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  1. Lego Star Wars 2: All the Characters in the Galaxy
  2. Star Wars Toys, New DVD release and Lego Star Wars 2
  3. MechAssault Dev Teams Up with LucasArts
  4. LucasArts Joins Forces with Free Radical Design to Create New
  5. LucasArts releases Star Wars: The Best of PC
  6. LucasArts secures five nominations in the AIAS Annual Awards
  7. LucasArts Musicians Honored at Game Audio Network Guild's Audio Awards
  8. LucasArts and Day 1 Studios Reshape Next-Generation Entertainment With Fracture™
  9. Star Wars Battlefront®: Renegade Squadron™ Sends PSP® System Owners to the Front
  10. Kick Some Brick Through All Six Star Wars Movies in LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga
  11. LucasArts' Thrillville Goes Off the Rails for 2007
  12. Limited edition Star Wars PSP from Sony in ceramic white with Darth Vader silk-screen
  13. If Family Adventure Has a Name, It Must Be LEGO® Indiana Jones: The Videogame
  14. Star Wars® Empire at War®: Gold Pack Now Available
  15. LucasArts to Unleash the Force on the Wii in Spring 2008
  16. Star Wars Battlefront®: Renegade Squadron™ Now Available Exclusively for the PSP®
  17. LucasArts and BioWare Corp. to Create Ground-Breaking Interactive Entertainment Produ
  18. Darrell Rodriguez Named President of LucasArts
  19. The Force Will Be Unleashed on September 16
  20. Master the Lightsaber this Holiday with Star Wars: The Clone Wars on Wii and DS
  21. Lucasarts, SOE Announce Online Star Wars Galaxies CCG
  22. Demo for Star Wars: The Force Unleashed coming on August 21 on XBL and PSN
  23. LucasArts launch party for The Force Unleashed to be held on Sept. 15
  24. Fracture demo available Sept. 18!
  25. The Force, Released!
  26. Fracture Demo Now Available On Xbox Live Marketplace And Playstation Network
  27. Fracture Blasts Its Way Onto Retail
  29. Star Wars: The Clone Wars Battles Its Way To Wii and Nintendo DS
  30. LucasArts and Activision Publishing Renew Distribution Agreement
  31. Star Wars The Clone Wars: Republic Heroes Comes to the Rescue This September
  32. Star Wars Battlefront: Elite Squadron Storms Sony PSP and Nintendo DS this Fall
  33. LEGO® Indiana Jones™ Whips Up a New Adventure
  34. Shiver Me Timbers! Monkey Island® Is Back This Summer!
  35. LucasArts Continues Initiative to Revive Classic Gaming Titles
  36. Star Wars®: The Force Unleashed™ Expands Again!
  37. LucasArts Announces Lucidity™
  38. LucasArts Announces Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II
  39. LucasArts and TT Games announce LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars
  40. Big Whoop! Monkey Island 2 Special Edition: LeChuck’s Revenge Sets Sail This Summer
  41. Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures
  42. EA and LucasArts Enter Into New Global Publishing Agreement for SW: The Old Republic
  43. The Battle for Bricks Just Got Bigger!
  44. LucasArts Signs Multi-Year, Studio-Wide Unreal Engine 3 Licensing Agreement
  45. Star Wars Galaxies End of Life Announcement
  46. Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ Goes Live Today
  47. Star Wars: The Old Republic Jumps to Light Speed
  48. Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ Continues Meteoric Rise
  49. LucasArts officially announces Star Wars 1313