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  1. Poll: 8th May - 14th
  2. WTH a pirate controlling the SSD Eclipse?
  3. Forum guidelines
  4. Press release for FoC
  5. Imperial and Rebel forces and their interactions with Pirates
  6. Does this mean...
  7. Units and planets seen in the trailer
  8. Official Trailer - view or download it
  9. Has the expansion got you excited?
  10. Death Star II
  11. FoC Boxart
  12. Voice Actor for Zann
  13. Petroglyph... Some Requests Of Minor Scale
  14. New Stuff That will be in game
  15. Watch the battles...
  16. Devs please reconsider
  17. Heroes I'd Like to See in Expansion
  18. How to balance the mighty SSD
  19. Forces of Acclamators
  20. New plantets: Bespin and Kamino
  21. Petroglyph updates their site with Forces of Corruption (Trailer, Previews, Screens)
  22. The Mustafar System
  23. Exclusive E3 Footage of Forces of Corruption!
  24. Vader vs Luke hero battle???
  25. Palpatine Vs Yoda: the rematch
  26. Noghri Death Commandos
  27. Expansion previews
  28. Foc featuring units we havnt thought of?
  29. Devs: Give them the darksaber instead please
  30. what will happen to Tarkin?
  31. EaW.net launches 'Corrupt' site
  32. Critical features remain unanswered...(fill the list)
  33. How will the the new time frame work in Galactic Conquest mode?
  34. Multiplayer
  35. Cinematic camera
  36. Were they[petro] planning this expansion before they came out with EAW?
  37. SSD too weak?
  38. FoC demo?
  39. Petroglyph & LucasArts - The Future...
  40. Fighting The Underworld?...
  41. FoC Campaigns?
  42. Still no AT-PT in FoC ?
  43. The 'Corrupt' side are sly but shouldn't the Rebels benefit from these 'tactics'?
  44. Game speed on galactic map
  45. Just who is Tyber Zann?
  46. Patch 1.04 has been Released
  47. This could be the counter for The Executor Super Star Destroyer???
  48. Things that need to be fixed for this game your ideas
  49. Please tell me you will still be able to play empire in story mode in expanision
  50. New Rebellion Space Units
  51. 3-way campaigns?
  52. FoC: Chat Transcript 25/5/06
  53. Question regarding Defender
  54. Some New Random Events...
  55. The powers of the emperor in FOC is he over or underpowered?
  56. What can these ships be?
  57. FoC doubts and suggestions
  58. Eclipse ?
  59. Infantry
  60. Arc Hammer
  61. Thrawn confirmed!!
  62. when is FoC released?
  63. EaW matchup: Emperor V Yoda?
  64. Cloaking ability
  65. More Customizable Gameplay?
  66. New tech?
  67. Beast's
  68. Question (Dev Help or otherwise)
  69. "Now, Your Highness, we will discuss the location of your hidden Rebel base."
  70. Planet Mandalore
  71. Which Faction will control Eclipse
  73. How strong is the Death Star II going to be?
  74. Announcement: Forces of Corruption Q&A
  75. Designer Diaries
  76. Crazy Projectiles??
  77. the underworld sounds like a fun faction to play...
  78. FOC release date...
  79. FOC Video at Gamespot
  80. Simon the killer ewok
  81. Get your podcast on!
  82. Designer Diary #2
  83. NEW Screenshots!
  84. Which feature are you most excited about?
  85. Size Comparison between the Executor and the Eclipse
  86. About The New Petroglyph Video Podcast!!!
  87. WHO'S EXCITED!!!
  88. Expansion
  89. MC90 in FOC
  90. Suggestion: A different recruitment system for the Underworld
  91. What is this mysterious Sith artifact?
  92. Petroglyph release 4 exclusive FoC pics
  93. Dark Trooper Size
  94. Three way battles?
  95. Petroglyph Podcast #4 Hot outta the Audio Room! Also Taking Requests
  96. Mandalorians?
  97. Question about the Death Star 2
  98. Will they...
  99. story campaign and galactic conquest
  100. The Underworld 'named' - Zann Consortium???
  101. Concept Art & Screenshots Released on Petroglyphgames.com
  102. Forces of Corruption - The Legacy of Cain
  103. question regarding the new TIES
  104. Q&A Friday 1st Sept AND............
  105. Planet-specific units in FoC
  106. Q&A answered
  107. R2-D2 and C-3PO
  108. Live Dev chat 29/9/06
  109. FOC preview Tonite on gamespot
  110. thawn is campaign only?
