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  1. Abortion: What's your opinion?
  2. The Use of Deadly Force
  3. US National Primaries
  4. Gas-Tax Holiday as a litmus test for POTUS
  5. You know you've made it in politics when...
  6. Voting in the 2008 Presidential Election is...
  7. Hillary Clinton as "the fiscally responsible candidate"
  8. The "Straght-Talk Express" has derailed
  9. Results of today's Rules and Bylaws Committee meeting
  10. Bush admits explosives were used in 9/11
  11. U.S. detains terror suspects on ships
  12. McCain Vs. Obama.
  13. Opponents of Evolution Adopting a New Strategy
  14. Who will win Decision '08?
  15. Revealed: Secret plan to keep Iraq under US control
  16. Israel seen rehearsing Iran attack
  17. Pew's 2008 U.S. Religious Landscape Survey
  18. Supreme Court Rules On Guns In America
  19. Ohio teacher burned cross on kids' arms
  20. "Attacker Told Me 'No Decency, No God'"
  21. Tablet Ignites Debate on Messiah and Resurrection
  22. Gun Control Laws
  23. Illegal Imigration Invasion
  24. Protests against Scientology
  25. Offshore Drilling Ban (Possibly) Lifted
  26. Death Sentence - Best/Worst Alternative?
  27. The Great Tribulation? Very Controversal and The Second Coming of Christ (merged)
  28. Miracles...? And a suprising debater...
  29. The House Apologizes for Slavery
  30. Decision '08.
  31. Common themes in Islam and Christianity
  32. Political ads and analysis of the status of the US Presidential campaigns
  33. US Presidential debates
  34. Senate sends big spending bill to Bush to sign
  35. Very Sensitive Issue: What If Obama Loses?
  36. White Privilege
  37. Obama's Connection to ACORN?
  38. VP Debate Moderator's Conflict of Interest
  39. Poll: Obama and McCain are both unqualified?
  40. Presidential Qualifications are what exactly?
  41. Barack Obama's radical associations including terrorists
  42. Teacher misconduct this election
  43. Keating Economics: the Making of a Financial Crisis
  44. Obama Campaign trying to muzzle criticism
  45. McCain aspires to be dictator?
  46. The Six Swing States - States' purges of voter rolls appear illegal?
  47. [SERIOUS] Which US Presidential candidate would make the best anime character?
  48. Voter Fraud In Swing States
  49. Alaska panel finds Palin abused power
  50. Election 2008 is a Mess!
  51. Connecticut Supreme Court overturns gay marriage ban
  52. McCain defends Obama
  53. Rules for Political Discussion Forum
  54. Why Are Presidential Polls Wrong?
  55. Political humor (and contest)
  56. White House memos endorsed CIA waterboarding
  57. “Hip-Hop-Dancing Colin Powell..."
  58. Sexism in the Media
  59. Joe the Plummer
  60. Truth about McCain?
  61. Child called racist for wearing McCain t-shirt
  62. Washington Post endorses Obama
  63. McCain's last ditch effort
  64. The Poison Pill: How McCain's campaign is damaging his party
  65. Why a candidate would intentionally throw the presidential election...
  66. Obama buys campaign ads for video games.
  67. Colin Powell endorses Obama
  68. Obama raises more than $150 million in September
  69. Two Lawsuits Over Obama's Birth Certificate
  70. I VOTED!
  71. Obama's grandmother very ill
  72. Proposition 8: Good or Bad?
  73. Atheist Slogans on Buses
  74. Polls are at 50/50 for Election 2008
  75. CNN and Fox
  76. The Obama Show!
  77. So, an old attack on Barack Obama is resurfacing...
  78. Reminder - Amended Kavars Rules
  79. Evolution flawed?
  80. Joe Biden Warns About Obama Becoming President
  81. Is Obama A Socialist?
  82. LA Times covering up Incriminating Video of Obama?
  83. McCain asks Russians for Donation? Surely not?
  84. US Troops Enter Syria, 8 killed.
  85. Credible Sources for The Debates
  86. Obama Assassination Plot
  87. At what point are things taken too far
  88. McCain's Own Radical Associations?
  89. McCain Barely Ahead In Home State
  90. Anchorage Daily News endorsement
  91. Why the Mainstream Media has next to no credibility
  92. Intellectualism (or lack thereof) in American politics.
  93. Archeologist finds 3,000-year old Hebrew text
  94. Tom Brokaw: Asking the Right Questions About Obama
  95. Obama Civilian Security?
  96. Fox News: "Obama will win Election"
  97. If you think it matters...
  98. F.Y.R.O.M.'s Name Discussion
  99. Would Obama have won if he had kept his pledge for public financing?
  100. Michael Moore's take on the results
  101. Obama's Cabinet appointments
  102. Colmes Departs Hannity & Colmes
  103. Political Compass
  104. Temporary UK VAT Reduction
  105. Wicca, Paganism and Neo-Paganism; religions?
  106. Problem with Obama's pick for Attorney General
  107. UN, Europe, the far left, and Anti-Sematism
  108. News Update: Concerns Ohio State Government
  109. Insular Americanism
  110. United Kingdom: Police State?
  111. *Sigh* It would be really nice if we did something other than talk....
