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Jah Warrior
05-20-2003, 06:50 AM

The subject of mind over matter is one that often crops up in my life. You know... anything is possible if you put your mind to it and all that jazz.

The reason I totally believe in this is because of the following:-
I do some of the most unhealthy things possible, attrocius diet, ZERO excercise, smoking drugs etc etc. you name it, if its bad i do it.

Here are some facts:-
I used to get headaches and would always have an asprin or whatever to get rid of them. The headaches persisted. Stopped taking tablets for the headaches as i was less than convinced as to their worth, lo and behold I havent had a headache in 8-9 years.

Colds & Flu etc were ailments i suffered from every couple of months, I took the attitude that I simply refuse to be ill and I simply do not get colds or flu anymore. If i get a little sniffle or a sneezing fit (which usually signified a cold coming on) i think my self out of it, almost like mentally doing battle with the virus or bug whatever it may be.

What do you chaps think can the mind be a strong weapon against illness?

05-20-2003, 07:56 AM
Sure. I'm with ya.

I'm strongly convinced that the capacity of human mind is enormous. Everything's possible. But many people do not pay attention to this.

Our brain capacity is normally 35%. Make it 37% and we get a genius like Einstein. Imagine what's going on at 90%. We can be like gods reacting adequately to anything we encounter. No desease could ever take us, we would always be able to cure ourselves.

I know some people who tryed positive autotraining and didn't cope with. You my friend I guess have a great amount of will in you. I also managed that I don't get ill often but through hard training strengthening my body. So I take a little bit longer way than you do. First I demand my body to strengthen itself not to get ill. And you just say: ''Don't you dare being ill, sucker or I'll dose you again with some drug s**t"? Still you're killing your brain cells and as you know they don't regenerate so maybe you should reconsider your body torture. Or one day your mind could no longer sustain your attitude.

P.S. BTW I wear glasses, can you instruct me how to get rid of them? (just don't tell me to simply throw it away). I don't know if I truelly intentionously say to myself that I can see well without glasses will I see well momentarily?

Jah Warrior
05-20-2003, 08:07 AM
well, the brain cells that are getting killed are the ones that i'd finished with anyway :p

as far as curing your sight, well I'll cure your sight if you can repair my colour blindness :D

still aint got a strategy for that one LOL.

05-20-2003, 09:11 AM
Originally posted by Homuncul
Our brain capacity is normally 35%.

Our identified brain capacity. We are in fact using nearly 100% of our capacity, and the rest is reserves, for rerouting signals around any non-fatal damage that might crop up.

Anyway, mind-over-matter (jedi-style): No. I don't see how it should be accomplished.

Medicine: Experience shows that there are significant psycosomatic effects. Stress, fear, anger, all are normally associated with the mind, but also have profound effects on the body. Meditation can be beneficial as a way to focus on something else than your (cronic) pains, and so make them appear less sever. Various exercises can relax you and unstress you, releasing valuable resources for the immune system. So thinking positive thoughts may actually be a good headace cure :). While we're on the subject of headace cures, I once heard that sex was a good headace cure... 'Course it could just be a red herring...

Jah Warrior
05-20-2003, 09:16 AM
Originally posted by ShadowTemplar
Our identifiedI once heard that sex was a good headace cure... 'Course it could just be a red herring...

Doesnt the idea of sex usually "cause" headaches?, at least with the female of the species ;):D