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  1. Easter eggs, references, etc!
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  3. If you listen to fools...
  4. Will this forum stay on topic or befall the same fate as RD?
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  7. Great actor line-up?
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  19. Do we know em??
  20. Activion can die in a fire
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  22. Little bit confuzed about Soundtrack
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  25. Final boss fight??? what are your ideas?
  26. Console version differences?
  27. Well look what I found
  28. Rocktober 13!
  29. Predict the Inevitable PC Release Date
  30. How To Unlock Concept Art
  31. Here are some useful video guides I found
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  36. Horn Thrower???
  37. 2vs2 or 4vs4
  38. best combinations of upgrades???
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  41. Ormagoden Belt Buckle
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  44. Anyone got the pre-order record-sleeve?
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  47. What witty comment or remark would you want Eddie to say in a BL 2 game ?
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  56. Trophy Whore
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  59. Eddies belt
  60. Jack Black stars as Eddie Riggs
  61. Petition to release a patch for the PS3 version of Brutal Legend
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  64. Custom 1 of a kind Tenacious D Guitar For sale THE LOVE GIVER !!!
  65. Solo Tabs irl
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  67. Brutal Legend Radio Play Auditions!
  68. Hey
  69. Real Life Brutal Legend Video
  70. How Can I Change Brutal Legend's Language into Chinese?
  71. Loading Game
  72. Jack Black tweets about possibility of BL2!
  73. The Humble Double Fine Bundle (Brütal Legend DRM-free)
  74. Brutal Legend 2
  75. condemned the coup attempt
  76. conspirators had been stationed
  77. Air strikes from the base would resume
  78. halt has disrupted the campaign
  79. penalty to punish coup-plotters
  80. major parties denounced the attempted
  81. that have vehemently opposed
  82. restored order and a celebratory mood
  83. restored order and a celebratory mood
  84. sent through private server
  85. still waited for medical care
  86. recounted scenes of horror
  87. http://www.healthyorder.org/celexas-male-enhancement/
  88. clashes with tanks and soldiers the night before
  89. arrested for illegal entry
  90. colleagues slipped past authorities
  91. described an eerie silence
  92. dream that you are the only person