New Items
  246. [TSL] Mara Jade Dancer Outfit
  247. [TSL] Feenix's Class, Influence and Skill Mod
  248. [TSL] Phantom's Happy Halloween Mod
  249. [KOTOR] Revan Cutscene Fixed Force Powers
  250. [TSL] Atton's Sith Uniform