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  1. Who did you think was the easiest boss?
  2. Plot doesnt make sense
  3. [Xbox 360] Does leveling up increase your power...?
  4. What would have happened after the Dark Side ending? (spoilers)
  5. Last level makes no sence.
  6. Force kick
  7. The difference's Of the Consoles in TFU
  8. TFU Soundtrack
  9. [Xbox 360] Next Downloadable level?
  10. [Xbox 360] no darth vader skin? WTF?!
  11. Kento Marek vs. Kento Nion
  12. Haden Blackman is HOT
  13. Princess Leia concerned for Wookies
  14. Force Unleashed gets ported to PC (Nov 3, 2009)!
  15. 360 & PS2 Different
  16. [PS3] DLC content?
  17. Sith Stalker not very original?
  18. Duel Mode Powers
  19. Black Saber WTH!?!
  20. [PS3] Figting General Kota / Video repeats
  21. [Xbox 360] More TFU Content
  22. seems infactual
  23. [Wii] Opportunity to Be Awesome!!!
  24. TFU Youtube Vids
  25. [PS2] Choose which guy to fight
  26. [PS3] Vader install screen?
  27. [PS3] Cutscene Image Grab's
  28. Imperial drop base
  29. expansion packs
  30. A Couple of Things I Was Pondering Regarding the Ultimate Sith Edition (*spoilers*)
  31. [PS3] DLC and integration with the game
  32. [PC] Ultimate Sith Edition: PC Version Reviews Thread (SPOILERS)
  33. PC version gameplay videos (*SPOILERS*)
  34. [PC] Ultimate Sith PC: Cheat Codes (*possible spoilers*)
  35. [PC] Quick time events and key mapping
  36. [PC] Star Wars the Force Unleashed Ultimate Sith Edition PC Aspyr Patch v 1.1
  37. Skip Splash Screens?
  38. TFU: Sith edition
  39. PS3 VS 360?
  40. My Little Review
  41. PC Controls
  42. What has happened to the Sith Edition?!
  43. Force Unleashed pc achievements
  44. [Xbox 360] My review of the game *Spoilers*
  45. [PS3] Interesting...
  46. How expansion to the ending of Sith Edition should be...(SPOILERS)
  47. I don't believe that Vader's injuries weakened his force abilities
  48. How can Lord Starkiller (cyborg) use force lightning?
  49. What is your favorite costume in Sith Edition?
  50. [PS3] Ultimate Sith Edition game save?
  51. [PC]*SPOILERS* two endings...
  52. [PS3] Ultimate sith question
  53. [PC] Star Wars the Force Unleashed Ultimate Sith Edition PC Aspyr Patch v 1.2
  54. [PC] Sith Edition Content?
  55. Force Unleashed Un-canon?
  57. [PC] Petition to remove 30fps lock - PC Star Wars the Force Unleashed Ultimate Sith Edit
  58. General Q about the story line in TFU
  59. would like to ask a question?
  60. Graphics card query
  61. Editing game files
  62. [PC] Favourite Level
  63. Jedi Temple discussion
  64. Is it possible to play as Darth Vader in the PC Sith Edition of TFU?
  65. Did Proxy distract Vader in order to let him spare Starkiller?
  66. Graphics card of choice?
  67. Most Annoying Level
  68. Alternate Force Unleashed duels
  69. Favorite Costumes
  70. [PC] Favourite Costume
  71. Greatness of Starkiller
  72. [PC] How to activate Cloth Simulation
  73. [PC] which one?
  74. [Xbox 360] DLC Skin confusion, please answer
  75. The Force Unleashed (III): A New Hope
  76. Does anyone knowns is there any force unleashed games for android phone's??
  77. Which version?
  78. SWTFU2, really nice, really... >.>
  79. Starkiller Speaks