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  1. News: EA News Release : LucasArts and BioWare Reveal Star Wars: the Old Republic
  2. Announcement: StarWarsMMO.net Overhaul
  3. Newsfeed: Rescue the Princess: What to expect from The Old Republic
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  30. Newsfeed: Whoops! EA retracts CEO Riccitiello’s statement on TOR’s payment model
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  39. Newsfeed: BioWare Exec speaks about strength of PC market
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  41. Developer Dispatch: The Making of Tython
  42. Newsfeed: New SWTOR video shows off making of Tython
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  44. News: tOR Web Comic tie-in Announced
  45. Newsfeed: Interview with Threat of Peace Writer Rob Chestney
  46. News: New planet announced: Hutta
  47. Newsfeed: New Concept Art Showcasing Hutta
  48. Newsfeed: LucasCast Episode 1 Released
  49. News: The first issue of Threat of Peace has been released
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  79. Newsfeed: Threat of Peace, Issue #7 and Fan Friday
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  82. News: Holonet Database
  83. Newsfeed: Incredible new Star Wars: The Old Repbulic Cinematic
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  99. Newsfeed: Developer Blog #10 - An insight into game dialogue
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  102. News: Fan Friday, July 24, '09
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  108. News: ToP Act II Issue XIII - 20090814
  109. News: Fan Friday, August 14, '09
  110. News: SWTOR.com gets localized
  111. Newsfeed: GameSpot gets details on new class - Sith Warrior
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  113. Newsfeed: 20 minutes of gameplay footage at IGN
  114. Newsfeed: Overheard at Gamescom...
  115. Newsfeed: Video interview from GamesCom
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  117. Newsfeed: Demo Walkthrough Breakdown at DarthHater.com
  118. Newsfeed: Hints Dropped About Level Cap
  119. Newsfeed: Say Hello To The Sith Warrior
  120. News: The Empire Changes Strategy
  121. Newsfeed: Coruscant confirmed @ PAX. New footage!
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  123. Newsfeed: More gameplay footage from PAX
  124. Newsfeed: So You Think You Can Dance?
  125. Newsfeed: Official Website members get discount on KotOR I
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  127. Newsfeed: LA President Rodriguez says about the TOR business model: “We're considering it all
  128. News: New Coruscant screenshots.
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  130. Rumor: Imminent closed beta announcement for Star Wars: The Old Republic?
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  132. Newsfeed: New Developer Dispatch - The Making of Coruscant
  133. News: New planet: Balmorra
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  140. Newsfeed: It's Official - Jedi Knight Class Revealed
