View Full Version : Leadership positions need to be filled!!!

Deft Aklin
05-20-2003, 05:02 PM
Dark Sovereignty is now hiring for two vacant leadership positions:

Black Guard Lieutenant:
The Black Guard, DS's Military division, is hiring a Lieutenant to assist JodoBaas, the current head of the division. If you are interested, please contact either myself or JodoBaas on these boards.

Official Dark Sovereignty Recruiter:
Yes, that's right, we want a forum goer to seek out new recruits for our PA on the multitudes of SWG forums and sites. If I get enough good applications, I may even hire more than one. Requirements are a good RPer, an enthusiastic and energetic person with a good personality and you must be a good judge of character. (Best sign of a good judge of character: Hating me. ;)) For this position, contact me directly either by PM here, or e-mail me at irulual@yahoo.com.

We are also looking for HTML coders and someone to assist in the creation of our official Dark Sovereignty logo and website.