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  1. Question About Religion
  2. The use of deadly force....
  3. Replies to stupid comments by poliricians worldwide...
  4. Does Negative Campaigning Affect Your Decision to Vote
  5. Saddam Hussein
  6. Saddam's Execution
  7. US War Deficit & US Domestic Deficit
  8. Ethics and Religion
  9. Jehovah's Witnesses
  10. Comments on the arguments right now about the war
  11. The Problem of Hell (Specifcally, What to Do There)
  12. Rules for Kavar's Corner
  13. Do You Have Questions about Kavar's Corner?
  14. Job Hyperinsecurity: The REAL Ticking Time Bomb
  15. How to Structure Your Arguments and Discussions to Maximize Effectiveness
  16. Russia threatens to Nuke Poland
  17. Misconceptions: A dissertation on the buzzwords used by both sides
  18. Tony Blair: Stepping down and still not making any friends...
  19. Documentary shows possible Jesus tomb
  20. Stock Market Suffers Deadly Blow, Recession Might Be On Horizion
  21. Paganism for all of those who obviously donít know what it means;
  22. Corruption in the education system
  23. Why Democrats are Ineffective.
  24. Who would you want as President first (Democratic Candidates).
  25. Republican candidates for the Presidential election in '08
  26. A question on Atheism
  27. Help me Prove the Irrational is Wrong...
  28. Disproving the idea of an infinite universe
  29. Sola scriptura
  30. What are you?
  31. Your view on Atheists
  32. How Can We Beat Outsourcing?
  33. Homosexuality in the military
  34. The Theism/Atheism Discussion
  35. Morality and religion
  36. Should all countries follow Japan's limited military?
  37. Climate change issue not as clean as we thought?
  38. Mature\Adult Star Wars stories
  39. Evolution: The discussion and the theory...
  40. Any Tips for Living in A Pretty Hot Globe?
  41. Stem Cell Research
  42. Abstinence and Related Topics [Read the first post before you respond to this thread]
  43. Mira's advice on men
  44. Human shields
  45. The right to upset others
  46. Jessica's Law and Pedophilia (Read first post before replying!)
  47. Iraqi Poll 2007
  48. Playing God!
  49. The Kavar's Corner Book Club
  50. The Importance of "300": A Quick Article
  51. Building secrets of the Great Pyramids revealed.
  52. Retributive Punishment
  53. 2+2=4. Your view?
  54. FREEDOM!!!
  55. Ghosts of the underground and ghosts in general
  56. Race and Racism
  57. Sudan-Chad War
  58. Google Earth covers Crisis in Darfur
  59. Can't get married? Go to Disney World!
  60. Christianity (see first post)
  61. No Belief/=Atheism. No Belief=Skepticism!
  62. Evidence for Jesus? (long)
  63. Fundamentalists desecrate the very idea of museums
  64. Oppression! Stop the Oppression and Slavery by the Writers!
  65. Moscow police beat anti-Putin protesters
  66. Kill a chicken, save a tree.
  67. A little help...
  68. Book Club selection for May/June: Paradise Lost and Dante's Inferno
  69. Gun Control and Virginia Tech
  70. Warming Island
  71. Lying in Debate...How Effective it is to Create "Facts"
  72. Zoroastrianism/Mazdaism/Parsi/[Insert name I've forgotten] discussion/knowledge-share
  73. Why Do People Say "The Supreme Court Is Wrong?" when it doesn't rule their way?
  74. Wiccan symbols OK on soldiers' graves
  75. Psychics in Philadelphia put out of business
  76. stress relief??
  77. Should Bush Be Impeached?
  78. Saving Christmas...will this plan work?
  79. Taking it Out on the Troops
  80. The immigration debate
  81. UK Local Elections
  82. Boy arrested for creating a CounterStrike map... Paranoia?
  83. These are the Kinds of People the US is fighting around the world
  84. Should LucasForums.com be held to high standards?
  85. Blair FINALLY announces his departure date
  86. Eurovision - competition or political tool
  87. When Will the War on Terror End?
  88. TV evangelist Jerry Falwell dies at 73
  89. Patriotism: the good and bad things about it
  90. Global warming hysteria
  91. Is the ACLU anti-Christian?
  92. Backmasking
  93. Disaster readiness - why can't even 1st world countries handle catastrophes?
  94. How many people are having fun here?
  95. Immortality
  96. Will we... (ever colonise another planet?)
  97. wars by the west
  98. What is "love" to you and society?
  99. The Internet today - anynomity and openness
  100. What should be do about Iran?
  101. World affairs - resources
  102. Endings For a (Potential) Darfur Diplomatic Simulation
  103. Celebrity and the Legal System
  104. News Organizations and Political Bias
  105. What If Free Will Is An Illusion?
  106. Individuality or "World Peace"?
  107. Murder and Fiction
  108. Why I Think Kreia Could Be Right...
  109. Pressing political viewpoints on kids in school...
  110. Extremely religious schools: what to do about them
  111. Gerrymandering/Redistricting Reform
  112. Time Travel: Is it possible?
  113. Let Decide Where Our Tax Money Go!
  114. Scream For Independence!
  115. Chavez has lost his mind
  116. Do you think the world will end in 2012?
  117. Homeschooling--pros and cons
  118. USA! USA!
  119. Do actors/athletes/musicians/celebrities deserve what they are payed?
  120. Caffiene-The Legal Recreational Drug?
  121. Pornography (see first post before you post)
  122. Good news if this is true we may not have to do anything about Iran
  123. Smoking Banned in England
  124. Marijuana: Should it be legalized?
  125. Sexist Education System
  126. An Important Question
  127. Fashion and the School System
  128. TSA Watch List
  129. Gender Segregated World
  130. 40% of Atheists and Agonistics Believe in God, According to Latest Poll
  131. "I don't believe in God," or "I believe there is no God?"
