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  1. Will be there at launch!
  2. SO HAPPY!
  4. CONFIRMED! Star Wars: The Old Republic
  5. News Links about the Old Republic MMO!
  6. Official site goes LIVE
  7. KOTOR or TOR
  8. Revan's Fate
  9. RPG vs. MMORPG
  10. Is TOR as good as KOTOR III?
  11. Will You Buy the Game? Yes Or No
  12. New Game to accompany MMO?
  13. Didn't learn from NGE?
  14. Different approach to player characters.
  15. Your actions, and more.
  16. MMO Raid Speculation
  17. Hello and Welcome All
  18. How should we pay for the game?
  19. My concept on how a KOTOR mmo should be.
  20. Plotline/Premise
  21. Wanted to say THANKYOU & Hello
  22. Art style...
  23. Racial Speculation
  24. Disgruntled SWG Players Bring Hate to New MMO...
  25. 1up Stream [Full Version]
  26. FAQs
  27. Jokes regarding Massively oversized lightsabers
  28. Any initial ideas for client side mods?
  29. So after the waiting, announcement, and everything what do you think of the situation
  30. Crafting
  31. Tentonhammer Q&A with Lead writer
  32. The Old Republic Unveiled: Overview, space combat
  33. Main Plot Revealed - Naga Sadow Strikes Back
  34. How much of KotOR still lives?
  35. Suggestion for SW:TOR
  36. Oversized Hilts
  37. Player housing and player cities
  38. Timeframe Vs. Franchise
  39. Your Favourite Planets!
  40. My problem with it being an MMO
  41. Guild Ships?
  42. Suggestion Thread
  43. WELL? IS THIS K3 OR NOT???
  44. Anyone Got a Handle in Mind?
  45. The Ebon Hawk
  46. Canon
  47. When will TOR beta testing start?
  48. Mad?
  49. Taris?
  50. BioWare MMO has been in planning for over 10 years
  51. Star Wars: The Old Republic - The entire reveal presentation in video
  52. I think I'm gonna be mad...
  53. EA boss man vents again - yawn
  54. Swoop racing
  55. Doing heroic stuff... your style
  56. Has anyone noticed the droids from TPM are now combat droids
  57. Possible Graphics?
  58. Will you buy and play TOR if you have to pay for it like Galaxies?
  59. Looking for SWG players!
  60. Space, and space combat (not related to the guild ships topic) for all fighter pilots
  61. The events of TOR affects SW canon?
  62. TOR wish-list
  63. PC what about 360?
  64. Is there any hope of TOR being an online and offline game?
  65. Darth Title?
  66. End Game and You
  67. Combat Animation/Points System
  68. Light Saber Combat Style Differentiation
  69. When did the Sith and Jedi start wearing spandex?
  70. So, Which Side Are YOU On?
  71. Companions
  72. Good Game But...
  73. Music
  74. Offline gameplay?
  75. Release Date
  76. Star Wars RPG
  77. Playing non-jedi
  78. Things You May Have Missed
  79. Sith Holocron: Tython
  80. Sith Holocron: Content Team
  81. jedi armor?
  82. pc creation????
  83. HeroEngine: Heart of the Old Republic
  84. Will SWTOR be your first MMO?
  85. Jumping
  86. MMORPG Terminology
  87. The UI.
  88. Rumoured Planets?
  89. Low expectations high hopes.
  90. Will TOR have the BioWare punchline?
  91. What races would you like to see?
  92. Mechanics
  93. GenoHaradan?
  94. Multiplatform
  95. Death
  96. SW:TOR for Consoles?
  97. Endgame
  98. Truth about the True Sith? Sith Homeworld?
  99. good interview
  100. SWG : Starsiders
  101. SW:TOR's E3 Trailer
  102. Do you think that SWtOR will take the MMORPG genre in a new direction?
  103. Any idea if there will be a free (limited) version?
  104. Anyone hear about... (system requirements)
  105. TOR ending?
  106. E3 trailer: Jedi vs Sith
  107. TOR four pillers
  108. Concerned about a voiced MMO
  109. GIVE US AN UPDATE!!!!
  110. Why is everyone complaining?
  111. The timeline videos...
  112. The Sith Lords and the Old Republic
  113. Why do you think TSL has so far been omitted?
  114. A cool idea for combat
  115. The user interface
  116. The New Mandalore
  117. How Will This Game Work?
  118. If you were on the Council would you...(longish)
  119. Making everyone happy....
  120. game play discussion
  121. Hi there, I'm Jedispy...
  122. My Greatest Wish...
  123. Combat
  124. Danger no longer present?
  125. Oceanic Community?
  126. Putting the "Fun" in MMO...
  127. Prosthetics?
  128. PVP
  129. NEW Gameplay Video!!!
  130. TOR Opinions..
  131. Why do I care that it's an MMO?
  132. Companions
  133. #swtor on Gamesurge
  134. Instancing
  135. Is there word on the PC specs to TOR?
  136. Of all the planets announced...
  137. Will The Old Republic be Available for Macintosh?
  138. Question Will The Old Republic be Available for Nintendo Wii?
  139. SW:ToR - Taris
  140. Closed Beta Test?
  141. Voice Actors
  142. I am the only one?...
  143. Trooper Discomfort
  144. Star War: the Old Republic, Free to Play?
  145. Aurebesh?!
  146. star wars the old republic
  147. Beta Participation Help
  148. Guilds
  149. The Story
  150. What race/species will you choose?
  151. My Imperial Agent Backstory...so far.
  152. TOR comics: Hype rumor gag or merited?
  153. TOR coming this Year after all??
  154. how about a combination of mmo and sp?
