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  3. Which console will you get Force Unleashed on?
  4. Are you looking forward to Force Unleashed?
  5. Vader's Apprentice
  6. TFU for PC?
  7. What force powers are you looking forward to?
  8. What will be the big twist/secret?
  9. Depth in customisation.
  10. The Force Unleashed for Wii
  12. Saber combat and dullness
  13. How cool would this be as a RPG world
  14. how the health and the force bar works
  15. next gen........
  16. the release date
  17. lol, wtf? (Amazon knows something we don't!)
  18. For Mac or Wii?
  19. Hype: Is there to much pressure on this game?
  20. Give me the low-down.............please?
  21. Force Unleashed - special preview on ET
  22. Official Site Launched! Trailer!
  23. under whelmed by the latest trailer. Generic white guy. Big surprise there.
  24. E3 Force Unleashed Interview
  25. Force Unleashed.net New Look and Info
  26. Other jedi?
  27. vaders apprentice darkside?
  28. Who thinks the tonfa saber should......
  29. "far greater than Darth Vader's servant"?
  30. [PS2] TFU - PS2 o.O
  31. I Wonder
  32. Force Unleashed for DS and PSP
  33. What is it about this game that has brought you here?
  34. Unannounced NPCs
  35. Force Unleashed CONFIRMED For Wii
  36. How will the Jedi fight back?
  37. Secret Apprentice: Stronger than Revan?
  38. The Force Unleashed: Co-Star Evolution
  39. Um... Shaak Ti died in Episode 3...
  40. The Force Unleashed to be released for N-Gage
  41. Multiplayer possibly online?
  42. What do you think of the power displayed?
  43. Force Unleashed delayed?
  44. Video: Unleashing The Tech Pt. 3: The Power Behind The Force
  45. Vader and the Apprentice in bad shape! (56k)
  46. Wii Version has 5 Exclusive Levels
  47. Lightsaber Combat
  48. Powers we have not yet seen.
  49. who is the Apprentice?
  50. Lightsaber Upgrades
  51. Question.
  52. Pros and Cons of TFU per System
  53. Euphoria and DMM?
  54. TFU for Wii: Is it worth?
  55. The Secret Apprentice, Redeemed?
  56. Force powers in play
  57. realese
  58. Lack of Updates
  59. Force Unleashed Wii - All Revealed
  60. Website Update
  61. New Character [Spoiler Warning]
  62. "Major" Star Wars Force Unleashed Announcement
  63. Darth Vader using LIGHTNING?!
  64. what dissapoints me
  65. GameTrailers TV Reveals All
  66. Force Unleashed Rating?
  67. Awesome tech/trailer video
  68. Why Force Unleashed is not for PC
  69. Jedi Trials
  70. No 'Force Unleashed' Multiplayer on PS3/360
  71. Force Unleashed Platforms.
  72. Jimmy Smits to appear in Star Wars: The Force Unleashed
  73. Unlockable/Downloadable characters?
  74. PC or not
  75. Backwards Lightsaber
  76. Soul Calibur IV to feature the Secret Apprentice
  77. The Apprentice's name
  78. Newest Trailer shows us...[spoiler!!!]
  79. James Earl-Jones?
  80. The current look on the Lightsaber Combat, my thoughts.
  81. Official Trailer
  82. Special Report from Skywalker Ranch
  83. Weight/gravity
  84. Concerning the nature of the extra missions in the PS2 and Wii versions
  86. DLC Content
  87. This Is What They Meant By Different Ending
  88. Demo Release for 360
  89. The Force Unleashed Achievements Xbox 360
  90. locations?
  91. Screen Shots from the game
  92. Interesting Info On Jacob Nion Possiable Spoliers
  93. Cast of The Force Unleashed
  94. Best Platform?
  95. G4 The Force Unleashed Specail
  96. 2 Best games of 2008
  97. So i wonder if the "Force Unleashed for PC" Petition will ever be heard?
  98. All the Force Powers
  99. Actual date for demo release!!
  100. The Offical Release Date For The Demo Is
  101. OXM TFU review no spoilers.
  102. Huge GT TFU Media update (videos)
  103. Heh new or old video. ( minor spoilers )
  104. Question about Tie Fighter Facilty In Demo
  105. Demo's Different Ending
  106. Question Concerning Multiple Clothing.
  107. Regarding Starkiller's Lightsaber Style
  108. Who Is Staying Up For Teh Demo Release?
  109. Why I don't think I will like this game!
  110. Force Unleashed Gamer Pics Are Up
  111. Playstation 3 Demo
  112. HAHAHA I cannot get the demo!!!
  113. Questions and Answers from people that have played the demo..
  114. DMM Even Better Than I Thought
  115. EU account.......
  116. Seriously.. No one is disappointed with this game??
  117. [PS3] My Demo review on PS3
  118. My impressions of the demo
  119. Force Unleashed Easter Egg
  120. Demo gameplay videos
  121. Bonus Objectives and the demo...
  122. So wait, let me get this straight... Online or not?
  123. Xbox 360 Demo
  124. Criticisms of the demo/things you want to see fixed/changed in the final game
  125. Ive found some secret moves in the demo here how to do them.
  126. The Perfect Wirless Headset for The Force Unleashed
  127. Question
  128. Well My Wish Came True
  129. The Force Unleashed Achievments
  130. Emperor Palpatine playable!!
  131. QTE Events (Quick Time Event)
  132. New Game Footage
  133. Demo is part of level
  134. Hack limbs and force push visuals
  135. Something I Noticed That Was Not In The Demo
  136. People Are Not Getting the Picture...
  137. New GT gameplay video
  138. they had to take the fun out did'nt they.