  141. Newsfeed: The Jedi Knight is like Samuel L. Jackson
  142. Newsfeed: TOR Novel Coming From Sean Williams
  143. Newsfeed: Friday Updates - Developer Blog, Threat of Peace, and Class Reveal
  144. News: New Class: Imperial Agent
  145. Newsfeed: The Imperial Agent Dissected
  146. Newsfeed: BioWare Talks The Old Republic Endgame
  147. Newsfeed: Friday Update - Threat of Peace #20
  148. Newsfeed: The Old Republic Featured on December PC Games Cover
  149. Newsfeed: PC Games Magazine Reveals Jedi Consular and Sith Inquisitor
  150. Newsfeed: Jedi Neri Discusses New Classes
  151. Newsfeed: PC Games Interview with James Ohlen
  152. Newsfeed: Alderaan Revealed for The Old Republic
  153. Newsfeed: Upcoming Expanded Universe Books in The Old Republic
  154. Newsfeed: Previews Abound for The Old Republic
  155. Newsfeed: Preview Roundup: What We Learned
  156. News: New Class Anouncement: Jedi Consular
  157. News: GameInformer Talks Revan with Daniel Erickson
  158. Newsfeed: Daniel Erickson Clears Up Darth Revan Backstory
  159. News: Sith Inquisitor
  160. News: New planet: Tatooine
  161. Newsfeed: Tatooine Revealed, New Threat of Peace, and TOR Clichés
  162. News: PC Gamer preview for January issue
  163. Newsfeed: Holiday Roundup: Developer Dispatch, Developer Blog
  164. News: New Planet: Dromund Kaas
  165. Newsfeed: Dromund Kaas Revealed, Plus New Threat of Peace
  166. Newsfeed: Star Wars: The Old Republic Hitting Shelves Spring 2011?
  167. Newsfeed: Timeline: Onslaught of the Sith Empire
  168. News: Developer Blog: Composing the Sith Inquisitor
  169. Threat of Peace Issue #26
  170. Taris Revealed
  171. Newsfeed: The Old Republic To Miss Spring 2011 Launch?
  172. Newsfeed: Fan Friday Update
  173. Fansite Kit
  174. Newsfeed: New Developer Dispatch, End of Threat of Peace
  175. Newsfeed: Jedi Consular Developer Blog
  176. Newsfeed: The Old Republic is EA's Biggest Project Ever
  177. Newsfeed: The Old Republic Discussed on PC Gamer Podcast
  178. News: Another Web-Comic...
  179. News: Belsavis
  180. Newsfeed: GDC Week Roundup
  181. Newsfeed: Old Republic Pricing to Have "Twists"
  182. Newsfeed: SW:TOR Confirmed for E3, Plus Fan Friday
  183. Newsfeed: The Old Republic Beta Launch Portal Found
  184. News: Hylo Visz Story
  185. News: Biographies
  186. Newsfeed: Biography Pages Aurebesh Translated
  187. Newsfeed: SW:TOR Definitely NOT Coming to Consoles
  188. News: New Class: Sarlacc Enforcer!
  189. News: Community
  190. News: Fatal Alliance
  191. News: New Planet: Voss
  192. New Class!
  193. Newsfeed: Friday Update: Peace for the Republic?
  194. Newsfeed: Vid Doc 4 Explores Combat in The Old Republic
  195. News: Fatal Alliance gets a cover
  196. News: Blood of the Empire
  197. Newsfeed: Three Updates This Week to the Official Site
  198. News: Blood of the Empire, Issue #2
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  200. News: Advanced Classes (Overview)
  201. News: Creating Worlds
  202. News: Never eat yellow snow...Hoth revealed
  203. News: Blood of the Empire, Issue #3
  204. News: Old Republic is EA's Most Expensive Game Ever
  205. News: Companions
  206. Newsfeed: Sith Warrior Update, Plus Companion Character Info
  207. Another Star Wars MMO Confirmed
  208. Newsfeed: Blood of the Empire #4 is This Week's Friday Update
  209. Newsfeed: SWG Dev Moves to TOR Team
  210. Newsfeed: Daniel Erickson Discusses BioWare Dialogue Systems
  211. Newsfeed: Dramatis Personae for Deceived Novel
  212. SWTOR timeline - KOTOR
  213. Newsfeed: The Old Republic on Gametrailers TV
  214. Newsfeed: Bounty Hunter Statue, Other TOR Swag For Sale
  215. Newsfeed: New Holorecord: The Jedi Civil War
  216. Newsfeed: Making Of SWTOR?s Cinematic Trailers
  217. Newsfeed: GameSpot Hands On With The Old Republic
  218. News: "Hope" Trailer
  219. Newsfeed: The Old Republic ?Hope? Cinematic Trailer
  220. TOR Demos
  221. Armor Progression
  222. Newsfeed: Game Testing for TOR Has Begun!
  223. Newsfeed: Bevy of Updates to the Official Site Today
  224. Newsfeed: Fatal Alliance Released in Hardcover Today
  225. Newsfeed: Fan Friday: Community Creations, Developer Corner, Events, and More
  226. Newsfeed: Space Combat Confirmed in The Old Republic
  227. Newsfeed: Watch the Beyond Solo Panel at Comic-Con
  228. News: Nar Shaddaa Revealed
  229. Newsfeed: Playable Species Revealed for Jedi and Sith Classes, New Timeline
  230. Newsfeed: Space Combat May Be On Rails
  231. News: Friday's Update: Jedi Knight info
  232. News: Advanced Classes Insight
  233. Gamescom Gameplay Videos
  234. News: Friday's Update August 20: Space ships and Fan Friday
  235. News: Mysteries of Knights of the Old Republic
  236. Newsfeed: PAX Interview with Daniel Erikson
  237. Newsfeed: Friday Update: Corellia
  238. Newsfeed: Daniel Erikson Clears Up Playable Species Questions
  239. Newsfeed: Blaine Christine Talks Endgame, Classes, and More
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  241. News: Friday's Update September 23: Smugglers, Twileks, Blood of the Empire
  242. Newsfeed: Dev Blog: Designing the Advanced Classes System
  243. Newsfeed: New Planet Announced: Ilum
  244. Newsfeed: Timeline: The Fall of Exar Kun
  245. Ex-EA Staff Speaks Out on SWTOR
  246. Newsfeed: Friday Update: New Biographies and Fan Friday
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  248. Newsfeed: Star WarCraft
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