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05-20-2003, 01:42 PM
I thought it would be a good idea for those of you wishing to share your battle wins or defeats. Did you come from behind to win? Were you out numbered and won the day? Or did you put up a valiant fight to the death?


05-28-2003, 04:26 PM
My story takes place at a LAN party

Game: CC 1.1
Players: 2v2; empire & wookie vs. republic & naboo
Map: Random Land Map (not sure what we ended on, it was close to rivers)

I was the empire. The game started pretty standard, storing nerfs, choping wood, advancing to tech 2. That's when it started. I hit tech 2 first, and quickly put up my war center to start the upgrades as I moved to attack. As I left to attack the republic enemy, he hit t2. Both of the other players hit t2 within 2 minutes. As I arrived with 6 troopers and 3 mounties (the mounties hit their upgrade 30 seconds into the attack), I discovered he had opted for a defensive stance w/ 2 turrets places near his nova and the farms he was building at the time, backed up w/ troopers. I managed to kill one turret by bringing up 3 more mounties and 2 more troops. I then saw 2 more turrets in other places in his base. I knew I needed to get to t3 in order to put a big enough dent to stop him, cause his ally would be helping soon. I quickly beat everyone else to t3 by 2-3 minutes (my ally did a small attack on the naboo, but failed). I had 5 strikes in a few minutes plus more mounties and heavy troops. I had the mounties and troops do a frontal attack to pull away his army, and ran my strikes around to the back of his base where his nova and carbon workers were. Well, let's just say his economy died. I know how he plays, I could leave him alone for 30-40 minutes, and he wouldn't touch me. My ally was being attacked, so I quickly sent all the men I had available to attack the other enemy. I sent a scout ahead and found walls w/ a few towers and a fort. I also chose to attack a weaker area by bringing in some pummels w/ an air transport to knock down the walls and towers. My army was made of 6 mech destoryers, 12 dark troopers, and various troopers, mounties, grenediers, and anti-air troopers and mobiles. I wasn't able to do a lot of damage, but just enough to pull his attention away from his attack on my ally. This gave my ally the advantage and he was able to stop the attacker. Both of us quickly gathered our forces together and attacked the enemy who was now at a weak spot due to my attack. By building a some mech factories and troop centers near his base we were able to keep our forces flowing into his base. The enemy I first attacked sent his new army over to help out, but it was mostly troopers with mech destoryers as backup. My dark troopers and mech destoryers quickly delt with the army and while my ally continued our attack on the naboo. The Dark Troopers were very helpful in stopping the naboo's elite crusaders, which were giving my ally a tough time. In a matter of minutes, the naboo surrendered because he new he had no hope.
The Republic enemy decided he wanted to fight to the death, but when my DTs, MD, AT-ATs, and my ally's air force, troops, and beserkers, basically walked through his defense and into the middle of his base, he decided to not waste the time and surrendered.

I'll have another story soon, but the outcome is the oppisite...I get stomped.

05-28-2003, 10:53 PM
in my latest 2 games where i've been WHIPPED I've come to learn the power of the Naboo...

In a 2 on 2 me and some dude were playing ThunderKracker and some other dude. Kracker was in t2 and kicking my ass when I was in t3. He had so many troops and mounted troops it was insane. And he also had a ton of workers. Trooper/Strike rushes were pointless. He had a turret... but LOADS of mounted troops and normal troops protecting them. Once he got to t3 forget it. I ate mechs. A lot of them. Amazing. I tapped out. And I was in T4. He wasn't.

Then this morning me and some hoser 2 on 1 vs 11th Fool...
We got HAMMERED. I countered his early rushes of mass mechs... but my partner wasnt so lucky. His 4 mech destroyers got whipped easily and he was run over with relative ease... BY BOMBERS! He had no defense and got what he deserved. I held out for awhile but somehow he was nearly doubling my score. He was so huge so fast I was baffled. I had over 120 workers and an army and he was owning the front of my base. The Adv Fighters owned my a wings, and his mass of mechs and scattered AA protected his cannons. Then he started sending in the Crusaders...

These are possibly the 2 best players I've ever played in this game by far. I must play as the Naboo more...

05-29-2003, 01:56 PM
The Naboo are a very powerful race. You have to get the jump on them, cause they become very powerful in t4. The crusaders are a pain, but that is one reason I love the empire, the dark troopers mow them down.

05-29-2003, 10:50 PM
i like the rebels because of their t4 crap. air speeders are greta vs mechs. the rebel armor is awesome. and the a wings own all ground units.
the naboo have tough jedi and air but weak mechs. the crusaders can be vicious. but man... these 2 guys were by FAR the best people I've ever played on the zone. 11th Fool was awesome.

05-29-2003, 11:31 PM
I like rebs becuase of their t4 stuff as well as their farming bonus, cause food is the most important resourse early on

05-30-2003, 12:41 AM
yeah, the farming bonus is very nice.

05-30-2003, 08:11 AM
keep it on topic plz ;-)


06-13-2003, 02:33 AM
I was the Trade Fed. and my enemy was Naboo, I had started a base just outside thier walls, and started massign troops as in Episode 1, tons of Dekas and Repeater troops and Grenade troops all fit into about 8 Hevy transports. I then built my Adv Fighters and more mechs and soon, I attacked, a huge wave of my armies swept over the Naboo base like a virus wiping out al healthy cells, my sith lords took some Workers over to our side and I started building Laser turrets in the middle of thier base, and I converted a troop center as well, and from the other side (north) I ahd a little group of assorted battledroids rush the top, we ambushed them and wiped them otu in a matter of minuetes.

:bdroid2: :D

Ma Liang
06-18-2003, 03:11 PM
Well, my story has no great twists or anything. I was playing Trade Federation. They outclassed me quite a bit, I upgraded all my soldiers, but had very few due to the death of my workers. I had ADV fighters, Dark Troopers Phase 2, repeater troopers, a few medics, and the war centre upgrades.

The enemy attacked in waves, but with my small yet well-trained force. They held them at bay. The medics and workers scrambled to heal and repair. The airforce rushed to cover the troops, and the troops rushed to wipe out the AA as to suffer losses. Miraculously, my tiny body of soldiers pulled through and held them back long enough to have got a proper army built. The new forces arrived fresh on the battle-field and the biggest Melee in the entire battle ensued. With my airforce deciding the outcome. Then in an all-or-nothing move. I pressed rapidly and crushed their base.

I can't say what makes it so special. It was probably just how well I survived what seemed to be an unstoppable force.