  139. Darth Vader TFU Footage
  140. Force repulse in the demo
  141. Hayden Blackman Has Confirmed Bring Down Star Destroyer
  142. My Opinion on the Demo
  143. PS3 Owners Question
  144. TFU Graphic Novel (Canon Story?)
  145. This months OXM has more TFU
  146. Do you think TFU will have something like a minigame ?
  147. So How Excited Are You Guys For TFU
  148. The Force Unleashed Console Versions Review Thread
  149. TFU for PSP - Good or Bad?
  150. Demo dampend my enthusiasm :(
  151. TFU for PSP - Customizable Lightsaber?
  152. Galen Marek or Jacob Nion?
  153. Gamespot Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Gameplay Marathon
  154. TFU Graphic Novel
  155. The Force Unleashed Soundtrack Bonus Track?
  156. Preorder for bonus powers. P.S - Do you think starkiller should recieve force choke??
  157. Two new TFU commercials
  158. Q&A with someone who got the game early
  159. UK Release - Where to Buy
  160. Midnight Release
  161. New grip video and saber upgrade video (Gameplay minor spoilers)
  162. Help bringing down the ship!! (game spoilers)
  163. Pic of Black Lightsaber
  164. PS2 - PSP comparison
  165. Star Destroyer Vid Spoliers Alert
  166. [PSP] I cant belive this ,my brother too , has TFU early on psp...
  167. Video of ultimate evil costume and shaak-ti boss fight
  168. The Codes
  169. The Force Unleashed video review on Gametrailers.com
  170. The Force Unleashed IGN and Gamespot video review
  171. PS2/360 Comparison? [Request]
  172. Check This Out Guys Darth Maul
  173. The Novel (no spoilers)
  174. ahhhh my arm! my ear! my everything!
  175. Got the game tonight (no spoilers)
  176. [Xbox 360] xbox 360 disc error
  177. Force Unleashed Bugs
  178. Just finished the game
  179. [PSP] My opinion on the PSP version of TFU
  180. I confirm that the "8 hours and repetitive gameplay" is pure lie.
  181. new game
  182. [Wii] Wii Disc Error
  183. My Personal Review of the Force Unleashed *Spoilers*
  184. [PS3] Framerate slowdown in Felucia on PS3 ? (minor SPOILERS)
  185. Great game!
  186. So what are everyones thoughts??
  187. Question
  188. Training Room bug?
  189. [Wii] Wii Version Worth It?
  190. Downloadable content for xbox360 and ps3 versions
  191. Combo cheat codes and achievements...
  192. Wii/PS2/PSP version voiceovers the same as PS3/Xbox360?
  193. Game froze, now save game lost!
  194. Whats with the load times between menus!
  195. Freeze after killing **spoiler**
  196. [PSP] TFU on PSP: Long Loading Times?
  197. Do you get different Force Powers on Different Consoles? (Spoilers Herein)
  198. [PSP] PSP version of force unleashed is awesome
  199. PC boycott?
  200. To buy or not to buy
  201. [PS2] tfu on ps2 help please!!!
  202. Lovin the game but Nar shaada?? **Spoilers?**
  203. Lightsaber Hilts
  204. **Spoilers for people not past the 3/4 mark**
  205. Jar Jar Binks Frozen in Carbonite
  206. [PSP] PSP downloadable Content for TFU-Good Idea?
  207. Lightsaber collector:p
  208. Overall, a great game...but..
  209. simply not fair
  210. Lightsaber Unleashed
  211. lightsaber counterattack
  212. [Xbox 360] XBox 360 replay questions
  213. whats the deal with the "unstable" crystals
  214. Just noticed about saber combat...
  215. UGH! 2 glitches in 1 hour
  216. [Wii] Lightsaber Crystals
  217. replaying the prologue
  218. This needs DLC
  219. whee, i'm famous!
  220. Downloadable Content Soon To be Unleashed
  221. Shem’s The Force Unleashed Review [Spoiler Alert]
  222. Force Unleashed - The Movie
  223. [DS] Force Unleashed
  224. Vader [Major Spoilers]
  225. Second Playthrough
  226. [Xbox 360] Welcome to the 1000/1000 Club ^^
  227. Getting sick of people always saying this...
  228. Will u bother with DLC if its not free?
  229. The Vader Game
  230. Good and Bad about Game
  231. Wisest words ever about FU and the bad reviews/moans!!!
  232. [Xbox 360] CRAZY GLITCH FOUND
  233. [Xbox 360] Vader With a Blue Lightsaber?
  234. Force Unleashed DLC
  235. [Xbox 360] One question about the 360 version
  236. Unknown Song from TFU Soundtrack
  237. Was anyone else disappointed by TFU?
  238. [Xbox 360] TFU
  239. Achievments
  240. [Xbox 360] TFU DL: The Jedi Temple Released
  241. [Xbox 360] This game is awesome
  242. Grats - Great Game
  243. [Xbox 360] TFU FOR 360
  244. Why no PC version
  245. [Xbox 360] Installing the game to hard drive
  246. [Xbox 360] Custom Combo Moves
  247. [Xbox 360] XYXY combo bug?
  248. The Force Unleashed PS3/360 difficulty
  249. [Xbox 360] After getting DLC Jedi Temple question
  250. different hilts