  112. Illinois Governer Facing Corruption Charges
  113. Why are there so many corrupt people connected to Obama?
  114. The Official Obama debate thread.
  115. The Ayers thread
  116. "suck it america i'm out of here" ~gdub
  117. Assisted Suicide
  118. Political Threads.
  119. Watergate; Deep Throat's motives.
  120. Jewish and Christianity Question - Is God all knowing?
  121. Mass Media's pathological hatred of Bush
  122. Mass Media:Is there bias, perceived or actual?
  123. Is the Invisible Pink Unicorn really pink?
  124. children and the hungry demand "rights"
  125. Israeli/Palestinian Conflict MEGATHREAD
  126. Absolute Fact / Universal Truth
  127. Ethickz - Autism screening
  128. Obama Closes Gitmo
  129. Preservation of Auschwitz and The Holocaust.
  130. Free trade?
  131. Bible Debate!
  132. "22 Christian families to be executed in Afghanistan"
  133. Thoughts about being an Ordained Minister
  134. Kathleen Sibelius has been appointed HHS Secretary
  135. The Obama Special Olympics comment
  136. Obama promotes nuclear-free world
  137. Consumerism & Religion
  138. Sen. Arlen Specter changes parties
  139. Questions for Atheists and Agnostics
  140. The Occult
  141. Teen Must Undergo Chemotherapy
  142. Germany ca.1934
  143. Divisions of christianity and their differences
  144. Judge Sonia Sotomayor has been nominated to the Supreme Court
  145. The God Machine
  146. Good, evil and neutrality.
  147. France to ban the Burqa?
  148. BNP Leader - Sink Immigrant Boats
  149. Evolution or Creation
  150. Are we really extremists? I think not.
  151. jesus leaves chicago due to corrupt deep dish chicago style politics
  152. Why does religion still exist today when most former religions died out?
  153. Burden of Proof
  154. Raising taxes
  155. Obama gives birth to some genuine hatred
  156. US Health Care Reform
  157. It's a game. Yes, a game.
  158. Lockerbie Bomber to be released
  159. Girl fears honor killing for converting to Christianity
  160. Souls?
  161. Opinions on Democrats and Republicans
  162. Political pins and buttons (56k warning)
  163. Have you got a problem with small hairy things?
  164. Census dumps ACORN
  165. Legalised Prostitution
  166. Opposition not racism
  167. Praise the President?
  168. Marriage Laws (Besides same-sex marriage)
  169. Barack Obama accused of snubbing Dalai Lama to placate China
  170. Lisbon treaty - ratified?
  171. Pres. Obama wins 2009 Nobel Peace Prize.
  172. Israel resorts to emotional blackmail?
  173. Jan Moir on Steven Gately
  174. Nick Griffin on Question Time.
  175. TARP Strikes Back
  176. British Government sacks top Drugs Advisor...
  177. Obama bows to Japanese Emperor?
  178. British priest: Shoplifting by poor sometimes OK
  179. Spiritual possession and daemonology
  180. Obama and his teleprompter
  181. Tony Blair and Iraq
  182. Supreme Court Corporation Decision
  183. Mossad Hit Squad hits Hamas
  184. Moron Flies - Film at 11.
  185. Argy-Bargy Take 2? Now with added Chavez.
  186. Libertarianism and a Republic
  187. Texas Revises Curriculum
  188. Lib/Con Intelligence
  189. Health Care Bill Passed by the House, 219-212
  190. Some bad feelings
  191. UK General Election 2010
  192. I am so grateful....
  193. Iranian cleric: Promiscuous women cause quakes
  194. Vatican Has Been Sued
  195. Tea Party
  196. Speak English Or Get Out!
  197. Belgium Bans Niqab, Burqa
  198. Sarah Palin...why?
  199. Solicitor General Elena Kagan nominated to U.S. Supreme Court
  200. Sex with kids OK
  201. Soul Searchin' (LONG!)
  202. Snarlin' Arlen given the boot
  203. North Korea
  204. A Quiverfull of Thoughts
  205. H-E-Double-Hockey-Sticks!
  206. An Inquiring Mind Wants to Know...
  207. Arizona SB 1070. The "Illegal Immigrant law"
  208. Now I Remembered to Post a Poll with This!!!
  209. Ground Zero Mosque
  210. Federal Judge Overturns Prop 8 In California
  211. FBI tells cartoonist to "go ghost"
  212. Rand Paul supporter stomps woman
  213. Turkeys voting for Christmas
  214. War starting in Korea
  215. Protests banned in UK??? Really?
  216. ObamaCare congresswoman sleeps with fishes; news at 11
  217. Ugh! Birthers....
  218. Gov of AL stirs controversey w/remarks to church crowd
  219. US Supplies Weapons to Mexican Drug Cartels
  220. Phelps-1 Common Decency -0
  221. Is indoctrination of children child abuse?
  222. How Stupid Are Americans?
  223. Separation of Church and State, except in Arizona
  224. Terry Jones burning the Qur'an
  225. Jedi/Muslim Relation
  226. Surprise, surprise, surpise....ok, not really.
  227. Prophecy of the Popes
  228. No God at Houston National Cemetery
  229. Rick Perry
  230. Occupy Wall Street
  231. Muammar Qaddafi's death confirmed
  232. Forming a more perfect Union
  233. Presidential Candidates
  234. Opinions on the Vice Presidential Debate?
  235. What does the Republican party do?
  236. Shooting in Newtown, CT, 20 children and 6 Adults Dead
  238. Wanting a reason to believe
  239. Government Shutdown Whose Fault?
  240. The effectiveness of a classic suicide prevention saying.
  241. Creation or Evolution
  242. Did Bin Laden Win?