  132. Americans are NOT stupid
  133. The Ethics of Time Travel
  134. Actually, what will push YOU to leave America?
  135. UN Conflict of Interests...
  136. Well there appears to be some indications that the Surge is working
  137. Rebuilding America: The Democratic Strategy
  138. Heightism, does it exist?
  139. Star Wars With More Truth Than Realized?
  140. What If The World Ended Yesterday?
  141. Finally a threat meter for us global warming people!
  142. Wal Mart: The Evil Empire
  143. The Voluntary Human Extinction Movement
  144. Citations
  145. Disney-branded films to ban depictions of smoking
  146. Nifong verdict
  147. Political Cartoons and Humor
  148. When does media sensationalism go too far?
  149. "We're suing..."
  150. Religion looms large over 2008 race
  151. Is there a way to join with 2 political parties and vote in both primaries?
  152. Our place in the universe
  153. The Second Amendment
  154. Russia Claims North Pole...
  155. Lightspeed
  156. World oil production
  157. Atheism or antitheism?
  158. Human Trafficking
  159. Yes! Yes! Corporate Brainwashing For The Win!
  160. Study finds twist in human evolution
  161. US Fair Tax debate
  162. Life origins (aka creationism vs abiogenesis)
  163. Sex sells
  164. Genetics...
  165. Future Shock: Bad thing?
  166. Karl Rove to resign at end of August
  167. Why is Bush a bad president?
  168. Loose Change
  169. Look Out! It's the Apocalypse!
  170. Chavez to propose constitutional reforms
  171. Rudy Giuliani on Immigration
  172. Memetics
  173. "Thought Crime, and Preventive Dentention"
  174. Drink = Anti-social behaviour?
  175. Religion, Science, and the unknown
  176. Will Republicans Keep the White House?
  177. Why are Americans so kill happy?
  178. Scottish Separatism
  179. Many Worlds: Hope for Society?
  180. Evolution. What is right about it, and what is wrong?
  181. That's Gay
  182. Ancient Astronaut
  183. Greek forest fires
  184. Alberto Gonzalez resigns
  185. Demons! Our invisible enemies or another of mans mistakes?
  186. I liked Cheney better when he was Secretary of Defense
  187. UFO's
  188. My God is better than your God!
  189. Off-topicness
  190. Solid, explained proof of Christianity.
  191. Christian weblinks;
  192. Why do atheists become people of faith?
  193. "The Enemies of Reason" (homeopathy discussion)
  194. Doing other things at FTL speeds...
  195. Justification by faith or works?
  196. Russia's Moon Base
  197. Air Force
  198. Effects on society of secularization and moral relativism?
  199. Britain approves human-animal embryo research
  200. Why did you choose atheism?
  201. U.S. Presidential Election 2008
  202. Electoral College (How Do You Reform, Should We Reform?)
  203. Libertarianism
  204. Madeleine McCann: Missing girl's mother named suspect
  205. "A Symbol of Freedom" but only if your dress isn't too short
  207. Ancient-Renaissance, Modern Cultural Decline, etc
  208. Religious censorship?
  209. Oil Hits $80 a Barrel for First Time
  210. Vatican opposes removal of feeding tubes
  211. Shel Silverstein Smarter than Wolfowitz, et al.?
  212. And the defendant is
  213. Florida Student Tasered at Kerry Forum
  214. Christian right looks to rebound
  215. U.S. snipers accused of 'baiting' Iraqis
  216. Ahmadinejad Speaks at Columbia University
  217. Council of Europe to vote on creationism next week
  218. The Jeffs Trial (and polygamy in general)
  219. Save Iraq! (Model UN Security Council)
  220. Countdown to war with Iran (?)
  221. US Dollar Slips To Parity with Candian Dollar
  222. Movement to Declare A Chimp "A Person" Underway in Austria
  223. Whoops! (US Navy to Alter "Swastika" Building Due to Web Maps)
  224. Conservatives consider 3rd-party run
  225. Ruling: Former presidents can't withhold records
  226. Do Animals Want to be Experimented On?
  227. Humans: Carnivorous?
  228. Online Community Makes Strides Towards Democracy After Allegation of Corruption
  229. A World Without Superman
  230. Court rejects alleged CIA kidnap victim
  231. Alliance Beteween Turkey and USA May Collaspe If Genocide Bill Passes
  232. Gates outlines Army transformation goals
  233. Candidate Quiz
  234. Calif. bans smoking in cars with kids
  235. Purpose and Functions of Government
  236. Hmm.....may make some people's blood boil
  237. Al Gore wins Nobel peace prize
  238. God video games: sacrilegious?
  239. Religions and Cults: What's the difference?
  240. Crazy CA
  241. Sir Menzies Campbell resigns as leader of the Liberal Democrats
  242. Human robot relations
  243. God, man, and the nature of sin
  244. Are Africans less smart?
  245. Britain Makes a Claim to Antartica
  246. It's Nobel Stupdity Week. (aka comparing tragedies)
  247. How far is too far when it come to school safety?
  248. State tests
  249. Fires in So. Cal
  250. Chimps, Humans, and Social Behavior.