  111. Interview
  112. Confusion
  113. Looking forward to most
  114. Lack of updates
  115. New Skirmish Maps
  116. Release date??
  117. DROIDEKAS & DEFILERS Located at Petroglyph
  118. Just a few Questions
  119. UK price at Launch
  120. Orbital Bombardment
  121. Admiral Piett ditching his ISD for Executor?
  122. New Preview SERIES at IGN
  123. AI and FoC's new features
  124. Forces of Corruption in stores in October
  125. the new units
  126. About FOC 'story' campaign
  127. New Heros Replacing Old?
  128. Where's the XFire chat transcript?
  129. will the english expantion work with the german eaw?
  130. Will the Online part be upgraded?
  131. Mon Calamari Frigate
  132. Expansion Hero Musings
  133. new galactic conquest features
  134. Motherload of Pictures
  135. Commander Bonuses II
  136. How will the Executor be acquired?
  137. New IGN FoC videos
  138. Bespin
  139. Petroglyph Podcast, Urai Fen & Kedalbe Art/Screenshots, Wallpapers & Raffle!
  140. Foc demo to be on fileplanet?
  141. MTV Videos, New Gamespot Designer Diary + more!
  142. new pics
  143. Live Dev Chat Transcript - 09/29/2006
  144. October 5th: FoC Demo coming!
  145. Who commands the Merciless?
  146. Will Demo require full game?
  147. New Campaigns?
  148. October 3rd. Download 99% of the DEMO! Click here to find out how
  149. Aliance??
  150. Garm Bel Iblis
  151. O/T but information.. My time has come to an end.
  152. A Couple of
  153. Galactic Conquest Coop
  154. Demo October 5th !!!
  155. Noghri
  156. Zann's ground--->space weapon is?
  157. News from the Underworld!
  158. Tyber Dossier Up! Also 2 New Wallpapers! (Tyber & Silri)
  159. thank you devs
  160. Demo Thread! (First impressions)
  161. Twi'lek Dancer?
  162. Demo download mirrors
  163. a question for the devs
  164. FoC: Screenshots (spoilers so beware!)
  166. Demo story
  167. FoC goes GOLD!
  168. Tartan Patrol Cruiser.
  169. FoC: The Small Mod
  170. -Capital Ships-
  171. Official Website?
  172. Droidekas in space?
  173. Lack of Rebel Units?
  174. Pathfinders and transports in fleet combat
  175. Console Version
  176. Xizor
  177. What Review score you reckon it will get from IGN?
  178. Got my copy, did you get yours?
  179. Got the expansion? Post your first impressions!
  181. Why does US always get the multi CD version??
  182. The Eclipse
  183. Urai Fen
  184. Your Impressions of FoC?
  185. A few problems or Questions about FOC!?!
  186. Some balance issues...
  187. Major graphics and gameplay bug, please read!
  188. Here's how to get Executor in skirmish
  189. Expansion pack...I think not
  190. I'm having problems
  191. Goodbye, Vader (or: How the Executor really was destroyed)
  192. Obi Wan not dead?
  193. Stuck on campaign
  194. How do u get the eclipse?
  195. I can't get any random events in game
  196. Middle Class And Civilian Ships...
  197. ...
  198. Problem with the Death Star II Superlaser
  199. Luke Skywalker and Bel Iblis?
  200. not working
  201. Some Questions
  202. Camera Enhancement Mod and UI Hide possible?
  203. FOC Patch requests/suggestions/ideas
  204. a few questions about the expansion
  205. Gallofree transport
  206. Orbital Bombardment
  207. Coruscant (campaign)
  208. The Space Consortium
  209. So Few Online Players???
  210. Scenarios? Multiplayer scenarios?
  211. Luke good against the DSII?
  212. Moff tarkin problems...
  213. Anyone know when they will update the Map Editor?
  214. Consortium 5 hero raid
  215. Luke and Garm Bel Iblis in GC
  216. SW EaW Forces of Corruption
  217. capturing the eclipse
  218. Excellent, Very Excellent!
  219. Piracy
  220. Stuck in Eclipse mission
  221. An IMO slightly imba rebel strat
  222. no skin for SSD
  223. silri missing
  224. Units I have yet to find a use for
  225. Silri
  226. Corruption benfits the enemy?
  227. Patch Balance Thread at Petro
  228. Suggestion for GC objectives
  229. Disable one Faction?
  230. GC strategies - heroes and towers
  231. Pop cap in GC and space stations
  232. Any FoC FAQ/Walkthru?
  233. This is embarrassing, I need help with Mandalore Piracy Mission
  234. Overpowered Empire?
  235. Missing characters?
  236. trio on corusant
  237. ZC strategy during Campaign
  238. removing corruption
  239. List if All possable Slavery Units?
  240. Gargantuan (especially in raid fleets)
  241. Question and Bug Report
  242. Tyber Zann, buy option, Galactic conquest
  243. Question about Hero Clash
  244. Side Quest Thingy's in GC?
  245. There should be (map editor)
  246. Zann Consortium
  247. Consortium Pricing
  248. Dark Empire and the rest of the EU?
  249. problem with interface