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05-24-2003, 12:48 AM
I was looking at the force holocrons with the MD3view.exe and they seem to have been texured inside like 3D Studio Max 4 (or whatever Raven used), but I can't find the textures that "skinned" them. So I assume I can't just replace a jpg file and rename the model.

So here is what I need to do:

I want to retexture a holocron with a custom texture that I've made and use it in my SP map as a model. I need to know if I must retexture a holocron model in 3D Studio Max 4 and if so where can I get a free download or trial to do this?

If it costs money to do all this then maybe someone could help me out by doing the retexturing for me.

Thanks for the help.

05-31-2003, 06:09 PM
Well i managed to retexture a holocron cube with my custom texture. I accomplished this by first opening up an existing holocron in md3view.exe and then I exported it as a .glm file. Then I downloaded Milkshape and imported it. I changed what I had to and I got my texture to show up. Then I created the quake 3 control file and exported the new holocron as an md3.

Now what I need is how can I make this act like every other holocron where it floats and bobs around in a suspending animation? Is there a script that does this?

Thanks for any input.

05-31-2003, 06:17 PM
Well I opened up SP_entities.def and here is what I found on the holocrons: /*QUAKED holocron_force_push (.3 .5 1) (-8 -8 -0) (8 8 16) SUSPEND STARFLEET MONSTER NOTSOLID

Now can I put this in a custom script or can I add a new entry for my holocron to the SP_entites.def as a new entity?

I know that the holocrons fire a script when picked up such as:
rem ( "Give the player level one Force Push and remove the holocron" );

affect ( "kyle", $FLUSH$ )

remove ( "forcepush" );

06-01-2003, 02:46 AM
Now can I put this in a custom script or can I add a new entry for my holocron to the SP_entites.def as a new entity?

I'm not sure about that Obsidian but I sort of had the same problem in my map. I noticed Force Heal, Saber Throw, Mind Trick, Lightning, and Grip didn't have a texture in game... they seemed to work fine...giving me the force power but i didnt get a texture on those. Are you using these holocrons and where you able to get the textures working on them?

BTW i have 3dmax if you ever need to convert something... and thanks for posting and giving updates on your problem. Few months down the line someone else might have the same prob.


06-01-2003, 05:06 AM
Originally posted by bengar
Are you using these holocrons and where you able to get the textures working on them?

Yep, you need to use an existing model and just retexture it. It wasn't too hard to do either. Here's what you do:

Open up a holocron with md3view.exe (it's in the Tools that came with JKRad). Then just goto File | Export as GLM (Ghoul 2)

Then with Milkshape goto File | Import | Ghoul2 Model GLM. Select your glm from the export and you'll have a grey cube.

Now you need to change the referenced image. Under the Materials tab you should see reference to something like force_push.tga (depending on what model you used). This is the texture that you need to change. At the bottom of the Materials tab should be some buttons: "New"; "Delete"; "Rename"; "Assign"; and a text field with a texture filename such as force_push.tga. Now rename this to your texture.jpg.

Now above those buttons are a few more: "force_push"; ane 3 nones. Click on "force_push" and choose your new texture file. Now your texture should appear on the Material ball.

Your holocron cube will still be grey. Now goto Tools | Quake III Arena | Generate Control File --> just give it the same name as what you want to call your new holocron. Now for some reason the control file doesn't reference your new texture so you need to go edit that .qc file manually in notepad and change 2 lines: $model "models/players/model/model.md3" --> change this to reference the path to what you will call your holocron model. Then change $skin "models/players/model/skin.tga" --> to reference your texture for the model. Save it, close it and return to Milkshape. Now you need to export your holocron as a md3. Goto File | Export | Quake III Arena MD3 --> be sure to give it the same name as what is in your control file.

Now load up md3view.exe and open your model. If all went well you should see your holocron with your custom texture on it.