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Aurora Xerxus
05-21-2003, 11:24 PM
The Crimson Order is a militaristic democratic organization that is crossing swords with the Empire in the Galactic Civil War. With a strong structure and well coordinated divisions, The Crimson Order will accomplish any goals and objectives they have in mind.

C.O will be divided into seven divisions: The High Council, The Council, Military Department, Commerce Department, Technology Centre, Health Care Department and the City.
Each division will have its own ranking system that will organize members into parties that have more skills and could lead, the others into parties of more new and inexperience players.

Maturity comes hand in hand with our Code of Conduct. The Crimson Order doesn't house any immature players. So, watch your conduct if you want to join C.O's cause.
Talent, courage, determination and skills are also the main principals of recruiting for C.O. Mass recruiting and ample mergers are not valued for it will crumble the structure and organization of C.O.

To qualify for C.O one or more of the principals of C.O must be met, otherwise choose an alternative P.A.

*Note: We are a very close knitted community that welcomes anyone thats mature.*

The Crimson Order (www.geocities.com/swg_crimson_order)
-Aurora Xerxus, Leader of The Crimson Order

05-22-2003, 01:19 AM
I am Zain(even though my ID may say Bebi_Riki)I am a member of The Crimson Order. In my Opinon it is one of the best PA's out there(Ofcourse i would say this cause i'm part of the PA:D ).To be more serious {CO} has many great members(We all speak with each other on our boards)Very nice people IMO. We also have one of the greatest Social/Profession Structure out there. Stop on by the website over at http://www.geocities.com/swg_crimson_order/news.html check us out and see if we are what YOU are looking for. Never Forget-REMEMBER THE PAST,CHALLENGE THE FUTURE