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05-27-2003, 02:23 AM
A Settings Guide for Roleplayers
There are a number of great features in Star Wars Galaxies that can create a more immersive environment for roleplayers. These adjustments are NOT for everyone, but some may be useful for those who want a more immersive game experience. The following settings are recommended. However, as you tweak them, it is likely that you will find settings that match your own personal style and taste.
Game Settings
To access the in-game options, hit ctrl-o. Modify the following tabs.

1. Turn off “Show damage numbers over others”
2. Turn off “Show damage numbers over self”

3. Set “Chat Formatting” to “Prose MUD”
4. Turn on “Perform animations when speaking”
5. Turn off “Timestamp incoming messages”
6. Turn of “Enable chat buttons”
7. Turn on “Prose style chat bubble text”
8. Turn on “Chat bubbles show social messages”
9. Turn on “Chat bubbles show emotes”
10. Turn on “Show chat bubbles for all others”

11. Turn off “Player runs by default” (hardcore RP only)

12. Turn off “Show all object names”
13. Turn off “Show group member names”
14. Turn off “Show player names”
15. Turn off “Show npc names”
16. “Turn off “Show guild member names”

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is this NDA breakage?

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Jan Gaarni
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No, it's not an NDA violation. :)

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