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  1. Kotor Tool - v1.0.2210.16738 (2006-1-19 12:38)
  2. Accursed Module Editor (Help? Please?)
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  11. Module Editor Problems
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  15. Module Editor Won't Save or Build.
  16. ktp file format
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  20. Help for Newbies
  21. Error message
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  23. Run time error in game
  24. Need some help opening a 2da
  25. Compiling Error
  26. Problem with Character Editor
  27. cant do anything with kt
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  30. Just in time debugging
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  34. Fred Tetra returns
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  36. How to make new maps?
  37. Problem with converting TPC to TGA
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  39. How KT is licenced?
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  42. Text / Script Editing With Kotor Tool
  43. Description error...
  44. .NET framework on mac!
  45. chitin.key
  46. Help with KotOR Tool...
  47. Another problem with the Character editor
  48. Changes not saving
  49. i need someone to send me something please...
  50. uti/utc error
  51. xbox
  52. How do i edit attribute amounts?
  53. Scripts won't open in KotOR Tool
  54. How can I get KOTOR TOOL
  55. I need Help!!! (KotOR Tool and Registry)
  56. help use kotor tool
  57. That darn .net Framework
  58. Cannot download kotor tool, please help
  59. troble Downloading the .map files
  60. I don't understand how to use KotOR Tool
  61. Kotor tool for mac?
  62. Module Editor Problem
  63. Object reference not set to instance
  64. unable to open input file error
  65. 'Null path' errors
  66. Kotor tool crash what am i doing wrong?
  67. I'm trying to make some maps but having problems..
  68. kotor tool
  69. KotOR Tool, non-standard file paths, chitin.key, and 2da questions
  70. trouble downloading tool from the site
  71. KOTOR Tool Maps
  72. Help with Modual Editing
  73. Help with Module Editor
  75. KOTOR tool problem
  76. Error at Startup - What am I doing wrong?
  77. Placeables invisible
  78. KotOR game files invisible for kotor tool
  80. What tools open what files for KOTOR 2 TSL mods?
  81. KotOR Tool wont open my cutomized uti files - HELP
  82. Help! please! (can't find KotOR Tool download link)
  83. Which helper tools go with KotOR Tool, and where do they go?
  84. Chitin.key problem
  85. tweaking a mod item ?
  86. How do I use nwnnsscomp? (was: Any help please?)
  87. Maps...
  88. Cannot Open Custom Scripts
  89. KT error crash
  90. Cant open KOTOR Tool
  91. KOTOR Tool Help!!!!
  92. Just Wanting To know
  93. Control of the camera??
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  95. Can I download KotOR Tool from anywhere other than starwarsknights?
  96. Blank KT Window
  97. KT Problem!
  98. Which KOTOR Tool version works with the x-box?
  99. HUGE KOTOR Tool Problem!!
  100. KT can't extract TSL player models?
  101. Required for new modules?
  102. Utc KT Problem
  103. Extreme noob at kotor tool needs help...
  104. Getting 2 map
  105. Waypoint Editing
  106. need help with script editor
  107. Module Editor does not work
  108. Questions about KOTOR Tool
  109. Changing the Classes
  110. Uploading .MAP files into KOTOR Tool
  111. How do i find Custom items?
  112. could not read beyond the stream...
  113. a question.
  114. Bringing K2 modules into K1 and vis versa
  115. Kotor Tools won't work! Neeed Help!
  116. Kotor Tool Error!
  117. Problems with KotOR Tool
  118. KoToR tool won't even start
  119. Application Failed to Initialize properly...
  120. How do I extract a dlg file from KotOR
  121. Crash with KOTOR Tool
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  123. /NCRC commandline switch
  124. KOTOR tool problems
  125. problem with kotor tool
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  129. Help with Module Creation
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  131. KOTOR Tool's (Text Editor) glitch
  132. Appearance Help
  133. Handmaiden appearence...
  134. Is it possible to....
  135. Extracting global.jrl from _newbif.bif
  136. Kotor Tool not working...
  137. Adding placables and Npcs to the refugee landing pad
  138. KOTOR TOOL Where to download
  139. How Create the MAP file?
  140. How to... in Linux?
  141. KotOR Tool Problem
  142. How to add Custom Items in KT
  143. Error when installed
  144. Problem with the KOTOR Tool
  145. g_i_mask22.uti
  146. when i save the mod i cant use it help me
  147. Having trouble with finding Textures
  148. How to change character's inventory, weapons etc
  149. Kotor tool
  150. Fail to initialize (0xc000007b)
  151. KT Confusion
  152. About classes and the class.2da please help.
  153. Appearance 2DA and UTI Question
  154. finding Models
  155. KTool errors
  156. kotor tool help
  157. Help working the tool
  158. K1 Kotor tool module editor problem
  159. KTool won't start...
  160. KotOR Tool Script Error
  161. KTool not working, no chitin.key
  162. help please
  163. Kotor Tool: TSL Not in Registry
  164. Kotor Tool - Out of Range Exception
  165. Restore dialogue.tlk with KOTOR TOOL?
  166. Having trouble with opening .Uti files
  167. help with dialog trees and condition checks
  168. need npc head to pc tutorial :(
  169. KotoR tool problem!
  170. giving rifles and repeaters an extra attack.
  171. Where is the...
  172. Using Kotor Tool with Mac KOTOR (registry fix)
  173. New to KOTOR Tool and would like some help
  174. item apperance
  175. Uti Files Problem - Price & Properties
  176. Module Editor tool?
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  178. .uti Error
  179. Help - weapon stats change (TSL)
  180. removing my mask
  181. 2DA editor
  182. How do I make characters Holographic
  183. Kotor Tool Lightsaber color crystal
  184. Custom items cause game crash, please help!
  185. Kotor Tool Fails to open DLG files
  186. Having Trouble
  187. Trouble with Kotor Tool
  188. Only half a window?
  189. Not working.....
  190. Please help, kotor tool cant find my game!
  191. Problem With Kotor Tool
  192. Can't expand models.bif
  193. Error extracting robe models from kotor 2
  194. I saved the .utc file to my override folder but it won't show up in game-help
  195. Help editing inventory
  196. Kotor tool help please!!!!
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  200. Star Wars Knights of the old Republic 3: Vengeance
  201. Can't download KotOR Tool
  202. I have scripting problems
  203. A bit confusing item naming and description in kotortool.
  204. Kotor Tool Error
  205. Script
  206. Kotor Tool Source Code! - View it here -
  207. Kotor Tools Registration
  208. I have no skill at this
  209. Bif tree does not expand,can someone send their swkotor2 chitin.key?
  210. KotOR tool can't detect my Steam KotORs
  211. Kotor Tool 1.0.2210.1673 in Linux/Wine