  155. Will story or gameplay guide your class choice in The Old Republic?
  156. Armor
  157. Superweapons
  158. Character Creation, how many?
  159. Which CGI Trailer Is the Best?
  160. SWTOR Hands on Preview
  161. Something found
  162. Sabers, races and class roles ohhh my!
  163. Why I won't be playing TOR.
  164. SW:TOR Novels thread [spoilers warning]
  165. System Specs?
  167. Bigpoint CEO: The Old Republic Won't Ever Be Profitable
  168. yay and nay survey: TOR
  169. SWTOR should be the Most Anticipated MMO in 2010!
  170. MMORPG.com's latest play reviews
  171. KOTOR Links
  172. TOR Guild Pre-launch program
  173. What should a TOR podcast sound like?
  174. Lightsabers
  175. Good Morning, Coruscant!!
  176. MMO VS Kotor
  177. Wait wait wait, Multiplayer
  178. TOR Peripherals
  179. starwars mmorpg?
  180. G4 first impressions and gameplay preview
  181. Quest Guide
  182. Who Pre-Ordered SW:ToR?
  183. Modifying The Old Republic!
  184. Whats NOT in The Old Republic...
  185. Your thoughts?
  186. Pre - Order
  187. Running The Old Republic
  188. Beta Leaks
  189. Searching for a certain interview and a certain cinematic, can't find.
  190. Game Subscription Cost
  191. Does the game miss these references?
  192. Would SW:TOR run properly with the Alienware Area-51 ALX?
  193. From what you've seen, what do and dont like about TOR?
  194. SW:TOR New Timeline Video Series - The Sith Archives
  195. Why I'm not playing KOR.
  196. Space on Rails (Zero grams of exploration)
  197. Your ship doubles as a house?
  198. Has Bioware commented on...
  199. Signs of war trailer.
  200. ToR: Shades of Grey (alignment)
  201. Did you get in the weekend beta for this weekend?
  202. What will TOR be like on a non RP server?
  203. Favorite trailer of TOR
  204. SW:TOR Beta Impressions (LONG!)
  205. The Old Republic Beta: Community Reactions
  206. The Old Republic for Dummies
  207. Logan's Ideas for Future Patches and Expansions
  208. RL Events - Will they ruin the Star Wars Experience?
  209. IMPORTANT! [Read Before Posting]
  210. What are you planning for your first few days of TOR?
  211. SWTOR: Getting Started
  212. What to do if you're locked out at launch
  213. Early access....
  214. Server List
  215. Australian server(s)
  216. Introduce your characters
  217. kotor-style combat?
  218. Light Side vs Dark Side Pts
  219. Crafting
  220. Frenetic Combat
  221. Star Wars The Old Republic 1080 - PvP Warzones - The Voidstar
  222. Collector's Edition
  223. Star Wars The Old Republic 1080 - Archenar Interception - Space Battle Stylez
  224. Fancy a Powertech livestream? Informative and fun, with great music and requests!
  225. Star Wars The Old Republic 1080 - World PvP - Jedi Sentinel
  226. Complaints 'bout Revan's Fate (Spoilerific)
  227. Gameplay: Tanks
  228. Star Wars The Old Republic 1080 - Kira Story
  229. Improvement Suggestions
  230. Alderaan News Holopics: Submit your Screenshot here!
  231. When did you first get the Feeling...
  232. Why don't MMOs have mid level Raids?
  233. SWTOR 1080HD - Consular final class quests
  234. Star Wars The Old Republic 1080 - Full Graphics Comparison & Performance Guide
  235. SW:TOR 1080 - *REDO* Proper Graphics Comparison
  236. Jedi Consular Apprentice
  237. SW:TOR - AMD/ATI Increased Graphics Quality Tweak - This looks MUCH better
  238. Damaged weapons
  239. No Pazaak on TOR?
  240. level brightness
  241. Vanity Thread - Show Off Your Fancy Gear!
  242. Got (Crew) Skills? Who Haz them?
  243. Purple Lightsaber Crystal?
  244. Yahtzee's take on ToR
  245. Five planets The Old Republic needs (IGN)
  246. Legacy Names and your family tree
  247. Weapon of choice | The mouse and keyboard you use for TOR
  248. New class types
  249. Kotor 1 and k2 as expansions
  250. [SPOILER] After the Foundry encounter