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  1. Casting Call: Costumed Heroes
  2. CC| Zimmermann's War
  3. Star Trek: Glory of the Empire
  4. Perimeter: The Net
  5. Casting Call: Star Wars: The Sith Resurrection Part VI: Death to the Sith
  6. [WWII]The War of Times
  7. Awaken
  8. Magical Strike Force S
  9. Star Wars: The Crusades of Shadow
  10. Zombies Walk Part 2! (Recruitment)
  11. Sith Apprentice: Interception
  12. Age of Unreason (Vampire Hunting)
  13. Star Wars: Fugitives
  14. DDO/Dragon Age: Deathstage
  15. The Rogue (StarWars RP character Recruitment)
  16. [cc] Tales From Imladris
  17. Vor al Mando'a Casting Sheet
  18. Star Wars: Second Legacy Casting Sheet (43 ABY)
  19. Star Wars: Requisition
  20. Casting Call: The Mandalorian Wars
  21. Casting Call: Non-SW: The Eleventh Hour (PG-13)
  22. Castle: Retribution
  23. Casting Call: Star Wars: Resistance
  24. Tour of the Merrimack: The Ghosts of Pegasus RP
  25. Heavy Midnight - Character Sign-Up
  26. Reality of Pheyzosia Sign-up
  27. Star Trek: New Frontier
  28. Casting Call: Star Wars: The Rise of Revan
  29. Casting Call: Shadowrun: Bug City!
  30. The Forsaken Ones: Casting Call
  31. The Eternal War Sign-Up
  32. Star Wars: Legacy of Hope (Sign-Up)
  33. Betriebe: Neue Deutschland
  34. Way of Life Character Sign-up
  35. The streets of Coruscant: Sign up!
  36. [NSW] Casting Call- Days of Fall: Call to Arms
  37. Heavy Midnight 2 - Shards (Sign-Up)
  38. Bleach: The Hollow Uprising
  39. 20,000 BP (SW Early Republic RPG).
  40. Star Wars: Return of the Sith {Casting Call}
  41. 501st Legion casting call: we need grunts and specialists of any kind to join us!
  42. Left 4 Dead III - Casting Call
  43. Terminator 5: The End
  44. Crusade of the Sith Lord
  45. Mandalorian Wars: Casting call
  46. Hidden behind the Sight
  47. The Great Hyperspace War - Casting Call
  48. Darksiders - The Beginning
  49. Star Trek: Final Frontier (Casting call)
  50. Angel Chronicles Casting Call
  51. Battle Suit Utopia - Casting Call
  52. Plague of the Black Mist
  53. Casting Call: Star Wars: The Sith Resurrection Part VII: A Glimmer of Hope
  54. A League of Their Own: Casting Call
  55. Star Wars: The Rebuild of the Order.
  56. Casting Call: 8/32/64
  57. Magical Strike Force S2 - Rise of the Alphabet Mages
  58. Casting Call: Pirates
  59. In the Shaddow of the Bat
  60. Hunters of the Dead (Zombies Walk Total Recall)
  61. casting call-project echo
  62. Casting Call: KOTOR: Endgame
  63. Casting Call: SW KOTOR: Echec et Mat (Check and Mate)
  64. Casting Call: Star Wars: Rise of the Grandmaster (3 OTHERS NEEDED!)
  65. Immortal Pain
  66. Bleach: Ressurection
  67. Star Wars KOTOR: The Rising Threat
  68. Star Wars TOR: Love's Perilous Exchange (3 OTHERS NEEDED!)
  69. Star Wars: Inception
  70. Casting Call: Nirriven: Divided We Fall
  71. Star Wars: Party in the Galaxy!
  72. Gleeks' Revenge Episode 1: The Glee (Chess) Club!
  73. Synthestan, Episode I: Old Art versus New Science
  74. Dragon Age 2: Iron Heel, Iron Hand (The ANTI-HAWKE!)
  75. L'echange (The Exchange)
  76. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic: The Darkest Hour Cometh
  77. KOTOR: Check and Mate
  78. Anyone Up for a Steampunk Roleplay?
  79. Star Wars: Fighting for Peace
  80. Monster World: The Search for Zamock
  81. Vegas Dream: Total Nightmare!
  82. KOTOR: Shattered Reflections
  83. Fallout: New Vegas RP, anyone?
  84. Looking for a co-ceator for a RP guild.
  85. Mass Effect: Genesis
  86. Star Wars: Ruin's Empire [casting call]
  87. Shinobi: The Rising Darkness
  89. B.C.C.: Reavers
  90. Casting Call: Star Wars: The Sith Resurrection Part VIII: Wrath of the Empire
  91. BCC: Pawns of the Empire
  92. Casting Call: Mass Effect: Universe
  93. The Crown of Albion
  94. Dark Age of the Republic
  95. Casting Call: Star Wars: The Sith Resurrection Part IX: The Eleventh Hour
  96. Casting Call: The Start of an Empire
  97. Casting Call: A New Dawn
  98. Upheaval - The Brieder War (Reloaded :P)
  99. Casting Call: Purge! (A Fantasy RPG)
  100. Star Wars: Darkness and Honor
  101. Anyone interested in an Elder Scrolls roleplay...
  102. Mass Effect: Vindication
  103. Casting Call: Magical Strike Force S2
  104. Star Wars: The Darkness Within
  105. Dragon Age 3: Sundering
  106. Star Wars: The Rising Shadows
  107. Pirates and Privateers
  108. Casting Call: Warriors of Tivoros
  109. Star Wars: Shadow's Reach
  110. Star Wars: What Lies Within
  111. Star Wars: The Price of Resistance
  112. Casting Call/OOC Thread: Concerning Mr. Grey
  113. Star Wars: Riches and Glory
  114. BCC: A Girl, a Genius, and a Golem
  115. Heroes: The Fall
  116. BCC: KOTOR III: Reckoning
  117. Legacy: Blood of the Moonborn
  118. Star Wars: Facing Destiny
  119. BCC: KOTOR III: In Search of Darkness
  120. [Idea] Anyone Interested in Roleplaying Kreia?
  121. BCC: AU: The Trayus Legacy
  122. BCC Mass Effect: Survival
  123. Star Wars The Old Republic: The Silence
  124. Star Wars: Annihilation.
  125. Heroes: Rising Dawn
  126. Star Wars Order 66: Refugees
  127. Final Fantasy: Ex Machina (Casting Call)
  128. Mech Warriors: Rebellion
  129. BCC: Void: A Fantasy RPG