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05-22-2003, 07:13 PM
TIE.c's 'Emperor's Tomb' Dev. Team! -

05-22-03 - Posted by Aaron

Good news! Remember the story last month how you can edit 'Emperor's Tomb' and submit mods through LucasFiles? Well, we have started work on our own Development Team that we will be starting soon! Our goal is to improve 'Emperor's Tomb' in any way we can, by adding and creating levels, new characters, and whatever else we can think of! So if you have experience in any kind of programming language, or have been editing 'Emperor's Tomb' on your own, here's your chance to make a difference! If you wish to join the team, please email us at: emperorstomb@theindyexperience.com and include the following information:


Qualifications (knowledge or skills in creating games and writing script)

Prior Work or References

Any other information that may pertain to the subject that you wish to present

So if you want to be on the development team, be sure to give us an email, we can use all the help we can get! See you there!

Hope You Sign Up!!!