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05-22-2003, 05:33 AM
I need some more help with photo shop

1. how do i remove a background from a picture

Example: I had a picture of Neo and the background was white how would i remove the white part

2: How would i fade a picture so if i had two pictures, and one was over top of another one, the one on the top was faded so you could see the one underneath it aswell

3: If i had a picture (like a sig) that had a plain white background how would i add a background to it like the matrix code one

05-22-2003, 06:22 AM
(Sorry for double post)

Come on someone please help me out i wanna do this picture

05-22-2003, 07:44 AM
If I understand what you are asking, you need to use the magic lasso tool to get the outline of the picture, so that it gets the edge of the picture. then you can delete the outside part of the picture as you see fit. IE make it transparent if you need to.

The second one is to make the top layer partly transparent, so that the pictures show together. Select the layer you need to fade, if you have the layers toolbar thing open, then change the opacity there. If it isn't open, go to Window, and make sure Layers has a tick...

The third one is similar to the first, you need to select the area around the object you want to keep as is, then the selected area can have the background pasted in....

05-22-2003, 05:05 PM
to get that neo from its white background you could use the "magic eraser" aswell ;)

and to get one pic on another, just mess with the opacity of the layer your pic is on ;)